Anglais Blood Deep

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"Bad can feel good, Jessie. Bad can feel as good as it can get."
The tattoos covering Eden Reece's arm tell the tale of a con with an appetite for danger. Even so, arriving at The Circus - the criminal heart of Blackthorn - and demanding an audience with the notorious Pummel, is the sign of a death wish.
Jessie knows that Eden is trouble. Serious trouble. Held captive by Pummel, despite her powers, she also knows how dangerous a game Eden is playing. Yet she can't ignore a connection far deeper than the physical spark between them - because Jessie has seen Eden before...
Jessie is the only one who can help Eden save those he loves. But as he uncovers her secrets one by one, he can't ignore the emotions she stirs in him - feelings neither of them dare face. He risks death. If she trusts him, she risks a fate far worse…

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