Helen Brown

  • BTS : dieux de la k-pop , guide non officiel

    Helen Brown

    • Hauteville
    • 16 Juin 2021

    Le guide ultime pour tous les ARMYs !

    BTS : dieux de la Pop offre un regard complet et intime sur le plus grand boys band coréen de tous les temps, BTS. Les fans découvriront des aspects fascinants et des secrets sensationnels sur la genèse du groupe, leurs premiers succès, l'élaboration de leurs chorégraphies toujours plus incroyables, et bien plus encore.
    Les profils détaillés de chaque membre du groupe permettent aux lecteurs de se rapprocher de RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, Jin et Jungkook. Agrémenté de belles photos et de quiz, c'est le guide ultime pour les ARMYs et tout nouveau fan de K-Pop.

  • BBno le chat qui aimait la vie

    Helen Brown

    • City éditions
    • 27 Mars 2019

    Lorsque Helen arrive à New York, une amie lui demande de s'occuper quelques temps d'un petit chat qui n'a pas eu la vie facile. Hirsute, les yeux écarquillés et d'un caractère imprévisible, Bono est en piteux état. Difficile de lui trouver une famille d'adoption, d'autant que, rescapé d'une grave maladie, il nécessite une attention et des soins constants. Pourtant, au fil des jours, Helen se prend d'affection pour cette petite boule de poils et décide de l'adopter elle-même. Et ce petit chat au grand coeur et à la sagesse encore plus grande va changer la vie d'Helen qui est à un tournant de son existence après une rupture amoureuse. Avec Bono, se noue une amitié profonde et sincère où chacun apprend à s'ouvrir à l'autre. Et, peu à peu, à reprendre goût à la vie...

  • Anglais Cleo

    Helen Brown

    • Hodder and stoughton digital
    • 28 Octobre 2010

    We're not going to get a kitten, we're just going to look at them. . .' Helen Brown Gentry wasn't a cat person, but her nine-year-old son Sam desperately wanted one. So that day he chose a beautiful little black kitten to be delivered to their home in a few weeks' time. A week later, Sam was killed in an accident and his family were torn apart by grief. Struggling to cope, Helen forgot about the kitten until, one day, it was delivered to their door. Traumatised by Sam's death, Helen didn't know what to do with it. But Sam's younger brother Rob wanted to keep her, as she was after all, Sam's cat. And for the first time since Sam's death, Helen saw Rob smile. Cleo the kitten had to stay. And stay with the family she did, going on to become the family's high priestess and guardian. Cleo's personality was immense, and she became witness to the family's life through times of joy and sadness, sharing everything with them. CLEO is a beautifully written warm and often funny book about love, loss and redemption.

  • Parenting For Dummies

    Helen Brown

    • For dummies
    • 6 Janvier 2011

    Having a baby is an incredible experience, and the ultimate responsibility! Parenting is a job that you start with no training at all - and friends and family always seem to be the first to tell you how best to bring up your children. But there's no sure-fire formula for raising kids. Maybe that's because every child, like every parent, is an individual, and no two parent-child relationships are ever the same. So, you can give up any notions of being a perfect parent. But, you can learn to keep the big mistakes to a minimum and make the parenting experience easier and more rewarding for your children and yourself. Which is where this book comes in. Covering information for newborns to pre-teens, Parenting For Dummies gives you the essentials of parenting basics. From dealing with a crying baby and potty training, to building self-esteem and dealing with sibling rivalry, it offers a gold mine of up-to-date advice.

  • Anglais PIG

    Helen Browning Tim Finney

    • Headline digital
    • 20 Septembre 2018
  • Applied Mixed Models in Medicine


    • Wiley
    • 12 Décembre 2014

    A fully updated edition of this key text on mixed models, focusing on applications in medical research  The application of mixed models is an increasingly popular way of analysing medical data, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. A mixed model allows the incorporation of both fixed and random variables within a statistical analysis, enabling efficient inferences and more information to be gained from the data. There have been many recent advances in mixed modelling, particularly regarding the software and applications. This third edition of Brown and Prescott's groundbreaking text provides an update on the latest developments, and includes guidance on the use of current SAS techniques across a wide range of applications.  Presents an overview of the theory and applications of mixed models in medical research, including the latest developments and new sections on incomplete block designs and the analysis of bilateral data. Easily accessible to practitioners in any area where mixed models are used, including medical statisticians and economists. Includes numerous examples using real data from medical and health research, and epidemiology, illustrated with SAS code and output. Features the new version of SAS, including new graphics for model diagnostics and the procedure PROC MCMC. Supported by a website featuring computer code, data sets, and further material.  This third edition will appeal to applied statisticians working in medical research and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as teachers and students of statistics courses in mixed models. The book will also be of great value to a broad range of scientists, particularly those working in the medical and pharmaceutical areas.

  • Essential tools for implementing right-sized prospect research techniques that help nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals Written especially for front-line fundraisers, Prospect Research for Fundraisers presents a practical understanding of prospect research, prospect management, and fundraising analytics, demonstrating how research can be used to raise more money. Filled with examples, case studies, interviews, and stories, this unique book is structured around the fundraising cycle and illustrates the myriad of current and ever-changing prospect research tools and techniques available to boost an organization's fundraising effectiveness. From essential overviews to how-to-search skills, this practical book gives development officers the tools to understand how to use prospect research in ways that best fit their goals for each stage of the fundraising cycle. Provides practical insight to understand the best use of each prospect research tool and technique Features a companion website with a variety of online tools to help readers implement key concepts Part of the AFP Fund Development Series Prospect Research for Fundraisers provides fundraisers with an understanding of what prospect research is and which resources are available to small organizations that have limited internal capacity, medium-sized organizations building capacity, and large organizations wanting to maximize their strengths. It offers a practical understanding of the relevant tools at the disposal of development officers and managers responsible for hiring, outsourcing, purchasing, managing, and implementing prospect research within their organizations.

  • Social Work with Lesbians and Gay Men


    • Sage publications ltd
    • 20 Décembre 2010

    Working with lesbians and gay men is a largely neglected area of social work practice. This book provides social workers and other professionals with an overview of a number of key challenges and concerns that play a significant part in the lives of lesbians and gay men. Despite positive changes in legislation, social work can still fail to meet the needs of lesbians and gay men, and remains a marginalised area in practice, research and teaching. This book promotes an understanding of these issues and proposes ideas for social work practice that are inclusive of lesbians and gay men in assessment and the provision of services.
    The book clearly links knowledge and practice and is structured in such a way so that theories relevant to social work practices with lesbians and gay men are covered before specific areas of practice are addressed. Key topics include:
    -The historical, legal, policy and theoretical context
    -A reappraisal of anti-discriminatory practice
    -Family and kinship
    -Relationship-based social work
    -Social work with adults
    -Social work and mental health
    -Social work with children and families
    Throughout the book, the authors encourage the reader to adopt a critical and reflective approach to social work. They present their ideas for effective practice that facilitates the individual and collective potential of lesbian and gay social work clients and carers. The book is essential reading for all qualifying social work students and practitioners working with lesbians and gay men.

  • Social Work and Foster Care

    Helen Cosis Brown

    • Learning matters
    • 17 Février 2014

    Working with children in foster care is a demanding and rigorous aspect of social work practice. Difficult decisions in fast-moving and often complex situations have to be made, and for students and practitioners alike, there is a vast array of legislation, law and social policy to understand.
    This book is written to help social workers and social work students get to grips with the complexity of foster care. The child is placed at the heart of the text and there are substantial chapters on law, policy frameworks and the overreaching theoretical and research evidence to support good practice. There is also a strong focus on practical skills such as empathy and relationship-based practice.
    This is an essential text for experienced social workers or those currently in training.

  • Les éloges collectifs de femmes, qui regroupent les recueils de femmes illustres et les apologies du sexe féminin, ont souvent été versés au compte de la « Querelle des femmes » vue comme un ensemble discursif stable, partageant et réitérant une topique commune. Cependant, les contextes variés dans lesquels ces textes s'inscrivent suggèrent d'en réexaminer les spécificités et d'en préciser les enjeux ; plus spécifiquement, ils invitent à se pencher sur les publics qui, au cours des siècles, en ont renouvelé la lecture et l'interprétation. Croisant les ressources méthodologiques de la rhétorique et de l'histoire du livre, les articles de ce numéro explorent le processus de publication et la construction de publics contrastés dans des éloges collectifs de femmes composés ou traduits en français à la fin du Moyen Âge et sous l'Ancien Régime, de façon à évaluer la singularité des invitations à l'appropriation qui s'y tissent.