Jay Carter Brown

  • Mobsters, murder, betrayal, and revenge are the raw components of this candid look into the day-to-day life of a modern-day marijuana smuggler. Told from the viewpoint of an impressionable young entrepreneur named Jay Carter Brown, the book quickly draws the reader into the gritty underbelly of the international drug trade.

    The story begins with minor-league smuggling scams between Canada and the Caribbean that soon escalate to multi-ton shipments of grass and hash from the Caribbean and the Middle East. All goes well for a time, but as the stakes grow higher, the inevitable setbacks occur.

    When Jay teams up with a crusty old bank robber named Irving, he also inherits a host of other felons who come out of jail to visit his new partner, ex-cons such as: Randy the hit man who liked to practise his fast draw in front of a mirror; Simon, the drug-running pilot; and Chico Perry, who smoked reefer in his pipe while robbing banks and shooting it out with the cops.

    Drug-runners, police, jealous friends, and rival gangs all contribute to this extraordinary story told by a young man who became involved at the highest levels of the drug trade, and lived to tell about it. Smuggler's Blues is a rare opportunity to experience life in another world - a world where survival relies on brains, brawn, and a generous measure of good luck.

  • What went wrong with WCW?

    In 1997, World Championship Wrestling was on top. It was the number-one pro wrestling company in the world, and the highest-rated show on cable television. Each week, fans tuned in to Monday Nitro, flocked to sold-out arenas, and carried home truckloads of WCW merchandise. Sting, Bill Goldberg, and the New World Order were household names. Superstars like Dennis Rodman and KISS jumped on the WCW bandwagon. It seemed the company could do no wrong.

    But by 2001, however, everything had bottomed out. The company - having lost a whopping 95% of its audience - was sold for next to nothing to Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment. WCW was laid to rest.

    How could the company lose its audience so quickly? Who was responsible for shows so horrible that fans fled in horror? What the hell happened to cause the death of one of the largest wrestling companies in the world? The Death of World Championship Wrestling is the first book to take readers through a detailed dissection of WCW's downfall.

  • Once Bitten


    He was a drunkard who was turned into a vampire in 1756, and became known as the most vicious of his kind for the next 150 years. In 1899 he was re-ensouled by a gypsy looking for revenge, and with his conscience back, he had to relive the guilt and horror of what he'd done, and decided to atone for his sins by helping the very people who were once his victims.

    Welcome to world of Angel, the most original and thought-provoking show on television. The show is a spin-off of the equally intelligent Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show that broke new ground for its portrayal of strong women. Now that Buffy has staked her last vampire, Angel has gotten more notice from critics and fans, out from the shadow of its predecessor.

    This book will feature:
    - a history of the show and how it has changed over the years
    - a summary of the 2003 Posting Board Party in L.A. that was attended by many of the actors of Angel
    - a section on the best Angel Web sites, including a profile of cityofangel.com, the official source of Angel information
    - a trivia quiz
    - a look at Buffy and Angel's recognition in academic circles
    - a complete episode guide of all five seasons of Angel, complete with brief summaries, analyses, highlights, continuity errors, interesting facts, music/bands, and other interesting facts
    - an episode guide to the final season of Buffy that will act as a completion to Bite Me!
    exclusive behind-the-scenes photos