Bruce Jones

  • Dans le Monde Hyborien de Conan le barbare, une paysanne des steppes d'Hyrkanie vit ses derniers moments d'insouciance. Des mercenaires font irruption et tuent sa famille avant d'abuser d'elle. Scathach, la déesse rouge, entendant les suppliques de la pauvrette, la pare d'un don pour le maniement des armes qui la rend invincible. Une seule condition : elle ne devra en aucun cas s'adonner à la chair avec un homme qui ne l'aura dominé au combat. Ainsi naît Red Sonja, la diablesse à l'épée et au tempérament revêche. Née d'une nouvelle de Robert E. Howard, le créateur de Conan, et d'un scénario de RoyThomas, Red Sonja prend corps dans la tenue qu'on lui connaît sous le trait d'Esteban Maroto et prendra son essor dans une série à son nom avec Frank Thorne, en1975. Ce livre est le premier d'une série de 4.
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  • Surgical ethics is the application of ethics to issues specific to surgery. This volume provides a collection of clinical case studies representing a wide range of the ethical issues surgeons confront today. It is an excellent text for teaching surgical ethics to surgical residents and medical students and a fascinating read for practicing surgeons. It is intended to engage the reader into participating in evidence-based ethical conflicts. The authors escort us through 71 brief, realistic, and ethically complex problems, offering a series of five possible resolutions to each and guiding us through the relative benefits and weaknesses of the options until a best ethical choice is defended. The volume includes sections on Consent and Disclosure, Self-Regulation, Research and Innovation, Conflicts of Interest, Business Dealings, and End of Life Issues, each with a brief introduction by the authors.

  • Climate change and the pressures of escalating human demands on the environment have had increasing impacts on landscapes across the world. In this book, world-class scholars discuss current and pressing issues regarding the landscape, landscape ecology, social and economic development, and adaptive management. Topics include the interaction between landscapes and ecological processes, landscape modeling, the application of landscape ecology in understanding cultural landscapes, biodiversity, climate change, landscape services, landscape planning, and adaptive management to provide a comprehensive view that allows readers to form their own opinions.Professor Bojie Fu is an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chair of scientific committee at the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.Professor K. Bruce Jones is the Executive Director for Earth and Ecosystem Sciences Division at Desert Research Institute, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.

  • Using a case-based approach, Colorectal Surgery: Clinical Care and Management provides practical, clinical and expert guidance to illustrate the best care and clinical management of patients requiring colorectal surgery for colorectal disease. Real-life cases illustrate the entire syllabus of GI/colorectal surgery, being specially selected to highlight topical or controversial aspects of colorectal care.  Cases have a consistent approach throughout and as well as outlining the actual management of each individual case, also offer an honest appraisal of the chosen management route, its successes and areas that could have been managed differently.   Pedagogic features such as learning and decision points boxes aid rapid understanding/learning, enabling the reader to improve their patient management. In full colour and containing over 100 outstanding clinical photos and slides to support the cases, each section also covers recent developments/ landmark papers/ scoring systems and a thorough discussion of clinical management based on the major society guidelines from NICE, ASCRS and ECCO.  Reliable, well-written and perfect for consultation in the clinical setting,  Colorectal Surgery: Modern Clinical Care and Management is the perfect tool for all members of the multi-disciplinary team managing patients suffering from colorectal disease, specifically GI surgeons, gastroenterologists, oncologists and general surgeons.