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'THE HARD-BITTEN CHAMPION OF BRITISH HEROIC FANTASY' - Joe Abercrombie 'HEROISM AND HEARTBREAK . . . GEMMELL IS ADRENALINE WITH SOUL' - Brent Weeks The soul of Uther Pendragon is chained in hell. The sword of power is lost in swirling chaos. The realm is under threat from barbarian hordes - led by an Undead god from the vaults of pre-history. And a new Dark Age is dawning over Roman Britain.Then comes a man called Revelation, seeking a child born of a demon . . . Seeking the legendary Lord of the Lance . . . Seeking the sword to save the realm.Novels by David GemmellThe Drenai series
The King Beyond the Gate
Quest For Lost Heroes
Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf
The First Chronicles of Druss the LegendJon Shannow series
Wolf in Shadow
The Last Guardian
Bloodstone Stones of Power
Ghost King
Last Sword of Power Hawk Queen series
Ironhand's Daughter
The Hawk Eternal Ancient Greece novels
Lion of Macedon
Dark Prince Other novels
Knights of Dark Renown

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