Frank E. Schneider

  • Preface. Part I Task Allocation. The Generation of Bidding Rules for Auction-Based Robot Coordination. Craig Tovey, Michail G. Lagoudakis, Sonal fain, Sven Koenig. Issues in Multi-Robot Coalition Formation. Lovekesh Vig, Julie A. Adams. Sensor Network-Mediated Multi-Robot Task Allocation. Maxim A. Batalin and Gaurav S. Sukhatme.
    Part II Coordination in Dynamic Environments. Multi-Objective Cooperative Control of Dynamical Systems. Zhihua Qu, fing Wang, Richard A. Hull. Levels of Multi-Robot Coordination for Dynamic Environments. Cohn P. McMillen, Paul E. Rybski, Manuela M. Veloso. Parallel Stochastic Hill-Climbing with Small Teams. Brian P. Gerkey, Sebastian Thrun, Geoff Gordon. Toward Versatility of Multi-Robot Systems. Cohn Cherry and Hong Zhang.
    Part III Information/ Sensor Sharing and Fusion. Decentralized Communication Strategies. Maayan Roth, Reid Simmons, and Manuela Veloso. Improving Multirobot Multitarget Tracking. Matthew Powers, Ramp rasad Ravichandran, Frank Dehlaert, Tucker Baich. Enabling Autonomous Sensor-Sharing. Lynne E. Parker, Maureen Chandra, Fang Tang.
    Part IV Distributed Mapping and Coverage. Merging Partial Maps without Using Odometry. Francesco Amigoni, Simone Gasparini, Maria Gini. Distributed Coverage of Unknown/Unstructured Environments by Mobile Sensor Networks. Ioannis Rekleitis, Ai Peng New, Howie Choset.
    Part V Motion Planning and Control. Motion Planning with Safe Dynamics. James Bruce and Manuela Veloso. A Multi-Robot Testbed for Biologically-Inspired Cooperative Control. Rafael Fierro and Justin Clark, Dean Hougen and Sesh Commuri.
    Part VI Human-Robot Interaction. Task Switching and Multi-Robot Teams. Michael A. Goodrich, Morgan Quigley, Keryl Cosenzo. User Modeling for Principled Sliding Autonomy in Human-Robot Teams. Brennan Seilner, Reid Simmons, Sanjiv Singh.
    Part VII Applications. Multi-Robot Chemical Plume Tracing. Diana Spears, Dimitri Zarzhitsky, David Thayer. Deploying Air-Ground Multi-Robot Teamsin Urban Environments. L. Chaimowicz, A. Cowley, D. Gomez-Ibanez, B. Grochoisky, M.A. Hsieh, H. Hsu, J.F. Keller, V Kumar, R. Swaminathan, C.J. Taylor. Precision Manipulation with Cooperative Robots. Ashley Stroupe, Terry Huntsberger, Avi Okon, Hrand Aghazarian.
    Part VIII Poster Short Papers. A Robust Monte-Carlo Algorithm for Multi-Robot Localization. Vazha Amiranashvili, Gerhard Lakemeyer. A Dialogue-Based Approach to Multi-Robot Team Control. Nathanael Chambers, James Allen, Lucian Galescu, Hyuckchul Jung. Hybrid FSO/RF Networks for Mobile Robot Teams. Jason Derenick, Christopher Thorne, and John Spletzer. Swarming UAVS Behavior Hierarchy. Kuo-Chi Lin. The GNATs. Keith J. O`Hara, Daniel B. Walker, and Tucker R. Balch. Role Based Operations. Brian Satterfield, Heeten Choxi, and Drew Housten. Ergodic Dynamics by Design. Dylan A. Shell, Chris V. Jones, Maja J. Matarie.