Palgrave Macmillan

  • This
    book analyses how humour in political activism contributes to facilitating
    outreach, mobilisation and the sustaining of cultures of resistance. Drawing
    on examples of attention-grabbing stunts from around the world, Humour in
    Political Activism demonstrates how they succeed in turning relations of
    power upside down.
    ambiguity and unpredictability of humour, Sørensen argues, makes it difficult
    to respond to this form of political activism when it is performed in
    public.  Humorous political stunts can therefore challenge state power,
    help influence changes in law and make significant contributions to the
    conversations about how societies should be organised.
    book also investigates the potential risks and limitations of using humour in
    nonviolent action and what makes humour unique compared with other forms of
    non-humorous political activism.