Anglais Quick on the draw (EDITION EN LANGUE ANGLAISE)

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A theft and a hold-up, an impostor trying to collect an inheritance, the disappearance of a lab mouse worth several hundred thousand dollars, and a number of other cases : these are the investigations led by Maurice Manori, a police inspector known for being quick on the draw. He owes his reputation to his highly effective (but very unconventional ) methods. His secret weapon ? Graph theory. In search of the truth, Inspector Manori draws graphs that will introduce you to the ins and outs of a mathematical discipline with countless handy applications.

This novel provides the layperson with an excellent breakdown of a science that's not very well known, using it to model a wide range of everyday situations. Thanks to its fun approach, it's great for both Sudoku and logic puzzle lovers and for math and science students and teachers.

Bad guys take note : Manori is watching, and he's quick on the draw !

Rayons : Littérature générale > Romans & Nouvelles

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Alain Hertz

Alain Hertz enseigne les mathématiques à l'École
Polytechnique de Montréal. Sa passion pour les énigmes
et intrigues mathématiques l'a certes conduit à sa
carrière de professeur et de chercheur, mais aussi à créer
des personnages peu reluisants, que traque son alter
ego à la logique mathématique implacable. On a fait sa
connaissance dans L'Agrapheur - Intrigues policières à
saveur mathématique, le premier ouvrage de l'auteur.