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@2@@20@@72@ size="+1"> @21@@20@As an earthquake hits, who will be the first to rescue her? @73@@21@@16@@20@@21@@16@@20@Breathtaking suspense and vivid moments of terror abound in @18@Quake@19@, the gripping novel by much-loved horror writer Richard Laymon. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Clive Barker. @21@@3@@2@Twenty minutes before the quake hit, Stanley was ogling Sheila through his living-room window. Now he may be able to do more than just ogle... Sheila's trapped in her ruined house and her husband and daughter are stranded on the other side of the city. The power's down, the emergency services can't cope and the lawless are combing the ruins. Sheila's fate depends on who can get to her first...@3@@2@@20@@72@ size="+1"> @21@@20@What readers are saying about @18@Quake@19@: @73@@21@@3@@2@'@20@Wow@21@, what can I say! @20@This book is brilliant@21@, @20@I couldn't put it down!@21@... This is @20@the most compelling book I have ever read!@21@' @3@@2@'For @20@sheer entertainment@21@ the novel deserves nothing short of @20@ten out of ten@21@'@3@@2@'As always, Richard Laymon writes @20@a cracking story@21@. Nothing fancy, just @20@gritty and fun@21@'@3@

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