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There's no escape... In Flesh, Richard Laymon writes a chilling tale of danger, infestation and death. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Joe Hill.'Fast-paced, weird, gruesome fun in the unique Laymon style' - Dean KoontzSomething deadly has come to town - a slimy, slithering... thing like nothing anyone has seen before. With its dull eyes and its hideous mouth, it's always hunting for a new host to burrow into, and humans are the perfect pray. But the truly shocking part is not what it does to you when it invades your body - but what it makes you do to others. What readers are saying about Flesh: 'Brilliant, addictive and very difficult to put down''A master of gore and shock-horror''Laymon's books are either brilliantly original, or twisted journeys to a very dark place...or perhaps both....'

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