Robert E. Howard

  • A despot king, a dragon and a weird, completely enclosed city. Conan the Barbarian meets his equal in the form of the pirate Valeria. A captain of the Red Brotherhood, she is a true swashbuckler. This pulp classic, from the father of swords and sorcery, is a pulse-pounding tale of a dwindling and trapped civilization. "Red Nails" is the last of Robert E. Howard's stories about Conan the Barbarian and a true fan-favorite.

  • The roaming vigilante Solomon Kane comes upon a bleeding girl. As she lay dying in his arms, he vows to avenge her death and destroy the evil Le Loup. This gothic classic from Robert E. Howard is filled with suspense, horror and memorable monsters and villains. The action-packed "Red Shadows" is the first Solomon Kane story ever published. The 2009 film "Solomon Kane", starring James Purefoy and Max von Sydow, is based on Howard's famous hero.