John Varley

  • Christopher Bach était policier lors de la Grande Panne, ce jour où le Calculateur central, qui contrôle tous les systèmes de survie sur Luna, a connu une défaillance fatale. La vie de Chris a alors irrémédiablement basculé, et il essaie désormais d'être détective privé. Assisté de son chien cybernétiquement augmenté, Sherlock, il tente de résoudre les quelques missions qu'on lui confie en imitant les héros durs à cuire qui peuplent les livres et films noirs qu'il adore.
    Lorsqu'une femme entre dans son bureau et prétend avoir été infectée volontairement par une lèpre incurable, Chris est tout disposé à l'aider à retrouver celui qui l'a contaminée. Mais il va vite déchanter en comprenant que son enquête doit le mener là où personne n'a réellement envie d'aller de son plein gré : à Irontown...

    Blues pour Irontown est un mélange détonant de roman noir et de science-fiction. Situé dans le même univers que les précédents ouvrages de l'auteur, notamment Gens de la Lune et Le système Valentine, parus aux Éditions Denoël, il marque le retour, tant attendu, de John Varley à son meilleur.

  • Kenneth Valentine, anciennement connu sous le nom de Sparky, se targue d'être l'un des meilleurs acteurs du système solaire et avoue bien volontiers ne pas être reconnu à sa juste valeur. Il faut dire qu'il use et abuse des pseudonymes. Mais comment faire autrement lorsque l'on n'est pas toujours dans la légalité? Oh, rien de bien méchant : un petit vol par-ci, une fraude fiscale sans importance par-là... sans parler de quelques maris trompés! À moins qu'il n'ait bien pire à se reprocher? Laissez-le vous conter son histoire, pleine de bruit et de fureur.

    OEuvre picaresque et hilarante, brillant hommage à William Shakespeare (mort depuis bien trop longtemps pour se sentir concerné), Le système Valentine est l'un des meilleurs romans de John Varley.

  • A science fiction epic from "the best writer in America" (Tom Clancy)--Hugo and Nebula award-winning author John Varley.
    Fleeing Earth after an alien invasion, the human race stands on the threshold of evolution. Their new home is Luna, a moon colony blessed with creature comforts, prolonged lifespans, digital memories, and instant sex changes.
    But the people of Luna are bored, restless, suicidal--and so is the computer that monitors their existence...

  • A collection of short stories from "the wildest and most original science fictional mind" (George R.R. Martin) of Hugo and Nebula award-winning author John Varley.
    The Persistance of Vision collects nine amazing fiction stories--including the Hugo and Nebula award-winning title novella--that could only come from the mesmerizing imagination of one of science fiction's most renowned and respected writers.

  • A collection of science fiction stories from "the best writer in America" (Tom Clancy)--Hugo and Nebula award-winning author John Varley.
    John Varley's unique blend of startling technology and genuinely human characters has won him every major science fiction award several times over for both his novels and his short fiction.
    Blue Champagne collects eight thought-provoking stories from one of the genre's undisputed masters, including the Hugo Award-winner "The Pusher," and the Hugo and Nebula award-winner "Press Enter."

  • 1 - FRAPPEZ : ENTRÉE. Peur et paranoïa chez les ordinateurs. Je m'approchai de la console. Il y avait une grosse tache de sang sur le côté droit, là où la tête du mort avait reposé. J'effleurai une touche et l'écran de contrôle se couvrit aussitôt de mots... NOM DU PROGRAMME : ADIEU MONDE RÉEL. CONTENU : DERNIÈRES VOLONTÉS ET TESTAMENT/DIVERS. PROGRAMMEUR : CHARLES KLUGE. POUR POURSUIVRE FRAPPEZ : ENTRÉE. Le carré en bout de ligne clignotait. 2 - CHAMPAGNE BLEU. Dans la Bulle, l'espace pétille pour votre seul plaisir. C'était un monde différent. La Bulle flottait au sein du réceptacle formé par les générateurs : deux cents millions de litres d'eau contenus entre deux champs de force sphériques et concentriques. Les champs contenaient une coquille liquide d'un poids de près d'un million de tonnes, enfermant en son milieu une bulle d'air de cinq cent mille mètres cubes. Elle flottait en orbite lunaire, isolée, sans aucun point de repère. La première fois que Cooper la vit, l'illusion était parfaite : quelqu'un avait laissé un verre de champagne flotter à quelques mètres du vaisseau...

  • Anglais Wizard

    Varley John

    One of the greatest science fiction epics ever written, John Varley's Titan, Wizard, and Demon comprise a groundbreaking trilogy that will live forever. Human explorers have entered the sprawling mind of Gaea. Now they must fight her will. For she is much too powerful...and definitely insane."These books are going to be around for a long time." --Locus

  • Anglais Titan

    Varley John

    Twenty years ago, the Gaean Trilogy dazzled critics and readers. Now a new generation will discover that brilliant world--beginning with Titan.

  • Anglais Demon

    Varley John

    More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

  • Anglais Millennium

    Varley John

    In the skies over Oakland, California, a DC-10 and a 747 are about to collide. But in the far distant future, a time travel team is preparing to snatch the passengers, leaving prefabricated smoking bodies behind for the rescue teams to find. And in Washington D.C., an air disaster investigator named Smith is about to get a phone call that will change his life...and end the world as we know it.

  • Anglais Red Thunder

    Varley John

    Seven suburban misfits are constructing a spaceship out of old tanker cars. The plan is to beat the Chinese to Mars--in under four days at three million miles an hour. It would be history in the making if it didn't sound so insane.

  • Anglais The Golden Globe

    Varley John

    "This is an engrossing novel by one of the genre's most accomplished storytellers." --Publishers Weekly

    All the universe is a stage...and Sparky Valentine is its itinerant thespian. He brings Shakespeare--a version of it anyway--to the outer reaches of Earth's solar system. Sparky can transform himself from young to old, fat to thin, even male to female, by altering magnetic implants beneath his skin. Indispensible hardware for a career actor--and an interstellar con man wanted for murder...

  • Anglais Slow Apocalypse

    Varley John

    Despite wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as 9/11, the United States' dependence on foreign oil has kept the nation tied to the Middle East. A scientist has developed a cure for America's addiction-'a slow-acting virus that feeds on petroleum, turning it solid. But he didn't consider that his contagion of an Iraqi oil field would spread to infect the fuel supply of the entire world...
    In Los Angeles, screenwriter Dave Marshall heard this scenario from a retired U.S. Marine and government insider who acted as a consultant on Dave's last film. It sounded as implausible as many of his scripts, but the reality is much more frightening than anything he can envision.
    An ordinary guy armed with extraordinary information, Dave hopes his survivor's instinct will kick in so he can protect his wife and daughter from the coming apocalypse that will alter the future of Earth-'and humanity...

  • Anglais Mammoth

    Varley John

    Not content with investing his fortune and watching it grow, multibillionaire Howard Christian buys rare cars that he actually drives, acquires collectible toys that he actually plays with, and builds buildings that defy the imagination. But now his restless mind has turned to a new obsession: cloning a mammoth...
    In a barren province of Canada, a mammoth hunter financed by Christian has made the discovery of a lifetime: an intact frozen woolly mammoth. But what he finds during the painstaking process of excavating the huge creature baffles the mind. Huddled next to the mammoth is the mummified body of a Stone Age man around 12,000 years old. And he is wearing a wristwatch.
    It looks like Howard Christian is going to get his wish--and more...

  • Anglais Red Lightning

    Varley John

    The son of one of the first men to fly to Mars and back, Ray Garcia-Strickland is now a disgruntled Martian, tired of the Red Planet's overdevelopment and the gravity-dependent tourist Earthies. But that doesn't stop him from fearing the worst when Earth is struck by an unknown object, causing a massive tsunami. Living high on his father's glory was okay, but now Ray must literally come down to Earth-and solve one of its greatest mysteries.

    The invaders came in 2050...They did not kill anyone outright. hey said they came on behalf of the intelligent species of Earth--dolphins and whales. The Invaders quietly destroyed every evidence of technology, then peacefully departed, leaving behind plowed ground and sprouting seeds. In the next two years, ten billion humans starved to death.;
    The remnants of humanity that survived relocated to the moon and other planets. But they are not alone in their struggle--someone or something, somewhere in deep space, is sending them advanced scientific data via the Ophiuchi Hotline. And by the twenty-fifth century, the technological gifts from the Hotline--especially its biological and medical solutions--have created a world unlike any ever known or imagined...

  • From the moment John Varley burst onto the scene in 1974, his short fiction was like nothing anyone else was writing. His stories won every award the science fiction field had to offer, many times over. His first collection, The Persistence of Vision, published in 1978, was the most important collection of the decade, and changed what fans would come to expect from science fiction.

    Now, The John Varley Reader gathers his best stories, many out of print for years. This is the volume no Varley fan-or science fiction reader-can do without.

  • Lieutenant Patricia Kelly Elizabeth Strickland?otherwise known as Podkayne?has joined the Music, Arts, and Drama Division of the Martian Navy, passing the audition with a little help from some higher-ups. And now she?s going to Europa, one of Jupiter?s many moons, to be an entertainer. But she?s about to learn that there can be plenty of danger to go around in the Martian Navy, even if you?ve just signed on to sing.

  • Anglais Dark Lightning

    Varley John

    Known for superior science fiction (The Philadelphia Inquirer), author John Varley returns to his Thunder and Lightning series with a novel of how one mans volatile genius could alter a starships epic plunge into a future where human survival is just a theoryOn a voyage to New Earth, the starship Rolling Thunder is powered by an energy no one understands, except for its eccentric inventor Jubal Broussard. Like many of the ships inhabitants, Jubal rests in a state of suspended animation for years at a time, asleep yet never aging.The moments when Jubal emerges from suspended animation are usually a cause for celebration for his family, including his twin daughtersCassie and Pollyand their uncle who is captain of the Rolling Thunder. But this time, Jubal makes a shocking announcementThe ship must stop, or everyone will die.These words from the missions founder, the man responsible for the very existence of the Rolling Thunder, will send shock waves throughout the starshipand divide its passengers into those who believe and those who doubt. And it will be up to Cassie and Polly to stop a mutiny, discover the truth, and usher the ship into a new age of exploration

  • A collection of short stories from the Hugo and Nebula award-winning author who "has the imagination of six ordinary science fiction writers" (George R.R. Martin)-'John Varley.
    Picnic on Nearside includes nine astonishing stories from an author whose imagination has changed the genre and the way that people envision the future.