Dusty Rainbolt

  • Pour ronronner de plaisir avec votre petit chat !
    Accueillir un chaton chez soi est toujours un grand moment de bonheur et d'émotion. Grâce aux Nuls, découvrez comment vous en sortir avec votre nouvelle boule de poils ! Trouver le chaton qui vous correspond, préparer sa maison ou son appartement, le nourrir, mais également prévenir les maladies et soigner si nécessaire, accueillir de manière imprévue un chaton, Un chaton pour les Nuls vous permet de vivre sereinement avec votre compagnon à quatre pattes !

  • Anglais Kittens For Dummies

    Dusty Rainbolt

    Who can resist the charm of a kitten, those energetic, curious creatures whose cuteness factors fall somewhere between adorable and irresistible? But as animal shelters across the country can attest, those enchanting balls of fluff quickly mature into full-grown cats with their own requirements for healthy, happy lives. Kittens For Dummies is your source for understanding what you can expect if you decide to welcome a high energy and high maintenance four-legged friend into your home. You'll not only figure out if you're ready to fit a kitty into your lifestyle, but also how to go about Adopting or buying the right kitten for you Making sure your home is kitten-proof Introducing your new pet to children and other pets Preventing and treating feline illnesses Dealing with behavioral issues Rescuing an orphaned kitten Books abound about kitten care. Unlike many of them-those that seem to require a veterinary medicine degree to figure out-Kittens For Dummies explains everything in plain, everyday English. And like the subject itself, this handy reference is full of fun. In entertaining, informative language, the friendly guide gives you the real deal on Doling out plenty of love, attention, and patience Deciding whether kitty will be allowed to explore the outdoors Making your kitten comfy with the right supplies and accessories Knowing how often to ring the dinner bell Recognizing emergencies that call for quick trips to the veterinarian Locating qualified caretakers when you travel Nurturing kitty into adulthood Before you take the giant leap into kitten ownership-a wonderful and sometimes chaotic world-check out the expert advice in a resource that's bound to become as constant a companion as your purr-fect pet. P.S. If you think this book seems familiar, you're probably right. The Dummies team updated the cover and design to give the book a fresh feel, but the content is the same as the previous release of Kittens For Dummies (9780764541506). The book you see here shouldn't be considered a new or updated product. But if you're in the mood to learn something new, check out some of our other books. We're always writing about new topics!

  • Un pour les Nuls illustré avec des dessins et des photos pour tout connaître sur son nouveau chat.
    Une structure pour tout connaître, les particularités de certaines races, les premiers mois d'un chaton et d'un jeune chat.
    Tout sur quoi lui donner à manger, les vaccins, les opérations.
    Le guide des expressions du chat, pour décrypter son comportement : mouvement de queue, oreilles, miaulements...
    Tout pour faire connaissance et choisir comment être avec son animal pour lui donner les meilleures habitudes possible.