Randee Adams

  • Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing


    • Wiley-ieee press
    • 18 Juillet 2012

    A holistic approach to service reliability and availability of cloud computing Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing provides IS/IT system and solution architects, developers, and engineers with the knowledge needed to assess the impact of virtualization and cloud computing on service reliability and availability. It reveals how to select the most appropriate design for reliability diligence to assure that user expectations are met. Organized in three parts (basics, risk analysis, and recommendations), this resource is accessible to readers of diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Numerous examples and more than 100 figures throughout the book help readers visualize problems to better understand the topic-and the authors present risks and options in bulleted lists that can be applied directly to specific applications/problems. Special features of this book include: Rigorous analysis of the reliability and availability risks that are inherent in cloud computing Simple formulas that explain the quantitative aspects of reliability and availability Enlightening discussions of the ways in which virtualized applications and cloud deployments differ from traditional system implementations and deployments Specific recommendations for developing reliable virtualized applications and cloud-based solutions Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing is the guide for IS/IT staff in business, government, academia, and non-governmental organizations who are moving their applications to the cloud. It is also an important reference for professionals in technical sales, product management, and quality management, as well as software and quality engineers looking to broaden their expertise.

  • Beyond Redundancy

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    • Wiley-ieee press
    • 23 Septembre 2011

    While geographic redundancy can obviously be a huge benefit for disaster recovery, it is far less obvious what benefit is feasible and likely for more typical non-catastrophic hardware, software, and human failures. Georedundancy and Service Availability provides both a theoretical and practical treatment of the feasible and likely benefits of geographic redundancy for both service availability and service reliability. The text provides network/system planners, IS/IT operations folks, system architects, system engineers, developers, testers, and other industry practitioners with a general discussion about the capital expense/operating expense tradeoff that frames system redundancy and georedundancy.

  • Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications


    • Wiley-ieee press
    • 14 Novembre 2013

    This book explains why applications running on cloud might not deliver the same service reliability, availability, latency and overall quality to end users as they do when the applications are running on traditional (non-virtualized, non-cloud) configurations, and explains what can be done to mitigate that risk.