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Five friends. One reunion. One bloodbath. The reunion of five friends quickly descends into carnage in Richard Laymon's terrifying novel Blood Games. Perfect for fans of Dean Koontz and Joe Hill.They meet for one week every year, five young women, best friends since college, in search of fun and thrills. Each year they choose a different place for their reunion. This year it's Helen's choice, and she chose the Totem Pole Lodge. Bad choice.The Totem Pole Lodge is a deserted resort hotel deep in the woods with a gory, shocking past. Helen has a macabre streak and she can't wait to tell her friends all about what happened at the lodge and why it's now abandoned. But Helen and the others are in for a nasty surprise. The resort isn't quite as deserted as they think. And not all the gruesome events at the Totem Pole Lodge are in its past. The worst are still to come... What readers are saying about Blood Games: 'Scary, funny, witty, and easy reading''This book is simply the best of all Richard Laymon's books... The characters are amazing, the plot and story line is astonishingly brilliant and gruesome. You won't be able to put this book down''This book was a complete breath of fresh air to me. Fast paced, exciting and very creepy'

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