• In the skies of France during the Great War, a red-painted fighter is
    chasing a British SPAD. The relentless German pilot eventually wounds
    his opponent mortally, and lands near the downed Briton to watch him
    die, confessing his delight in war and victory. Ten years earlier, a
    young Manfred Von Richthofen is attending a military academy in
    Berlin when, during an incident with classmates, he comes to realise
    he has an unnatural gift...

  • Manfred Von Richthofen survived his first aerial combat with light
    injuries only. As a rear gunner, though, he felt particularly
    frustrated by his inability to control the plane. Convinced that he
    must be able to fly and shoot at the same time to make the most of
    his mysterious mind-reading ability, he works hard to obtain his
    pilot licence. It's in March 1916, in the sky over Verdun, that the
    /> Red Baron earns his first victory as a pilot...

  • Manfred Von Richthofen is now flying over Russia, where his missions
    escorting heavy bombers or strafing ground troops are doing
    considerable damage. So much so that he's eventually offered the
    opportunity to transfer to the Western Front and pit himself against
    the best British fighters. But a nasty surprise is waiting for him:
    among his new colleagues is his old enemy Prince Friedrich. The foe
    in the air may not be the most dangerous one...