Anglais The Great American Ale Trail (Revised Edition)

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Since its publication in 2011, The Great American Ale Trail has been the essential guide for thirsty travelers, featuring the worthiest places to enjoy great craft beers, from major breweries to farmhouse startups. Craft beer's popularity has grown and evolved tremendously in the past 5 years, so The Great American Ale Trail is back in a new, expanded edition to keep up with the scene. Beer expert and journalist Christian DeBenedetti has traveled the country and pinpointed more than 350 establishments that offer unforgettable beers. Whether you choose a mom-and-pop brewery or a gastropub with a quirky ambience, whether you prefer a hop-heavy stout or a smooth lager, The Great American Ale Trail is your ticket to finding memorable places with quality craft beer. Every entry features the must-try beer of the establishment, along with the address so go ahead and embark on your beer pilgrimage today!

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