Raye Morgan

  • After spending a rather aggravating time with the woman his family had arranged for him to one day marry, Prince Mychale retreats to his mountain château, which he thought would be the perfect hideaway. He isn't the only one who thought so. There he finds Abby Donair, niece of the royal family's physician as well as a childhood friend. Abby is trying her best to take care of the baby she has with her. Mychale wants nothing more than to be alone, but he falls ill and there is no one but Abby to look after him. Mychale, who's always been a bachelor, finds himself oddly wanting Abby by his side and even enjoys helping her care for the baby. As Mychale ponders the meaning behind these feelings, Abby is desperate to get away so that her troubles don't catch up to her...

  • Crown Prince Dane of Montenevada, the oldest of three brothers, has always had the heaviest of responsibilities. One of his duties was attending a conference with the princess of an enemy kingdom, Alexandra Acredonna. During the conference they butted heads, but after one steamy night together, Dane couldn't stop thinking about her . Years later, he braved enemy territory in order to find Alexandra. But little did he expect to find her secret son. One glance told him it the boy was his son, too. Now Dane wants to take his newfound family back to his kingdom, but will his people accept them? Will Alexandra's family allow their union?

  • One fateful day, Shannon was offered the acting role of a lifetime and pay to match its grandeur. Since she could pass for Princess Iliana's twin, Greta and Freddy wanted Shannon to stand in for the currently ill princess during the occasions she was required to attend over the next few days. To Shannon, a grad school student drowning in debt and waiting tables for a living, this opportunity was too good to pass up. She figured that waving at people and cutting ribbons couldn't be all that difficult. It wasn't until she was forced to meet the Iliana's fiancé while pretending to be the princess that she started to fear this job was much more than she'd bargained for.

  • Prince Damian of Nabotavia has the eyes of the world on him. With his Roseanova family ready to retake their kingdom, he must show that he's capable, despite recently being blinded in a suspicious speedboat accident. Sara Joplin has been doing her best as an occupational therapist to help him acclimate to blindness, but Damian's a bit blurry on one thing: does he truly love Sara, or does he just admire her for helping him save both his sight and his country? What neither of them can see is the evil lurking nearby, hoping to dash all the dreams they've fought for...

  • Twenty years ago, the small European kingdom of Nabotavia was the site of a revolution that forced the royal family, the Roseanovas, out of their kingdom. Weeks ago, Prince Damian of the ousted Roseanovas was involved in a horrific speedboat accident that took his sight, and left him with a life of cynicism. With only a fifty-fifty chance of his eyesight returning, Sara Joplin's been hired to help him cope with his blindness. There's one small catch: she has two weeks to transform him back into the prince he is or this chance for the Roseanovas to return to power will be completely out of sight. Can she handle a prince that doesn't want her help?

  • Mitchell Carver : l'homme qui lui a volé son premier baiser d'adolescente, et avec qui elle a plus tard vécu ses moments les plus passionnés. « Je n'arrive pas à croire que l'homme qui avait disparu de ma vie et que j'ai tant cherché réapparaît aujourd'hui pour être mon patron ! » Deux ans se sont écoulés depuis leur week-end romantique à Paris et le coeur de Darcy bat toujours pour le sourire de Mitch et son « sympa de te revoir » qu'il prononce avec désinvolture. Sa soudaine réapparition la prend de court. Comment va-t-elle lui annoncer qu'il est le père de ses deux jumeaux ?

  • Charlie, habitant au pied de la montagne, trouve et sauve Denver, immobilisé par une blessure. Alors qu'elle le soigne, elle remarque les restes d'une blessure par balle sur son corps. Cache-t-il des secrets? Cependant, elle aussi porte un secret qu'elle ne peut confier à personne. Elle est en fuite et un détective aux ordres de son mari vient d'apparaître en ville. Se sentant en danger, elle demande l'aide de Denver. Mais, est-il vraiment digne de confiance? Quels secrets cache-t-il?