Chrissie Manby

  • When the glamorous Grosvenor sisters arrive in the exclusive Hamptons beach town of Little Elbow, they can't help but cause a stir.Gorgeous Grace and Charming Charity are soon hot favourites on everybody's guest-list. Except that of their neighbour, Marcella Hunter. Heiress Marcella doesn't want the competition and when Grace starts dating Marcella's 'Plan B' man - dull but extraordinarily rich Choate Fitzgerald - the gloves are off. Marcella determines to find out where the sisters really came from. And exactly how they can afford to rent a six-bedroom beach house in this millionaires' playground. In the process, however, it's discovered that quite a few of the people spending that summer in Little Elbow are not exactly what they seem . . .

  • When Rachel Buckley announces that she is going to tie the knot, her best friends Yaslyn and Carrie Ann organise a luxury 'hen week' in sun-soaked Turkey.It should be the perfect send off to single life. But her friends have packed more than just sun creams and bikinis - they've also brought with them a serious amount of emotional baggage.Add unlimited free cocktails, rampant reps and a nasty dose of sunstroke and suddenly seven sunny days puts even the firmest friendships to the test.

  • Practical, inspiring, and filled with her trademark wit and charm, Chrissie Manby describes the writing process - from where she gets her ideas to a practical guide to planning the structure of a novel. A must-read for chick-lit fans and aspiring authors. EXCLUSIVE: contains chapters 1-4 of Chrissie's new novel WHAT I DID ON MY HOLIDAYS.

  • Sophie Sturgeon can't wait for her annual summer holiday. Not only will it be a week away from work, it will be a chance to reconnect with her boyfriend Callum. So this upcoming trip to Majorca is a big deal. Sophie's spent a lot of time getting ready. She's bought a new wardrobe. She's been waxed to within an inch of her life. She's determined she and Callum will have the best time ever. Then Callum dumps her, the night before they're due to leave. In a show of bravery and independence, Sophie says she'll go to Majorca alone - but in fact, she hides in her London flat. But when her friends, family, and even Callum seem so surprised and delighted at her single girl courage, Sophie decides to go all out and recreate the ultimate 'fake break' . . . with hilarious results.

  • When Emily Brown's life and business is turned around by a surprise visit from Carina Lees, immaculately-groomed reality TV star, she can't believe her luck.With just one other member of staff to help her out at her Essex salon The Beauty Spot, Emily is pushed for time as well as money, and so Carina's patronage and the subsequent financial success of the salon is more welcome than a sunbed session in December. But even with the assistance of skilled-yet-shabby new girl Natalie, things start to go mysteriously wrong, and it soon becomes clear that someone's got it in for the salon. And with tactics dirtier than a gardener's fingernails, the battle of the beauticians commences. For under all the make-up and manicures, Carina is not who she seems, and although confronting the past can be more painful than a bikini wax, Emily eventually has to stare the truth in the face and realise it's what's inside that really counts ...

  • When Lindsey Parker's father announces that he is to remarry, Lindsey does what any good daughter would do: wishes him congratulations, then sets about trying to kill his fiancee.
    Fortunately, Lindsey's botched attempt at bumping Karen off fails, but it does succeed in driving her away. Jubilation turns to guilt when Lindsey realises her father is genuinely broken-hearted. The only way to mend it is to get Karen back.
    But Karen already has a new man. In an attempt to break the new couple up, Lindsey turns honey-trapper. The mission: to seduce her ex-future-step-mother's boyfriend. The problem: she's falling in love with him . . .

  • Heiress and celebrity Birdie Sederburg has been used to getting everything she wants. That is, until hot young actor Dean Stevenson (quite literally) crashes into her life.Birdie's convinced she's found The One. But Dean is only in it for his career, and is resisting her charm offensive. Still, Birdie is not prepared to admit defeat. As her obsession with Dean grows, she realises she may have to do something drastic to make him fall in love with her.But is getting herself kidnapped in order to win his heart as insane as it sounds?
    How far would you go for love?

  • Have you ever had your heart broken? How did you get over it? Did a tub of ice cream cheer you up? Did you delete his number and start again? Are you now friends with your ex? Perhaps you're godmother to his children? In which case, you're a weirdo and this book is not for you. But if you reacted with denial, begging or a spot of casual witchcraft, then you've come to the right place. This is one woman's journey from love to lunacy and back again ...

  • Dashing, dishy and utterly uninterested. No one else can compete. Lara Fenton is all washed up. Single at 25, she's desperate to find a man, especially since her best friend Julie got engaged. Salvation arrives in the divine form of Hugh Armstrong-Hamilton. Yes, Hugh has his faults, but who doesn't? So what if he never picks up the bill? Big deal if he cancels dates at the last moment. And who cares about a few insults from his snooty friends? Hugh is a God - her God, and any other man would seem like second prize in comparison. Or would they...?

  • Why is it that your best friend always seems to end up with men who treat her badly? Why is that your best male friend seems intent on dating the kind of girl who thinks that Nietzche is an STD? Why is it that your own little black book looks more and more like the non-celeb client list of the Priory? Why can't any of you find someone quite right?
    Ruby, Martin and Lou are three old friends who have spent too much time talking about the ones that got away. Facing another summer without love, they decide to approach the dating dilemma in the way they approached finding flatmates. They're going to place personal ads. For one another.
    Will it tempt their dream date/soul mate? Or is it a recipe for romantic disaster?

  • Dr Jennifer Niederhauser is a brilliant but uptight zoologist. As new head of the chimpanzee project at Prowdes Animal Sanctuary, she thinks she's got it made. But the regime is ramshackle, the chimpanzees uncontrollable and her first meeting with head keeper Guy Gibson finds him naked and covered in baby oil.
    Worse still Prowdes is virtually bankrupt. Then a TV documentary crew arrives. Exposure could be their economic salvation but there's a problem. The show's presenter, chimpanzee expert Dr Timothy Lauder, is Jennifer's ex-boyfriend. Things could get hairy . . .

  • Could you survive a week-long holiday with your entire family?
    Newly single magazine journalist Chelsea Benson can't think of anything worse.
    Your grubby small nephew torpedoing any chance of romance with the dishy guy you met on the plane . . .
    Your eighty-five-year-old granddad chatting up ladies at the hotel bar . . .
    Getting nothing but sarcastic comments from your older sister, who's always been the family favourite . . .
    And all this is before your parents drop their bombshell.
    Is a week enough time for the Bensons to put their differences aside and have some fun? Or is this their last ever proper family holiday?Heartwarming and funny, this is the perfect summer read for fans of SOPHIE KINSELLA and LINDSEY KELK. And provides a great excuse for ignoring your annoying family members . . .

  • Christmas comes but once a year . . . thank goodness! So keep calm this festive season and treat yourself to the warm, wonderful new novel from Chrissie Manby.Take one Queen Bee: Annabel Buchanan, with a perfect house in the country, a rich husband and a beautiful daughter, Izzy . . .
    . . . and one large, loud family: the Bensons.
    What happens when their worlds collide?
    When Izzy suddenly falls dangerously ill, adoptee Annabel has to track down her biological family to see if they can help her daughter. But can she see past the Bensons' brash exteriors to the warm, loving people they are at heart?
    With December just around the corner, is it too much to hope that the Bensons and the Buchanans can have a proper family Christmas?

  • Could you spend two weeks at sea with your family?Thanks to an unexpected windfall, the Bensons are treating themselves to a luxury cruise. With stop-offs in Barcelona, Rome and Marseilles, plus constant entertainment onboard, it's a dream come true . . . Or is it? Last time Chelsea Benson went on holiday with this lot she nearly went crazy.
    Her mum and sister are convinced Chelsea's boyfriend Adam will propose on the ship. Chelsea's sure he won't, but she can't help feeling butterflies as they set sail. Is Adam going to pop the question, or will the only thing to pop be Chelsea's ego?Onboard dramas, family upheavals, memories and sunshine . . . Fall in love with the Benson family, and treat yourself to a five-star family cruise, all without leaving your sofa.

  • 'I loved every second of this book...a fantastic, Christmassy story about family, friendship, pulling together in times of need, and most importantly of love.' - Amazon Reviewer What comes to mind when you picture a wedding at Christmas? A gorgeous white dress accessorised with a thick velvet cape... bridesmaids in red velvet too? An arch of Christmas greenery: holly and ivy and boughs of fir. Candles and fairy lights. Snow!Chelsea Benson has just twelve weeks to organise her perfect winter wedding. Her family and friends pitch in to help, but sisterly squabbling, issues with money and an Ice-Queen mother-in-law soon threaten Chelsea's plans for her big day. And that's without the firework fiasco...Rescuing Chelsea's dream of a proper family wedding might just take all the magic of Christmas...A Wedding at Christmas is a warm, wonderful and funny Christmas novel from Chrissie Manby, perfect for fans of Holly Martin's Christmas at Mistletoe Cove and Heidi Swain's Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair.

  • A warm, wonderful and funny novella from bestselling author Chrissie Manby, the perfect treat for crisp, woodsmoke-scented autumn days.Sparklers, bonfires, trick-or-treating... autumn has arrived! The thirty-first of October usually marks the start of the party season in the Benson Edwards household but, having recently lost his beloved cat Fishy, little Jack, aged eight, isn't ready to celebrate. When the rest of the Bensons and their neighbours decide to throw a Halloween fancy-dress bash in an attempt to cheer Jack up, however, not everything goes to plan as Mark and Ronnie play a ghostly prank which inadvertently sparks a local scandal. By the time Bonfire Night rolls around, will their neighbourhood relations be up in in smoke? And will Jack have rediscovered his sparkle?

  • A wonderful, heart-warming and funny Christmas novel from Chrissie Manby, perfect for curling up with in front of the fire.What could be more magical at Christmas than a fairy tale come true?It's the festive season and the members of the Newbay Theatre Society, more commonly known as the NEWTS, are preparing to put on a show. Being cast as Cinderella is the realization of a dream for newcomer Kirsty, not least because she hopes starring in a panto under the direction of her boyfriend Jon will bring them closer together. But Kirsty soon learns that it's not all glitter and good cheer behind the scenes at the amateur theatre as bitter rivalries nurtured through decades, wardrobe mishaps and suspicious near-fatal accidents threaten to derail the production. And then there's Prince Charming himself. Will working together with Jon bring Kirsty her happy ever after... or reveal their love to be nothing but a 'showmance'?With Christmas just around the corner, it's going to take more than a Fairy Godmother to get Kirsty and her cast-mates to the ball.

  • 'Funny, warm and engaging; this year's must-read! 5****' By the Letter Book ReviewsIn the quaint seaside town of Newbay, a beginner's cookery course is starting. And three very different students have signed up...Liz's husband has left her for a twenty-something clean-eating blogger, and she's determined to show the world - and her daughter - she's just as capable in the kitchen. John, newly widowed after fifty years of marriage, can't live on sympathy lasagnes forever. To thirty-year-old workaholic Bella, the course is a welcome escape from her high-pressure job. Their only common ground: between them, they can barely boil an egg! Enter talented chef Alex, who is determined to introduce his pupils to the comforts of cuisine. As Liz, John and Bella encounter various disasters in the kitchen, the unlikely trio soon form a fast friendship. Their culinary skills might be catastrophic - but could the cookery club have given them a recipe for happiness?The wonderful new novel from bestselling author Chrissie Manby is perfect for fans of Jill Mansell, Trisha Ashley, Cathy Bramley, and The Great British Bake Off.Praise for The Worst Case Scenario Cookery Club:'A lovely book which brought a tear to my eye in places' - Broadbeansbooks'Heartwarming' - The Book Bag'Funny and emotional...a MUST READ this autumn' - On My Bookshelf'A very warm tale full of different kinds of love; just delicious!' - Netgalley Reviewer'If you want a funny, emotional read that will leave you wanting more then you need this book in your life!' - Goodreads'I loved this book... the perfect place to find a recipe for happiness!' - Goodreads'What an absolute joy to read...such a lovely story' - Goodreads'A winning recipe of a story... I devoured it from cover to cover!' - Goodreads 'Just the breath of fresh air that I needed... I could have kept reading for many more pages!' - Netgalley'I adored this hilarious book!' I Read Novels'Chrissie Manby has cooked up a fine tale' Cultural Wednesday'What a wonderfully lighthearted and uplifting novel, one I couldn't put down' - Bloglovin'An absolute joy to read - highly recommended for when you need a little pick-me-up!' - Brew and Book Reviews

  • Saying Goodbye to Tuesday Nouv.

  • KEEP CALM ! Quelques jours en famille, ce n'est pas la mer à boire !
    Va-t-elle survivre à une (longue, très longue) semaine de vacances avec (toute) sa famille ?
    C'est le casse-tête obsédant de Chelsea Benton depuis que sa mère a lancé sa bombe : les réunir tous en hôtel-club à Lanzarote pour fêter ses 60 ans.
    Bien sûr, Chelsea les aime ! Mais... il y aura son petit neveu aux doigts poisseux (très mauvais pour les fringues de marque), sa nièce ado que tout « saoule », son grand-père adorable mais pas du genre à passer inaperçu, son beau-frère...
    Aucune chance de mettre à profit ces vacances forcées pour approfondir les relations avec le beau mec de l'avion (oui, celui qui est accompagnée de la petite peste de 6 ans).
    Mais la goutte d'eau qui fait déborder la piscine, c'est que la soeur de Chelsea est de la partie. La fille parfaite, mariée, femme au foyer exemplaire dont Chelsea se demande si elle doit l'envier (elle, elle vient encore de se faire larguer) ou la plaindre (franchement, lâcherait-elle son job d'esclave dans un magazine glamour à Londres pour devenir épouse et maman? Elle se tâte...).
    Bref des vacances (horribles) sans surprise ? Pas sûr. Des surprises, il va y en avoir au contraire. Et même, de vraies révélations !
    « Chaleureux et drôle, caustique et tendre... Une comédie satirique pour rire de vos propres vacances en famille (ou pas) ».
    A propos de l'auteur :
    Originaire de Gloucester, en Angleterre, Chrissie Manby écrit depuis l'âge de 14 ans. Après avoir étudié la psychologie à Oxford, elle a décidé de se consacrer à plein temps à l'écriture. Avec son regard à la fois critique et tendre, son humour détaché à l'anglaise, ainsi que sa plume incisive et légère, elle vous embarque dans des comédies qui bousculent personnages et idées reçues !
    Une semaine légèrement agitée est son premier roman traduit en français.

  • Découvrez les trois comédies recommandées par les éditions MOSAIC : des romans qui font du bien  et qui vous feront passer du rire aux larmes. 
    Une semaine légèrement agitée, Chrissie Manby
    KEEP CALM ! Quelques jours en famille, ce n'est pas la mer à boire !
    Va-t-elle survivre à une (longue, très longue) semaine de vacances avec (toute) sa famille ?
    C'est le casse-tête obsédant de Chelsea Benton depuis que sa mère a lancé sa bombe : les réunir tous en hôtel-club à Lanzarote pour fêter ses 60 ans.
    « Chaleureux et drôle, caustique et tendre... Une comédie satirique pour rire de vos propres vacances en famille (ou pas) ».
    A un détail près, Kristan Higgins
    Une comédie romantique piquante et pleine de charme.
    Depuis que son fiancé, trois ans plus tôt, a décidé de faire son coming out le jour même de leur mariage, Faith Holland n'a plus qu'une obsession : trouver un homme qui ne lui dissimule pas un détail incompatible avec une relation amoureuse saine, heureuse et durable. Autrement dit, un homme hétéro. Célibataire. Sans enfant caché. Et de préférence pas drogué non plus.
    Les dix plus beaux jours de ma vie, Adena Halpern
    Aller au paradis ? Rien de plus facile. Y rester va demander un peu plus d'efforts.
    Malencontreusement renversée par une Mini Cooper , Alexandra Dorenfield, 29 ans, se réveille au paradis. Et découvre, ébahie, qu'on y exauce tous ses voeux : elle a le droit d'emménager dans la maison de ses rêves, dispose d'un dressing de folie, et peut se gaver honteusement de gâteaux et de chocolat sans prendre l'ombre d'un microgramme... Mais voilà, pour rester au paradis version septième ciel, il y a une condition. Prouver qu'on le mérite. Alexandra y arrivera-t-elle ?