Hugh Miller

  • A US government official is assassinated, a list of names, all male, all German, is found and two men on the list are already dead. What is the connection? When the mission looks impossible, who do you call? UNACO.

  • When a tip-off is received that militant religious extremists are taking over the peaceful Vale of Kashmir, dealing in drugs and guns to fund their war, two top agents are sent in to investigate. When the mission looks impossible, who do you call? UNACO.

  • This book draws on examples from cannabis policy discourse and elsewhere to illustrate how individuals come to subscribe to a particular policy narrative; how policy narratives evolve; how narratives are employed in public policy discourse to compete with other narratives; and how, on implementation, the winning narrative is performed and subsequently institutionalized. Further, it explores how uncertainty and ambiguity are constants in public policy discourse, and how different factions and groups pursue different goals and aspirations. In the current climate of political reality, disputable facts and contestable goals, this book shows how different coalitions and ideologies use narratives to compete for policy dominance. 

  • Clinical management algorithms for common and unusual obstetric problems have been developed to help guide practitioners to the best treatment options for patients. In this quick-reference guide, clear diagrams and concise notes show treatment options and evidence for over 80 high-risk obstetric complications, presented in two-page full color spreads to promote quick decision making in time-pressed situations.  
    This new edition includes sections on obesity, late-preterm and early term delivery, and pregnancy termination.  As a clinical manual, the book provides guidance to many common and less common obstetric situations in which either the mother or her fetus is at risk. An algorithm for each situation provides obstetric care providers with a step-by-step guide of necessary actions for any given clinical case.
    Written by internationally renowned experts, Clinical Obstetric Algorithms enables all obstetrics care providers to ensure delivery of a healthy mother and a healthy baby.