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  • The best part of Christmas is getting to hear one of Uncle Paul's stories. This year, Uncle Paul treats the kids-and us-to the story of the real-life boy who inspired the beloved Spirou. It's 1929. Ptirou is a circus acrobat who, while the world's economy is crashing, sees his own world fall apart. Orphaned, and possessing only his skill, a bottle of perfume, and an inherited dream, Ptirou sets out for New York and new adventures. With saboteurs on one side, the lovely Juliette on the other, and his own knack for mischief, Ptirou finds adventure aboard an ocean liner before it's even left port.

  • Vatican secret agent Vincent, aka The Keeper, travels to a Mexican island to track down members of The Order of the New Temple, a powerful organization with sinister plans to manipulate the world stage. As he fights off killers and crocodiles in the Caribbean mangroves with the help of a local priest and discourages assistance from a group of vigilantes hunting down war criminals, Vince makes some unsettling discoveries in the research lab run by modern-day Nazis and uncovers a dark secret about his own past.

  • 1843, Paris. A sensational trial stuns the art world and has the streets of the capital buzzing. Is the famous art dealer Daniel Northbrook nothing but a swindler? Count Skarbek, a rich Polish businessman, will do everything he can to prove it. A gripping romantic thriller and a poignant story of love, hatred, passion, and revenge in the vein of the great popular fiction by Hugo and Dumas.

  • Paris, 1843. The incredible case brought by Count Skarbek against the rich art dealer Northbrook continues, with new revelations surging forth by the day. The judge seems to have decided in favor of Skarbek-alias Louis Paulus, the famous painter who disappeared more than a decade before-when yet another shockwave is sent through the courtroom, in the form of composer Frederic Chopin, who has his own take on this tale of murder and double-crossing.

  • 1843, Paris. A sensational trial stuns the art world and has the streets of the capital buzzing. Is the famous art dealer Daniel Northbrook nothing but a swindler? Count Skarbek, a rich Polish businessman, will do everything he can to prove it, revealing a sensational tale of love, hatred, passion, and revenge. A gripping thriller in the vein of the great popular fiction by Hugo and Dumas. Includes a new preface from scriptwriter Yves Sente and exclusive extra content from artist Grzegorz Rosinski (for mature readers only).

  • Of all the enemies Thorgal has faced in his life, Kriss of Valnor is by far the fiercest. She is also one of the most ambiguous, as the mother of one of his children and someone who has committed countless unspeakable acts. Can she find redemption? Perhaps, as Kriss sacrificed herself to save not only her son Aniel, but also Thorgal's wife Aaricia. An act of selfless bravery for which she's rewarded with waking up in the kingdom of the gods. But Valhalla is not quite yet hers... She is brought before the valkyries to face up to her deeds and have her life judged by the goddess Freyja.

  • Kriss has been brought before Freyja at the Valkyrie tribunal to recount her life story and be judged for her cruel deeds. Victimized early in her life, Kriss fought back and managed to gain her freedom and independence. She then quickly became the bully herself, allowing her worst instincts to rule her. Until, one day, her past caught up with her, and her horrific revenge turned out to have serious consequences-including for Freyja's final judgement...

  • The Valkyries have passed judgment. Kriss of Valnor has been sent back to Midgard, free to live a new life... on one condition: should she kill anyone or anything, she herself will be struck down. Befriended by Hildebrun, daughter of King Gustavson, she suddenly finds herself in the midst of intense political scheming, caught between the threat of Emperor Magnus, invading from the south, and a new, mysterious healer-king who's trying to unite the Vikings...

  • Kriss has become queen of the Vikings of the Northeast! The brand-new monarch must immediately face a serious threat: the troops of Emperor Magnus are heading her way, intent on conquering the northern kingdoms. Meanwhile, Taljar Sologhonn, the masked Healer-King, is trying to unite the Vikings under his own banner to resist the Emperor, and wants Kriss's allegiance. A deadly game of alliances and betrayals begins, with one crucial question: who is the mysterious Taljar?

  • The time has come for the great battle. The armies of Emperor Magnus have marched from the south, bent on converting their adversaries to the worship of their god by any means necessary. Rising up against them are the combined forces of Kriss and her new husband, King Taljar... whose identity will finally be revealed. The survival of the Northmen will rest on their courage, their loyalty, and the powers of their king and his lieutenants-as well as the bravery of their queen.

  • Jolan and his new companions have arrived safely in Manthor's home.
    However, harmony isn't the word yet, and the instructions from their
    new master don't help: their next task can only be accomplished if
    all five of them work together to open a magical gate, but once
    they're past that obstacle, only one of them can become the Chosen
    one - and that by stealing no less than Thor's own shield! Can any of
    them even do it on their own?

  • After the icy North, Thorgal and his companions now face the
    oppressive heat of the Middle East. On the road to Bag Dadh, the
    reluctant hero has got dangerously close to the bewitching Saluma,
    who tells him the story of the Red Mages - the very same who
    kidnapped his son Aniel. It doesn't take long for Thorgal to realise
    that he isn't mixed up in a simple crime, but rather in political
    machinations that could determine the future of the entire, sprawling

  • Une fusée soviétique retombe sur terre porteuse d'une bactérie mortelle. Le professeur du KGB Voronov en fait une arme terrifiante qui U pourrait semer la dévastation dans le bloc ouest - mais c'est sans compter sur la vigilance des services de renseignements britanniques. Blake et Mortimer sont bientôt au centre d'une guerre des ombres sans pitié entre Moscou et Londres, dont l'enjeu n'est rien moins que la paix du monde, mais où le véritable ennemi n'est pas forcément celui qu'on croit.

  • After all his adventures across the American continent, after defeating his many enemies, XIII is trying to live a simple life in the house he inherited, where it all started. It's not always easy - not everyone is happy to have such an infamous man in the area, and his skills are in high demand with some people of varying integrity. His memories are still locked away, too, and some people want to keep it that way...

  • Blake, Mortimer and Nasir are en route to Antarctica, hoping to locate Olrik and his Indian and KGB allies and to stop his attack on the Brussels Universal Exposition. Little do they know that their old adversary isn't the one in charge this time. In the frozen wasteland of the sixth continent, Mortimer will be reunited with an old acquaintance and solve the enigma of his younger days?at a terrible price.

  • Philip Mortimer spent his youth in the land of the Maharajas. He loves India, but his last visit there did not end well. Now, many years later, the famous Professor Mortimer is in charge of the British pavilion at the Brussels Universal Exposition. When strange phenomena begin disrupting preparations, Mortimer and his friend Blake set off on a trail that will take them to the sixth continent?to confront an old and unexpected enemy.

  • Vince's latest mission takes him to Malta. His job is to ensure the safety of the archeologists and art buyers for the Vatican. His daring and efficiency have won him many a great success, and some renown in his sector. And now he's being offered a promotion. From now on, he'll be part one of the Janitores, otherwise known as "The Keepers". The Keepers are an elite group created by the secret services of the pontifical state, who's life work is to protect the Vatican from those members who might give in to temptation. And so a new life begins...

  • Following his exemplary execution of his latest mission, Vince, a new recruit to the Vatican's protection and intelligence service, is invited to join the top secret and highly selective division, the "Keepers." There are only twelve agents throughout the whole world at any one time. They don't know each other. They can never meet. Trias, the third Keeper, has just been killed. Vince is to take his place. His first mission is to accompany two prelates to the World Economic Forum in Davos, that brings together the world's most influential stock market players. Right in the middle of dinner on the opening night, they get the news: An Iranian factory powered by nuclear energy has been bombed. Iran retaliated immediately, targeting the United States and Great Britain. The world is fast on its way to a third World War. All the main news channels are broadcasting images of absolute carnage. Vince looks on as things go from bad to worse. He can't help feeling that there's more to it than first meets the eye... but what?

  • Vince is a member of the Roman Catholic's intelligence service. He's recently discovered that a powerful organization, 'The New Temple,' is trying to infiltrate the curia. But why? The handsome Vince is on the trail of the assassins who stole the computer of a priest photographer who was a little too curious for his own good - the computer that will allow them to hack into 'Cognitio,' the powerful search engine used by Vatican intelligence agencies...

  • Vince is still wondering why and how his brother, believed dead for the last ten years, has ended up (very much alive) aboard the yacht of the directors of the New Temple. Entrusted with the mission of finding out the nature of Cardinal Di Origio's dealings with the secret society, the keeper finds himself confronting one of the most sinister pages in the history of the church! But will he win this fight with weapons? Or with forgiveness...?

  • Symbole mythique de la bande dessinée grand public de qualité, la série est devenue au fil des ans un best-seller incontestable. L'auteur, E.P. Jacobs, qui fut un proche d'Hergé, aimait la démesure qui prend toute sa dimension dans les inventions scientifiques (dont le fameux Espadon). On citera aussi une extraordinaire galerie de personnages tels Septimus, Olrik ou Miloch... La fascination exercée par cette série reste intacte : pour preuve, le succès sans précédent de son grand retour sur les tables des nouveautés, avec L'Affaire Francis Blake en 1996, signée Jean Van Hamme et Ted Benoit. Ensuite se sont succédé jusqu'à aujourd'hui des duos ou trios d'auteurs pour reprendre avec talent les aventures de ces deux héros incontournables.

  • Jason Mac Lane, alias XIII, a infiltré la Fondation Mayflower, une organisation ultra-conservatrice qui prépare un complot afin de s'emparer de la présidence des États-Unis. Perché au sommet de Washington Monument, il s'apprête à exécuter l'ordre de la Fondation dans l'espoir de sauver ses amis : tirer sur le Pape en visite officielle ! À 2132 mètres de distance, sa balle touche le Saint-Père au bras. Parmi les officiels, c'est la panique. Réfugiés à l'intérieur du Capitole, le Président et les membres du gouvernement voient le toit du bâtiment s'effondrer sur eux. Quelques minutes plus tard, trois terroristes islamistes tirent dans la foule depuis une camionnette-bélier. Puis des mini-drones, de la taille d'un insecte, lâchent un gaz mortel sur les décombres du Capitole. Le président du Sénat, membre du complot, accède alors à la tête du pays. La Fondation Mayflower a atteint son objectif. Il ne lui reste plus qu'à « reprogrammer » XIII en lui implantant une mémoire neuve, afin qu'il devienne entièrement dévoué à sa cause...

  • À Lhassa, le palais impérial du dictateur Basam-Damdu est anéanti par une escadrille d'Espadons, et le monde, soulagé, fête la fin de la troisième guerre mondiale. Pendant que, dans la Chine voisine, les communistes de Mao affrontent les nationalistes de Chiang Kai-shek, le Seigneur de la guerre Xi-Li cherche à mettre la main sur un manuscrit qui lui permettra d'asseoir son pouvoir sur l'Empire du Milieu. Face aux menaces qui planent sur la région, le capitaine Francis Blake est chargé d'organiser la défense de la colonie britannique de Hong Kong. De son côté, à Londres, le professeur Philip Mortimer est amené à s'intéresser de près à une curiosité archéologique chinoise suscitant appétits et convoitises. Au même moment, le fameux colonel Olrik, ancien conseiller militaire déchu de Basam-Damdu, profite du chaos ambiant pour monnayer ses services auprès du général Xi-Li afin d'assouvir sa soif de vengeance... Premier volet d'un diptyque, La Vallée des Immortels commence exactement là où Le Secret de l'Espadon s'achève. Les amateurs de Blake et Mortimer retrouveront quelques-uns des ingrédients qui ont assuré la renommée de la saga d'Edgar P. Jacobs : la grande aventure, l'exotisme, qui s'exprime ici dans les ruelles dangereuses de Hong Kong, l'atmosphère londonienne digne des plus belles pages de La Marque Jaune et la science-fiction, incarnée par le nouvel engin imaginé par le professeur Mortimer, le Skylantern, le tout relevé par quelques figures de traîtres et par un Olrik plus machiavélique que jamais. Écrit par Yves Sente, l'album est dessiné à quatre mains par Teun Berserik et Peter van Dongen. Inspirés par la « ligne claire » du Mystère de la Grande Pyramide, ils ont su relever ce défi graphique avec maestria et fidélité à l'esprit Jacobsien. Cet album devrait ravir les amateurs les plus pointus de la série.

  • Jason Mac Lane est devenu un nouvel administrateur de la Fondation Mayflower. Pour prouver sa légitimité auprès des membres de la Fondation et de sa présidente, Janet Sheridan-Fitzsimmons, Mac Lane se voit invité à réaliser un test de tir de très longue distance : il doit toucher une cible se trouvant à 2 132 mètres ! Pourquoi ce test de sniper ? Devra-t-il tirer sur quelqu'un ? Comment fera-t-il au moment fatidique pour conserver sa crédibilité auprès de la Fondation sans devenir un assassin ? Il sait qu'il va devoir gagner du temps car, dans l'ombre de l'actualité, la Fondation place doucement mais certainement ses pions pour s'emparer du pouvoir aux Etats-Unis. Afin d'assurer la discrétion de leur entreprise, les dirigeants de la Fondation savent qu'ils doivent mettre la main sur les documents historiques qui prouvent ses malversations... et qui sont toujours détenus par XIII.