Marcelo Zambrano Vizuete

  • This book presents the proceedings of International Conference on Knowledge Society: Technology, Sustainability and Educational Innovation (TSIE 2019). The conference, which was held at UTN in Ibarra, Ecuador, on 3-5 July 2019, allowed participants and speakers to share their research and findings on emerging and innovative global issues. The conference was organized in collaboration with a number of research groups: Group for the Scientific Research Network (e-CIER); Research Group in Educational Innovation and Technology, University of Salamanca, Spain(GITE-USAL); International Research Group for Heritage and Sustainability (GIIPS), and the Social Science Research Group (GICS). In addition, it had the endorsement of the RedCLARA, e-science, Fidal Foundation, Red CEDIA, IEEE, Microsoft, Business IT, Adobe, and Argo Systems.


    The term "knowledge society" can be understood as the management, understanding and co-creation of knowledge oriented toward the sustainable development and positive transformation of society. In this context and on the occasion of the XXXIII anniversary of the Universidad Técnica del Norte (UTN), the Postgraduate Institute through its Master of Technology and Educational Innovation held the I International Congress on Knowledge Society: Technology, Sustainability and Educational Innovation - TSIE 2019, which brought together educators, researchers, academics, students, managers, and professionals, from both the public and private sectors to share knowledge and technological developments.


    The book covers the following topics: 1. curriculum, technology and educational innovation; 2. media and education; 3. applied computing; 4. educational robotics. 5. technology, culture, heritage, and tourism development perspectives; and 6. biodiversity and sustainability.

  • This book presents the proceedings of the 1st International Congress on Innovation and Research - A Driving Force for Socio-Econo-Technological Development (CI3 2020). CI3 was held on June 18-19, 2020. It was organized by the Instituto Tecnológico Superior Rumiñahui and GDEON, in co-organization with Higher Institutes: Libertad, Bolivariano, Vida Nueva, Espíritu Santo, Sudamericano Loja, Central Técnico and sponsored by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Perú), the Federal University of Goiás (Brazil) and HOSTOS-Community University of New York (USA). CI3 aims to promote the development of research activities in Higher Education Institutions and the relationship between the productive and scientific sector of Ecuador, supporting the fulfilment of the National Development Plan "Toda una vida 2017-2021".