Europe Comics

  • When a 13-year-old orphan sets out to find his parents and ends up in prehistoric times, he realises he's got a lot of work to do: so many things haven't been invented yet, like fire, soap... and vowels! Not to mention all the terrifying creatures and knuckledragging cavemen he has to deal with!

  • Life among the cavefolk isn't easy. Everything they do is gross, from eating raw meat to skipping showers. Thirteen year-old Frank, lost in their strange world and cut off easy pizza and other modern conveniences, tries to invent fire, but his good intentions might just blow up in his face. For one, smoke inhalation can be deadly. Who'd have thunk proper ventilation was so vital to cave living? Then there's that rival clan, plotting to develop a firearm... Throw in a tribe of bloodthirsty bunnies that kill with cuteness, and you've got another zany, zippy adventure in prehistoric times.

  • Poor Frank. It's hard being a kid in today's world, but it's even harder being the only kid from modern times stuck in prehistoric times. He knows everything, but no one ever listens: not even when he's absolutely sure the volcano they're living under is going to erupt any day now, dooming them all to a fiery death. And why would anyone listen? Lava is so convenient for cooking meat and providing central heating. Of course, that's the moment baby Gargoyle decides to go missing. The search turns up old frenemies and new misunderstandings in the conclusion to the first arc of Frank's adventures.

  • In a world where meat means survival, Frank can't seem to catch a break-or an animal. He just can't bring himself to kill a fellow creature. Just looking into a baby mammoth's big eyes is enough to turn him vegetarian. But while out looking for fruit to eat, he runs afoul of an old nemesis: the wily Leonard, who once stole his Swiss Army knife (and is still puzzling over it). Will Frank's new mammoth friend save him from Leonard's clutches? Will Leonard save them all from the common cold? And just why is their forbidden fruit forbidden?

  • Baby Gargoyle and the eccentric Leonard have gone missing. Frank braved the lava to save them, but when the volcano went ka-blam, he couldn't make it through. The aftermath of the eruption finds Frank and his ragtag band of prehistoric refugees floating on a log down a river toward unknown lands and new adventures: an attack from an underwater beast, capture by cannibals, and wildest of all... a visit from Frank's grown-up self! Scarred, missing fingers, and just as absent-minded, will future Frank be able to save our young hero from making the same mistakes? Dive in as a rollicking new arc begins!

  • Frank is the story of a twenty year-old man as tall as a child, who falls for a pretty Egyptian in 1970s Fran-waaait just a minute, hold up! What happened to the cavemen (ahem, cavepeople)? To carnivorous plants? To prehistoric times? Wasn't this a series about a kid named Frank who falls through an underground lake into the distant past, and-and... Well, what, you thought he was the only person named Frank in the world? Our rollicking series starts a brand-new arc with a brand new hero... and the same old hero, too. And cavepeople. Oh, yeah, and: DINOSAURS!!

  • Outside a wooden fortress built around the wreckage of a commercial jetliner, Frank, Frank, and Kenza wait in the snow, wondering how to save their friends imprisoned in the cargo hold. The mystery of how an airplane came to crash-land in prehistoric times is intimately intertwined with the mystery of Kenza's past. Will Frank (the kid) and Kenza succeed in rescuing Justine, Gerard, and the gang? Will Frank (the short guy) bring the wrath of the cannibals down upon them? What does all this have to do with an army of snowmen and a flock of quasi-domesticated dinosaurs? Find out in FRNK vol. 7!