Meg Alexander

  • Once Miss Emma realizes Robert is likely behind all the horrible occurrences happening in France, she fears for her life...and that of her father. Miss Emma finds a way to escape from Robert and reunite with Simon. But Robert is hot on their tail, and it's not long before he catches up to them. Now Miss Emma must figure out how to escape Robert and catch Simon. Even if she manages to make it to London, will she be able to have a future with a man who's never known true love?

  • While trying to flee with her family back to England, Miss Emma Lynton is left behind in France during the revolution. Thankfully Simon Avedon comes to her rescue, duty bound to make sure Miss Emma makes it back to her family. On their travels, she finds Simon a rather difficult companion, but she cannot help but be attracted to him. Then one night, while trying to get away from some suspicious men, Miss Emma and Simon must part ways. Miss Emma soon finds herself in the care of her father's acquaintance, Robert, who may or may not be the one responsible for the wave of fear that is dominating France. As she is being closely watched by Robert's servants, she can only wait patiently until she is reunited with Simon.