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@2@@20@@72@ size="+1"> @21@@20@What if there had been a witness to a Ripper murder? @73@@21@@16@@20@@21@@16@@20@@18@Savage @19@is a haunting take on the classic Jack the Ripper tale, from one of the best-loved horror writers, Richard Laymon. Perfect for fan of Clive Barker and Dean Koontz. @21@@3@@2@'His best book ever!' - @18@Northern Echo@19@@3@@2@Whitechapel, November 1888: Jack the Ripper is hard at work. He's safe behind a locked door in a one-roomed hovel with his unfortunate victim, Mary Kelly. With no need to hurry for once, he takes his time gleefully eviscerating the young woman. He doesn't know that a fifteen-year-old boy is cowering under Mary's bed...@3@@2@Trevor Bentley's life would never be the same after that night. What he saw and heard would have driven many men mad. But for Trevor it was the beginning of a quest, an obsession to stop the most notorious murderer in history. The killer's trail of blood will lead Trevor from the fog-shrouded alleys of London to the streets of New York and beyond. But Trevor will not stop until he comes face to face with the ultimate horror.@3@@2@@20@@72@ size="+1"> @21@@20@What readers are saying about @18@Savage@19@: @73@@21@@3@@2@'This is @20@the best Laymon book ever@21@. Kicking off in gaslight London, it follows the young hero's entanglement with Jack the Ripper, taking a roller-coaster ride across the ocean to the Wild West... Always @20@a master of gore and shock-horror@21@, this book proves that Laymon is also @20@a well-crafted stroyteller@21@'@3@@2@'This book is @20@absolutely fantastic@21@. Such a @20@cleverly written story@21@. I @20@couldn't put it down@21@'@3@@2@'Such @20@a clever twist on an age-old unsolved mystery@21@ that still continues to @20@intrigue@21@ us all to this day'@3@

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