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  • Anglais Eden Unveiled

    Maria Del Rey

    Sex and discipline form the basis of the alternative lifestyle enjoyed in Eden - a small, hi-tech community deep in the British countryside. When Eden's founders suspect that plans to undermine their control are afoot, they recruit a young couple to spy on its other residents, as they are subjected to a programme of bizarre sexual training.

  • Anglais Dark Delights

    Maria Del Rey

    In this anthology of short stories Maria Del Ray once more demonstrates her love of the bizarre and the power of her erotic imagination. Superbly written, original and highly arousing, this collection revels in the forbidden, taking the reader on an intimate journey through the world of dominance and submission. Recalcitrant secretaries, naughty girls, fetishes and submissives come face to face with the bitch mistresses and strict masters of their darkest and deepest desires.

  • Anglais The Pleasure Principle

    Maria Del Rey

    Sex is deviant. Disgusting. Depraved. Sex is banned. And yet despite the law, and the Moral Guardians who police it, a sexual underworld exists which recognizes no rule but that of desire. Into this dark world of the flesh enters Detective Rey Coover, a man who must struggle with his own instincts to uncover the truth about those who recognize no limits. Erotica, science fiction and crime collide in one of Maria del Rey's most imaginative and explicit novels.

  • Anglais Paradise Bay

    Maria Del Rey

    Paradise Bay is an idyllic resort on a remote and beautiful island, where sex and desire are taken to extremes. It is the place where Alice, secretary to the beautiful and powerful Joanne, comes to terms with her inner feelings of submission. It is the place where icy journalist Amanda Trevelyan discovers the shocking erotic secrets of the famous and temperamental artist Jean-Pierre Giradot.

  • Anglais Dark Desires

    Maria Del Rey

    Sexual diversity is the hallmark of Maria del Rey's work. Here, for the first time in one volume, is a collection of her kinkiest stories - each one striking in its originality - with settings to suit all tastes. Fetishists, submissives and errant tax inspectors mingle with bitch goddesses, naughty girls and French maids in this eclectic anthology of forbidden games. From the austere environment of a Victorian punishment room to the private but thrilling world of a present-day SM Dungeon, Maria flavours her stories with a subtle but very effective taste for the bizarre.

  • Anglais The Institute

    Maria Del Rey

    When Lucy is sentenced to be rehabiliated in a bizarre institute for the treatment of delinquent girls, she finds that the discplinary methods used are not what she has been led to expect. They are, in fact, decidedly perverse.

  • Anglais Heart Of Desire

    Maria Del Rey

    When young actress Sarah Kowalski accepts a role to play the part of a strict dominatrix, some first-hand research is called for. She is introduced to the mysterious Dominique, who trains her in every aspect of the art of forbidden games. Sarah takes delight in inflicting her new-found skills of dominance on willing subjects. But a mystery is about to unfold.

    Mark Westerham is a man with a difficult job. He is powerful and articulate but has a weakness for pretty young women. When he is called on to look into the fraudulent activities of a film company, his investigations lead him into a liaison with Sarah which proves to be explosive. Together they unleash desires which neither can control.

  • Anglais Underworld

    Maria Del Rey

    Behind a facade of professional respectability, a certain group of wealthy individuals is playing some very adult games. Games of master and servant where willing submissive suffer degradation and punishment in the most refined surroundings. Called on to find Anita Duncan, by a man who says he's her boyfriend, private investigator Pamela goes undercover to find out why Anita has disappeared. Drawn into a underworld of dark desire, she cannot believe what she's witnessing - and enjoying.