Anglais The Travelling Vampire Show & The Stake

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@2@@20@@72@ size="+1"> @21@@20@If vampires stalked the earth... @73@@21@@16@@20@@21@@16@@20@Delve into the terrifying world of Richard Laymon, in two classic horror novels from the master of the macabre. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.@21@@3@@2@The Travelling Vampire Show (Winner of the 2000 Bram Stoker Award for Best Horror Novel)@3@@2@@20@@18@The Travelling Vampire @19@Show: @21@Grandville holds few excitements for teenagers Dwight, Rusty and Slim ... until The Travelling Vampire Show comes to town. They might be too young to get in but what's to stop them going to Janks Field and watching the crew set up for the show? Maybe they will catch a glimpse of Valeria, 'the only known vampire in captivity'. No harm can come of that, right?@3@@2@@20@@18@The Stake@19@: @21@In an abandoned hotel in a Californian ghost town, horror writer Larry Dunbar and his friends make a chilling discovery. By chance they stumble on a coffin hidden under the stairs. Within lies the corpse of a naked female - with a stake through its heart. Was she the innocent victim of a gruesome murder? Or was she a vampire? There's only one way for Larry to solve the mystery - he must pull out the stake...@3@@2@@20@@72@ size="+1"> What readers are saying about Richard Laymon novels: @73@@21@@3@@2@'Just when you think that you have the storyline figured out, @20@it twists and hurtles into a surprise ending@21@'@3@@2@'@20@Expertly written@21@, @20@great dialogue@21@, @20@keeps you engrossed to the end@21@'@3@@2@'@20@Richard Laymon is the king of horror@21@'@3@

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