Thomas Moore

  • Praise for Last Chance to Get It Right!
    "Tom Moore is one of the capable professionals who made me look good in the last thirty years of my forty-five year career at A.G. Edwards & Sons. He has put together a primer which should help both new and veteran investors understand financial markets and alternatives, and gain a direction and common-sense approach to their estate planning."
    -Benjamin F. Edwards III, Chairman Emeritus
    A. G. Edwards & Sons
    "Tom Moore's grasp of the problems of retirement planning is superb; his methods of solving those problems unrivalled."
    -Richard Austin, past president of Templeton Funds Annuity Company
    currently a Retirement Income Planning Consultant
    "Tom has spelled out in plain English, just what it takes to create and implement a successful retirement plan. Boomers and non-boomers alike, will find his step-by-step road map very helpful."
    -M. Ellen Simmons, JD, CPA
    Between Social Security uncertainty and uneasiness in the stock market, Americans today face a more uncertain financial future than at any time in decades. Ironically, our response to this growing emergency is to spend more, save less, and put off necessary preparations until tomorrow.
    Buckle up, because tomorrow has arrived. Last Chance to Get It Right! outlines a step-by-step program designed to help you:
    * Increase the size of your nest egg-for a long, enjoyable retirement
    * Slash your income tax bill-both today and throughout your life
    * Reduce your estate taxes-to preserve the assets you fought so hard to build
    Are you truly prepared for the financial future facing you and your family? Let Last Chance to Get It Right! give you the knowledge and tools you need to stop making financial mistakes today-and put more money in your pocket tomorrow.