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Since the end of the 1980's, new artistic practices have emerged along with the spread of digital technology.These artists who today are beginning to garner recognition on the international contemporary art scene have moved into entirely new territories by using digital technology such as sensors, data bases, robots, virtual worlds, immersive apparatus, games, social networks, video surveillance, computer viruses, etc.By reason of the very nature of these supports, they have placed the spectator at the heart of artistic preoccupations, focusing notably on the notion of relationships as well as social and environmental issues.This book presents the most recent trends in new media art while providing the keys necessary for understanding and analyzing the work of the these resolutely contemporary creators.This ebook is a partnership with ECV-École de Communication Visuelle and MCD, Musiques et cultures Digitales.

Rayons : Arts et spectacles > Généralités sur l'art > Essais / Réflexions / Ecrits sur l'art

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