Anglais Lady Rogue

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A classic Signet Regency from Amanda McCabe featuring a woman of means who always knows what she wants...until she meets her heart's desire.
Although she is not one of the ton, independently wealthy Georgina Beaumont is accepted by them--not merely because of her lifelong friendship with a titled lady, but because she is an artist whose portraits grace the walls of society's elite. A fiery spirit with a strong, independent will, she has proven herself the equal of any man--and believes she needs none to make her happy.
Alexander Kenton, the Duke of Wayland, retired from military service only to discover that his brother gambled away his family's entire fortune, leaving his mother and sister almost destitute. Only by marrying within the aristocracy can he help his family regain their place in society. But Alexander has fallen in love with Georgina, and he's afraid that she'll think he's only after her money. Even worse, he's afraid that she truly doesn't want to be married...
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