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  • Le jeu

    Richard Laymon

    Il ne se passe pas grand-chose à Donnerville. En tout cas, pas à la bibliothèque municipale. Jusqu'au jour où Jane Kerry, la nouvelle bibliothécaire, trouve sur sa chaise une enveloppe contenant un billet de cinquante dollars et un message : « Que l'ange regarde de ce côté ». Déconcertée, Jane consulte le roman de Thomas Wolfe qui porte ce titre. L'ouvrage renferme une deuxième enveloppe, contenant cette fois-ci cent dollars et une nouvelle énigme. Les deux lettres sont signées MJ, « le Maître du Jeu ».
    Jane n'est pas rassurée... mais elle décide de jouer le jeu.
    Or ce n'est pas un jeu comme les autres. Il va exiger d'elle de plus en plus de courage et d'ingéniosité, et l'entraîner à commettre des actes fous, immoraux... et toujours plus dangereux. Plus d'une fois elle va risquer sa vie. Mais c'est un jeu qu'il faut jouer jusqu'au bout.

  • She thought he was offering her a chance of escape. She was wrong.
    Richard Laymon's Among the Missing is a riveting horror novel, full of shocking revelations, twists and turns. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Clive Barker.'Among the Missing is strikingly different. From the chilling opening...we are plunged into a disturbing world of twisted psychopathology' - The TimesAt 2:32 in the morning a Jaguar roars along a lonely road high in the Californian mountains. Behind the wheel sits a beautiful woman wearing only a skimpy, revealing nightgown. She's left her husband behind. She's after a different kind of man - someone as wild, daring and passionate as herself. The man she wants is waiting for her... with wild plans of his own.The man waits patiently in the woods. When the woman stops to pick him up, he suggests they go to the Bend, where the river widens and there's a soft sandy beach. With the stars overhead and moonlight on the water, it's an ideal place for love. But there will be no love tonight. In the morning a naked body will be found at the Bend - a body missing more than its clothes. And the man will be waiting for someone else... What readers are saying about Among the Missing: 'Throw in some dark humour and Laymon's assortment of oddball characters and the book delivers a nice chunk of escapism for a few hours, with some surprising plot twists''Without a doubt one of the most gripping stories he has ever written. A classic story of murder, mayhem, decapitation and double-edged twists [that run] the whole way through''The suspense lurks beneath the surface until the final Hollywood-style ending

  • Horrific events have made the Beast House infamous. For the full story, take the Midnight Tour... The third instalment in Richard Laymon's acclaimed Beast House Chronicles, perfect for fans of Dean Koontz and Joe Hill.'Classic Laymon. It's a nightmare ride' - Publishers WeeklyFor years morbid tourists have flocked to the Beast House, eager to see the infamous site of many unspeakable atrocities, to hear tales of the beast said to prowl the hallways. They can listen to the audio tour on their headphones as they stroll from room to room, looking at the realistic recreations of the blood-drenched corpses...But the audio tour only gives the sanitised version of the horrors of the Beast House. There are some facts too gruesome for the average thrill seeker. If you want the full story, you have to take the Midnight Tour, a very special event strictly limited to thirteen brave visitors. It begins at the stroke of midnight. You may not live to see it end. What readers are saying about The Midnight Tour: '[This book] had me gripped from start to finish. There is an awesome twist at the end''A superb third instalment for the Beast House saga...a sudden plot twist two thirds into the story which I never saw coming - I had to read the page twice!''The linking between the characters, the excellent plot-twists, the superb narrative. This book's got it all'

  • A night of terror awaits... After Midnight is a thrilling horror novel from Richard Laymon, in which a plucky heroine must use every ounce of her ingenuity to survive. Perfect for fans of Dean Koontz and Clive Barker.Alice enjoys house-sitting for her friend; she has the place to herself, a huge TV, a swimming pool. But one night, just after midnight, a man walks out of the woods and throws himself into the pool. Alice knows about men, so she fetches the Civil War relic that hangs on the wall: an old cavalry sabre... What readers are saying about After Midnight: 'Laymon's books are either brilliantly original, or twisted journeys to a very dark place...or perhaps both....''I loved this book from the get-go, it had me gripped and I had it finished in two days flat. It has turns and twists that will blow your mind''After Midnight is undoubtedly [Laymon's] best'

  • Anglais The Glory Bus

    Richard Laymon

    Step aboard the Glory Bus... The Glory Bus is the high-octane spine-chiller from Master of Horror, Richard Laymon. Perfect for fans of Joe Hill and Clive Barker.One moment Pamela is a newly-wed with a loving husband and a comfortable home. The next, she's the prisoner of a killer who has lusted after her since high school.Meanwhile, scaredy-cat Norman has had his car taken over by bad-boy Duke and hitch-hiker Boots. Together the lawless pair take him on a wild journey that looks like it's heading straight for the electric chair. Then the glory bus comes along, with hope of salvation for all. But the people who climb aboard don't know their destination is the furnace heat of the Mojave Desert, where a special welcome awaits them. It can't be worse than what's gone before - can it? What readers are saying about The Glory Bus: 'I read it in one day; I just couldn't put it down. It's action packed from the beginning to the end, full of twists and turns and keeps the reader hooked''Extremely addictive, I read the book in two days, the author's writing is unique and absorbing, and the characters are raw, edgy and totally bonkers''Dark, gritty book with two stories that intertwine... classic Laymon, and a brilliant story that keeps you turning [the pages]'

  • A date of a lifetime... or a date with death? Friday Night in Beast House is the final nightmare in the Beast House Chronicles by Richard Laymon - a nightmare in which your worst fears and darkest desires collide... Perfect for fans of Clive Barker and Dean Koontz. The legendary Beast House, once home to unspeakable acts of agony and murder, is now a decrepit tourist attraction where the curious go for cheap thrills and daily tours. These days few actually believe the stories of slaughter and sexual torture are true, or that the beast really exists. But in the silence of the night, the cellar door of Beast House opens once again...Mark and Alison snuck into Beast House after the tours were over for a midnight rendezvous. Mark hopes to get lucky but Alison seems more interested in the gruesome legends. But if the beast is only a legend, who's responsible for the mutilated carcass of a dog outside? And why is the padlock missing from the cellar door? Will this be the date of a lifetime or a date with death? What readers are saying about Friday Night in Beast House: 'Another brilliant book from Laymon that I absolutely could not put down''I really enjoyed reading this book; it was suspenseful, creepy and funny''An impressive page turner'

  • Don't even think about going into the cellar... The first gripping title in Richard Laymon's acclaimed Beast House Chronicles, perfect for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.'The Cellar is a genuine cult classic. I should know. I'm one of the cultists' - Bentley LittleThey call it Beast House. Tourists flock to see it, lured by its history of butchery and sadistic sexual enslavement. They enter, armed with cameras and camcorders, but many never return. The men are slaughtered quickly. The women have a far worse fate in store. But the worst part of the house is what lies beneath it. Behind the cellar door, down the creaky steps, waits a creature of pure evil. At night, when the house is dark and all is quiet... the beast comes out. Awakened by an early-morning phone call, Donna found out that her ex-husband, Roy, has been released from prison. She immediately dragged her twelve-year-old daughter out of bed and together they hit the road - fast. The last she wants is for Roy to get his hands on them again. But in fleeing one danger, Donna and her daughter are unknowingly heading straight towards another. They're heading towards Beast House. What readers are saying about The Cellar: 'Excellent, gripping tale... Very hard to put down''A tale of bizarre, almost comic book like, tongue-in-cheek horror''The best book I have read in such a long time'

  • The deeper you go into the Beast House, the darker the nightmares become. Why not take the tour? The second gripping title in Richard Laymon's acclaimed Beast House Chronicles, perfect for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.The house known as Beast House has become a kind of museum of the most twisted and macabre kind. It is a monument to its own infamous past. On display inside are wax figures of its victims, their bodies mangled and chewed, mutilated beyond description. The tourists who come to Beast House can only wonder what sort of terrifying creature could be responsible for such atrocities. Surely nothing human...But some people don't believe the beast even exists. They are convinced Beast House is a huge hoax, an elaborate tourist trap. Nora and her friends don't believe. They are determined to find the truth for themselves. They will dare to enter the house at night, when the tourists have gone. When the beast is rumoured to come out. They will learn alright. What readers are saying about The Beast House: 'Dark, disturbing and completely unforgiving. Just how horror should be''If you have a good imagination this is the book for you. The monsters are like nothing you have ever heard of before and there is always two things happening at once to keep you gripped to the story' 'Wonderful characters, cliff-hangers at the end of chapters and a unique sense of humour'

  • An old acquaintance has deadly intentions... Resurrection Dreams is a terrifying novel of small-town America and a recently released madman from much-loved horror writer, Richard Laymon. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.Melvin was definitely the biggest creep in Ellsworth High, and the other kids mercilessly taunted him for his odd looks and weird behaviour. Vicki was the only one to stand up for him and show him any kindness - but even she had to admit he'd gone too far when he dug up the body of the school's recently deceased blonde sex-bomb, Darlene, and publicly attempted to bring her back to life with the aid of a car battery. Year later, Vicki still has nightmares about Melvin and his stomach-churning 'joke'. And when she returns to Ellsworth to work in a local medical practice, she knows she's going to have to see him again. For Melvin, recently released from a mental institution, is back in town - and weirder than ever.Melvin hasn't forgotten Vicki either. Nor has he given up trying to bring the dead back to life. In fact, his experiments have been progressing rather well. And as soon as he can get Vicki - or rather her body - where he wants her, he can begin to realise his wildest dream of all... What readers are saying about Resurrection Dreams: 'The unbelievable becomes believable - Richard Laymon is the best horror writer about!''Absolutely loved it''Five stars'

  • Anglais Alarums

    Richard Laymon

    All signs point to foul play... Alarums is a haunting novel from the master of horror, Richard Laymon. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Joe Hill. Melanie Conway knows something is wrong when she starts having visions again. Her boyfriend, Bodie, wants to help but they are too late. Her father has been in a hit and run accident. Melanie's sister, Penelope, is having problems of her own. She keeps receiving strange calls. Bodie is drawn into the mystery and gets more than he bargained for... What readers are saying about Alarums: 'Brilliant! Everything you would expect from the master of horror''Another masterpiece by Mr Laymon''Five stars'

  • Anglais Blood Games

    Richard Laymon

    Five friends. One reunion. One bloodbath. The reunion of five friends quickly descends into carnage in Richard Laymon's terrifying novel Blood Games. Perfect for fans of Dean Koontz and Joe Hill.They meet for one week every year, five young women, best friends since college, in search of fun and thrills. Each year they choose a different place for their reunion. This year it's Helen's choice, and she chose the Totem Pole Lodge. Bad choice.The Totem Pole Lodge is a deserted resort hotel deep in the woods with a gory, shocking past. Helen has a macabre streak and she can't wait to tell her friends all about what happened at the lodge and why it's now abandoned. But Helen and the others are in for a nasty surprise. The resort isn't quite as deserted as they think. And not all the gruesome events at the Totem Pole Lodge are in its past. The worst are still to come... What readers are saying about Blood Games: 'Scary, funny, witty, and easy reading''This book is simply the best of all Richard Laymon's books... The characters are amazing, the plot and story line is astonishingly brilliant and gruesome. You won't be able to put this book down''This book was a complete breath of fresh air to me. Fast paced, exciting and very creepy'

  • Anglais Funland

    Richard Laymon

    Step right up to the land of fun... Funland is another classic horror story from the master of the macabre, Richard Laymon. Perfect for fans of Dean Koontz and Clive Barker. 'Laymon's at the top of his form in Funland, his deceptively simple prose becoming by turns humorous, horrific, stunningly erotic. The funhouse climax is not to be missed. This novel belongs on every serious horror fanatic's bookshelf' - The New York Review of Science FictionThe Funland Amusement Park provides more fear than fun these days. A vicious pack known as the Trolls are preying on anyone foolish enough to be alone at night. Folks in the area blame them for the recent mysterious disappearances, and a gang of local teenagers have decided to fight back. But nothing is ever what it seems in an amusement park. Behind the garish paint and bright lights waits a horror far worse than anything found in the freak show. Step right up! The terror is about to begin! What readers are saying about Funland: 'This book is one of Richard Laymon's best ever, with a fantastic twist at the end and non-stop heart pounding action throughout the whole novel''He creates a wonderful sense of atmosphere and wonderful, colourful characters which make this novel an excellent read. With a dramatic twist at the climax, you will be gripping the pages with both hands''With coming of age drama, love relationships and mysterious disappearances all coming together at the end to form a terrifying conclusion that comes from nowhere - excellent'

  • Horrific events have made the Beast House infamous. Do you dare to enter? For the first time in one edition, read all four of Richard Laymon's terrifying, gruesome and acclaimed Beast House horror novels.The deeper you go into the Beast House, the darker the nightmares become. If you have nerves of steel and are looking for excitement and adventure, why not take the tour?But don't even think about going into the cellar... What readers are saying about The Beast House Chronicles: 'Dark, disturbing and completely unforgiving. Just how horror should be''A tale of bizarre, almost comic book like, tongue-in-cheek horror''The best book I have read in such a long time'

  • One eventful night will change the lives of three friends forever... The Travelling Vampire Show is one of Richard Laymon's best-loved masterpieces - an evocative, nostalgic trip back to a time when innocence comes face to face with life's darker forces. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. 'This gloriously inventive piece is probably Laymon's best book yet... The prose here is rich and inventive, the atmosphere and scene-setting handled with real aplomb' - News International It's a hot August morning in 1963. All over the rural town of Grandville, tacked to power poles and trees, taped to store windows, flyers have appeared announcing the one-night-only performance of The Travelling Vampire Show. The promised highlight of the show is the gorgeous Valeria, the only living vampire in captivity. For three local teenagers, two boys and a girl, this is a show they can't miss. Even though the flyers say no one under eighteen will be admitted, they're determined to find a way. What follows is a story of friendship and courage, temptation and terror, when three friends go where they shouldn't go, and find much more than they ever expected. What readers are saying about The Travelling Vampire Show: 'The final scenes are filled with excitement and were enough to keep me awake until I'd finished the story - I don't think I could have put it down until I'd found out what happened and what was going on!''Just when you think that you have the storyline figured out, it twists and hurtles into a surprise ending''Expertly written, great dialogue, keeps you engrossed to the end'

  • Anglais Amara

    Richard Laymon

    Released from her coffin, she's free to prowl the streets once again... Amara is a spine-chilling story from the master of the macabre, Richard Laymon, where Ancient Egypt comes face to face with the modern world. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.'In Laymon's books blood doesn't so much drip as explode, splatter and coagulate' - IndependentAmara, Princess of Egypt, lies in her coffin in the Charles Wood museum. She's been dead for 4000 years. Or has she? Barney, the night watchman, is the first to discover the mummy's coffin has been broken open. It seems grave-robbers are at work, so it's a pity that Barney can't tell the authorities - the dead can't testify to anything. Now Amara is free again and nothing can kill her... What readers are saying about Amara: 'The book is filled with fascinating characters and the plot is fast, sleek and twisted''Wow, what a read! I finished this book in three days! It has all the classic Laymon elements that make him in my opinion the best horror writer in the world''Amara is exciting and scary. It has a rich tapestry of storylines and characters woven together into a satisfying whole. I couldn't put it down'

  • A normal American town. A group of travellers. A deadly monster. Richard Laymon's The Woods Are Dark thrills with suspense and vivid accounts of pure terror. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.In the woods are six dead trees. The Killing Trees. That's where they take them. Innocent travellers on the road in California. Seized and bound, stripped of their valuables and shackled to the Trees. To wait. In the woods. In the dark... What readers are saying about The Woods Are Dark: 'This is the best Richard Laymon I have read. So compelling that I literally could not stop reading. It's an erotic thriller that will have your heart racing from the first page to the last''A brilliant read. A typical Laymon book full of suspense and thrill. A satisfying read that leaves the reader wanting more''Five stars'

  • Anglais Flesh

    Richard Laymon

    There's no escape... In Flesh, Richard Laymon writes a chilling tale of danger, infestation and death. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Joe Hill.'Fast-paced, weird, gruesome fun in the unique Laymon style' - Dean KoontzSomething deadly has come to town - a slimy, slithering... thing like nothing anyone has seen before. With its dull eyes and its hideous mouth, it's always hunting for a new host to burrow into, and humans are the perfect pray. But the truly shocking part is not what it does to you when it invades your body - but what it makes you do to others. What readers are saying about Flesh: 'Brilliant, addictive and very difficult to put down''A master of gore and shock-horror''Laymon's books are either brilliantly original, or twisted journeys to a very dark place...or perhaps both....'

  • Everyone has a price... In the Dark is an unforgettably gruesome horror novel by Richard Laymon, perfect for fans of Stephen King and Joe Hill.'Laymon is one of those rare plotting geniuses who can out-think and out-thrill anybody on the block' - HellnotesNothing much happens in Donnerville. At least not to the young librarian, Jane Kerry. Then one day Jane finds an envelope containing a fifty-dollar bill and a note instructing her to 'Look homeward, angel.' Jane pulls a copy of the Thomas Wolfe novel of that title off the shelf and finds a second envelope. This one contains a hundred-dollar bill and another clue. Like the first, it's signed 'MOG (Master of Games).' The game has begun...But this is no ordinary game. As it goes on, it requires more and more of Jane's strength and ingenuity. It pushes her into actions that she knows are crazy, immoral or criminal - and it becomes continually more dangerous. More than once, Jane has to fight for her life. But she soon learns she can't quit this game. MOG won't let her. She'll have to play to the bitter end. What readers are saying about In the Dark: 'I couldn't stop reading... I turned the pages so fast I thought the book would catch fire''This is one of my favourite Laymon novels, it is quirky and irreverent''Outstanding, edge of your seat horror novel, from start to finish. Loved it!'

  • Anglais Island

    Richard Laymon

    A luxury cruise. A desert island. A deadly killer. Breath-taking suspense and vivid moments of terror in the gripping horror novel, Island, by Richard Laymon. Perfect for fans of Joe Hill and Dean Koontz.'Shocking stuff. Island is hard-written, blunt and a thriller reader's treat. Laymon enthrals you with no-holds-barred material' - Ipswich Evening StarWhen Rupert Conway set out on a cruise with seven other people, he planned to swim a little, get some sun and relax. He certainly didn't plan to get shipwrecked. But after the yacht blew up, that's what happened - he and his shipmates were stranded on a deserted island. Luckily for them, the island has plenty of fresh water and enough food to last until they get rescued. And luckily for Rupert, most of his fellow castaways are attractive women. But that's where his luck ran out - because the castaways aren't alone on the island. In the dense jungle beyond the beach there's a maniac on the loose, a killer with a murderous heart, a clever mind and a taste for blood. He doesn't like his new neighbours and he plans to slaughter them all... one by one. What readers are saying about Island: 'His story-telling ability is excellent with characters and shockers to fulfil any reader's desires... it is not long before the sands of this lovely beach are soaked blood red! At one point I remember literally jumping with shock' 'Island blew me away. Right from the very first sentence to the climactic ending, this book is very hard to put down''A must read, even if just for the last line'