Ralf Schneider

  • This collection of different views on how digitalization is influencing various industrial sectors addresses essential topics like big data and analytics, fintech and insuretech, cloud and mobility technologies, disruption and entrepreneurship.   The technological advances of the 21st century have been massively impacted by the digital upheaval: there is no future without digitalization. The sale of products and services has left the classical point of sale and now takes place on a variety of channels. Whether in the automotive industry, travel and traffic, in cities, or the financial industry - newly designed ecosystems are being created everywhere; data is being generated and analyzed in real time; and companies are competing for mobile access channels to customers in order to gain knowledge about their individual contexts and preferences. In turn, customers can now publicly share their opinions, experiences and knowledge as User Generated Content, allowing them to impact the market and empowering them to build or destroy trust.

  • Die Autoren zeigen auf Basis aktueller neuropsychologischer Erkenntnisse eine neue ganzheitliche Perspektive auf, wie Individuen und Kollektive wie Teams, Einheiten oder ganze Organisationen weiterentwickelt werden knnen. Es werden neun Potenzialfelder identifiziert und im Sinne einer ganzheitlichen Persnlichkeits- und Unternehmensentwicklung beleuchtet. Erst wenn es gelingt, alle Potenzialfelder gezielt zu bespielen, wird tatsächlich das gesamte Potenzial einer Persnlichkeit und/oder eines Unternehmens ausgeschpft! Anschauliche Beiträge erfolgreicher Experten aus Wissenschaft und Unternehmenspraxis inspirieren dazu, anhand dieser Potenzialfelder neu über Menschen und Organisationen nachzudenken und Leistungspotenziale zu entdecken.

  • This volume collects the most important contributions from four minisymposia from ICIAM 2019. The papers highlight cutting-edge applications of Cartesian CFD methods and describe the employed algorithms and numerical schemes. An emphasis is laid on complex multi-physics applications like magnetohydrodynamics, combustion, aerodynamics with fluid-structure interaction, solved with various discretizations, e.g. finite difference, finite volume, multiresolution or lattice Boltzmann CFD schemes. Software design aspects and parallelization challenges are also considered. The book is addressed to graduate students and scientists in the fields of applied mathematics and computational engineering.