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  • France's leading nutritionist Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen pinpoints why you struglle with other weight-loss diets and shows how to achieve your ideal weight while embracing life's pleasures.

    The Parisian Diet is a progressive weight-loss plan that keeps you motivated through the Café, Bistro, and Gourmet phases until you reach your ideal weight. Strongly opposed to "extreme" diets and the inevitable weight gain that ensues, Dr. Cohen proposes a sensible
    and holistic approach that addresses the physical, psychological, and cultural factors that impact our ability to control our relationship with food. His method encourages a global change in attitude towards what we eat. Based on habits and food choices typical of the Parisian lifestyle, the simple, delicious, and satisfying menus emphasize the use of fresh
    ingredients and a balanced intake throughout the day. The Parisian Diet is not a fl ashin- the pan fad, it's a new approach to food and a way to celebrate life, helping you look and feel your best.