• Sometimes your sensibilities make absolutely no sense! Holly James is looking for her big break. A young journalist for BritTEEN magazine, she is dying to write about something more meaningful than pop stars and nail varnish. So when she spots a homeless teenager outside the office, she feels compelled to tell her story. But her evil boss Sasha has other ideas...
    Holly is sent to interview a city solicitor she has never heard of. But Alex Barrington turns out to be the very opposite of fusty and boring and Holly's interest struggles to stay strictly professional! With Sasha sabotaging her every move, and her story about teens on the street leading her into London's dark underworld, Holly is chasing both love and success at the same time. But happy endings like that only happen in books don't they...?

  • Runaway mail-order bride Layla Powell is terrified when she is captured by two powerful cowboys purporting to work for her fiance - the mysterious Mr Jackman. At first Layla fights tooth and nail for her freedom, but Charlie and his lover Etu have their own erotic methods to subdue their feisty captive...
    In fact Charlie is really Layla's fiance. She was supposed to be his wife in name only, but he and Etu like what they see. They are sure that just one night of being pleasured by them both will be exciting enough to convince Layla to abandon her plans to run and keep her in their bed forever!
    THE WILD, WILD WEST trilogy Book 1 - Bound Book 2 - Scandal Book 3 - Menage

  • Can she make room for love?
    When wedding planner Carrie Archer inherits the crumbling Avalon Inn where she spent her childhood summers, she knows she'll do whatever it takes to make it home. With no money for renovations, that means finding investors if she ever hopes to turn the Avalon into a dream wedding venue.
    But Carrie has been left more than the inn-she's also inherited its occupants, including three senior citizens, a single-father chef with childcare issues, a panicky receptionist, and one very gorgeous gardener.
    So when her cousin Ruth declares her intention to get married at the Avalon on Christmas Eve, Carrie finds herself juggling decorating with dance nights, budgeting with bridge games...and sabotage with seduction.
    The LOVE series by Sophie Pembroke:
    ROOM FOR LOVE AN A TO Z OF LOVE Coming June 2014 SUMMER OF LOVE Coming July 2014

  • Anglais Dreams of Tuscany

    Fitzroy Kate

    • Carina
    • 30 Juin 2014

    Estate agent Zoe Bennett meets a client, Alex Knight, to show him around a derelict Tuscan villa. The perfect vista across the valley of sun-scorched red earth and grape vines outlined against the azure sky is so breathtaking that Alex is determined to buy it and restore it to its former glory. When the viewing is followed by a flirtatious lunch at Zoe's favourite trattoria, she hopes that the villa may not be the only thing Alex has fallen for that day...
    However, she soon discovers that Alex already has a family, so regretfully tries to move on. Then Massimo, a handsome environmental lawyer, enters the scene, dazzling Zoe with gifts and declarations of undying love - yet she still cannot get Alex out of her mind. When the villa's beautiful landscape is endangered and Alex stands to lose his dream property, Zoe begins to question Massimo's motives. But can she save the villa for Alex in time? And will the mysterious and alluring Mr Knight turn out to be her Mr Right after all?

  • Anglais Dark Surrender

    Morgan Alyssa

    • Carina
    • 20 Mai 2014

    Some sins are unforgiveable...
    Every time the planets align Lucifer has a chance to break open the Gates of Hell. The only thing that stands in his way is the fallen angel warrior Kyriel. Banished to Earth, Kyriel must atone for his sins of pride, envy and lust. His entry back to heaven is dependent on him finding the Ring of Melchior - which is currently in possession of gorgeous Head Curator Dr Jillian Whitmore...
    Jillian has always considered herself immune to the charms of even the most irresistible of men. Afraid of her own desires she had hidden in her family's museum poring over ancient relics. Until she met the inscrutable Mr Smith. She feels an invisible pull to this mysterious man, but he is on a quest to uncover a missing artifact, one she had in her possession until it was stolen.
    Jillian and Kyriel must find the ring before the next planetary alignment or risk losing the world they call their own - as well as an illicit love they are just starting to discover....

  • Life can be complicated. And complications are the last thing you need when a baby's on the way.
    But when Rebecca and James announce their joyful news, little do they know the road to baby bliss is far from smooth. Not only has James lost his job, but he can't find another and can't tell his wife why. Meanwhile Rebecca's own family has picked the worst possible time to start to fall apart, and are relying on her to try and fix it.
    As secrets begin to permeate their lives Rebecca and James end up wondering are they really ready to be parents after all...
    But it's too late now - and the expectant couple are about to learn that life doesn't always turn out quite as you expect it.

  • The truth is that Annie Richards is just too busy to fall in love!
    Running a successful cake-making business, acting as caretaker to grand country house, Buttersley, and not to mention single-handedly raising her five-year-old daughter is more than enough to keep Annie's (flour-dusted) hands full! So can someone please remind her why she agreed to train for a marathon as a '40 things to do before you're 40' pact with her same so-called best friend?!
    With every hour of day already taken up, the arrival of crime writer Jake O'Donnell at Buttersley shouldn't really have any impact on Annie's day-to-day life at all. There's definitely no time in her carefully scheduled day for daydreaming about drop-dead gorgeous authors. Is there?
    But between whipping up batches of her signature limoncello cupcakes, Annie realises that Jake, and his twinkling dark eyes, can't just be ticked off her mental to-do list as easily as she though. Especially when it seems that no. 40 on her list could be creating a truly decadent wedding cake - for her very own wedding...

    PRAISE FOR ALICE ROSS 'a really sweet, enjoyable read that would be ideal for a relaxing weekend, evening or holiday.' - Jill Loves to Read

  • Anglais The Last Word

    Michael A L

    • Carina
    • 27 Mai 2014

    Tabby Riley's online life was a roaring success. Her blog had hundreds of followers, and legions of young fans ardently awaited her every Tweet. Her real life was a bit more of a disappointment. Living in a shared flat in North London, scratching a living writing magazine articles on 'How To Please Your Man in Bed' wasn't where she thought she'd be at twenty-six - especially when there was a serious lack of action in her own bedroom.

    Although that might all be about to change when she's offered a position at online newspaper The Type as a real journalist - and gains a sexy new editor, Harry Shulman, to work with. Harry's confident, smooth talking, and completely aware that he drives Tabby mad. Which is fine, because Tabby's dated an editor before, and it's never happening again. Ever. But as her reputation at the paper grows, Tabby has to wonder: is it time to get out from behind the screen and live her life in the real world?

  • Chocolate...the most irresistible temptation?
    The Gingerbread Cafe is all a buzz! This Easter, Lily and the rest of the town of Ashford, Connecticut are planning a truly decadent Chocolate Festival. Cooking up a storm, CeeCee and Lily are not just baking a batch of their sinfully delicious chocolate-dipped gingerbread men, but an excess of chocolate truffles, squidgy, cinnamony hot cross buns and melt in your mouth chocolate eggs. The Gingerbread Cafe staff have definitely enjoyed the tasting process!
    Add in Damon's cute-as-a-button seven year old daughter, Charlie, up for a visit and Lily's perfect Easter may just be around the corner. Until her ex-husband Joel turns up demanding twenty thousand dollars... Suddenly the future of the Gingerbread Cafe is not so clear...and Lily finds herself eating far more of The Gingerbread Cafe's treats than her skinny jeans allow...
    Can Lily concoct a brilliant plan to save her beloved cafe, convince Damon she has no feelings for Joel and still throw a Chocolate Festival the town will be talking about for years? There's only one way to find out...
    Welcome back to the warmth, cupcakes and hot chocolate of The Gingerbread Cafe - your home away from home This is the second novella in THE GINGERBREAD CAFE series Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe Coming Christmas 2014 watch out for the next romantic instalment!

  • Sophie was afraid of the man in the shadows. He terrified her, but he would always disappear when someone else came. But one day in June 1984, she didn't escape. He took her.
    When a young woman is found draped over a gravestone in a chilling murder, police officer Annie Graham experiences a familiar sense of dread. A new killer is out there, and her senses tell her there is something eerily different about this case.
    When she spots the little girl standing outside her window, she knows that the past is about to catch up with all of them. But can she help right the wrongs of thirty years ago, and stop the killer before it's too late?

    Praise for HELEN PHIFER 'an atmospheric, spooky read, ideal for the season.' - I Heart Reading 'The Ghost House is the most exciting book I have read in a very long time, and would make an absolutely perfect Halloween read! Amazing debut from Helen Phifer and I eagerly await more from her!' - Judging Covers

  • Once upon a nightmare...

    Long ago, in a land where imagination meets the darkest nightmares, they built the asylum. Surrounded by a forest of thorns, it holds the most twisted minds in the fairy tale kingdom: a terrible collection of evil creatures and forgotten souls. Imprisoned within its walls, they are doomed to spend forever after telling their tales... and serving as a warning to others.

    Praise for Sebastian Gregory:
    'It reminded me of Tim Burton's 'The Corpse Bride' and 'The Nightmare before Christmas' which I really loved.' - Candy's Book Case on 'The Boy in the Cemetery' 'Within the pages of The Boy in the Cemetery, I found that incredible part of my imagination that I realise I'd lost somewhere in the process of growing up. I was enthralled, entranced, and completely enchanted. I would happily,appily, happily read anything by Sebastian all day long.' - 5 cupcakes from Becca's Books toThe Boy in the Cemetery 'Every now and then you come across a book that blows you away, This is one of those books.' - 5 stars from Nicky Peacock to The Asylum for Fairy Tale Creatures 'This novella is magnificent. It is hauntingly magical.' - The Modest Verge on The Gruesome Adventures of Alice in Undeadland Now, you are invited to accompany Blood Red Riding Hood into the depths of this strange place - where you will meet its even stranger inhabitants. But be warned: walls this thick were built to withstand the darkest magic... so once you're inside, you might just find yourself living horribly ever after... and wishing you were indeed in a land far, far away.

    'Every now and then you come across a book that blows you away, this is one of those books. reminded me of a scarier Angela have to read it, just do it in daylight!' - Nicky Peacock

  • Anglais Dirty Little Secrets

    Scott Kierney

    • Carina
    • 17 Décembre 2013

    Exclusive: The scandal that will rock The White House to the very core. Ben McCoy is the Vice-Presidential candidate with the backing of the entire nation. His wife, Megan, is as close as she'll ever be to living the American Dream - from inside The White House. Until investigative reporter, James Emerson, comes looking for a story - and it seems the barricade masking ambition, sex and power-struggle rife in Washington D.C. isn't impenetrable after all... No matter how careful you are, secrets always leak out. Now, Megan has a choice, she can do as many First Lady's have done before her, and stand by her man. Or she can opt for full disclosure. With a scandal so sensational it will whip the press into a humiliating political frenzy Megan, for the first time, holds all the cards. They say all that glitters isn't gold - but what happens when you realise everything you've ever dreamed of isn't enough...

  • Reasons why you should never, ever, read your best friend's diary (even if it has fallen to the floor, pages open oh-so temptingly...): 1) It's morally indefensible. 2) She would never trust you again. 3) You probably know it all anyway... So what harm could the tiniest peek do...? Answer: Lots! The best reason for never reading your best friend's diary:You might just find out something you really didn't want to know! Learning her fiance, Ed - the guy she's supposed to marry this weekend! - is having an affair with her best friend, is a devastating bombshell for bride-to-be Anna. Confused, hurt and absolutely livid, she hops on the first train to anywhere-but-here in need of some serious soul searching.Can she ever forgive Ed? Who is Anna 'sans Ed'? And more importantly, should she go through with the wedding or should she just call the whole thing off?
    Praise for JILL STEEPLES 'Let's Call The Whole Thing Off by Jill Steeples is a well written and easy to like book.If you are looking for a chick lit with a twist then give this one a read.' - HarlequinJunkie

  • There's no place like home... Unless, like Kaarl, you are a demon and your home is Hell...literally! While the rest of Hell enjoys cruel games, Kaarl is looking for a new challenge. So he makes a deal with the devil himself: time in the Mortal Realm in return for human souls... The Mortal Realm offers a taste of freedom he could never experience in Hell and Kaarl jumps at the chance to fulfil his dream. But gathering human souls comes with a cost and as more and more souls lose their way, Kaarl realises that he is creating Hell on his beloved Earth. Now to save the Mortal Realm, Kaarl's going to have to switch sides...

  • Anglais The Secrets of Ghosts

    Painter Sarah

    • Carina
    • 26 Février 2014

    Step back into the magical world of Pendleford with Sarah Painter's new book The Secrets of Ghosts. Don't miss the magical, heart-warming story from the bestselling author of The Language of Spells! On her twenty-first birthday Katie Harper has only one wish: to become a real Harper woman. Mystical powers are passed down her family generation after generation - some even call them witches - yet every spell Katie attempts goes disastrously wrong.When her magic does appear, it's in a form nobody expected and suddenly Katie is thrown into a dangerous new world with shadowy consequences. For the realm of the deceased is not as peaceful as she once thought. The dead are buried with their secrets and only Katie can help the ghosts of the past finally find peace.If that is what they are looking for...

    Praise for Sarah Painter 'an enjoyable, escapist read, light hearted romance and a bit of paranormal who dunnit.' - Jeannie Zelos

  • Anglais The Moment Keeper

    Andrews Buffy

    • Carina
    • 1 Novembre 2013

    Our lives are often connected in ways we never would have imagined... Two babies; two very different upbringings. First there is Sarah: raised by her loving grandmother, but neglected by her own father who views her as the instrument of her mother's death. She will lead a hard life, searching to belong and to be loved. Then there is Olivia, surrounded by love, nurtured and adored by her parents, a golden child with a golden future. When Sarah's life is cut tragically short and she is assigned to record the moments of Olivia's life as her Moment Keeper, their lives become intertwined. Sarah is able to overcome the heartbreak of her own lost years and Olivia is able to deal with a future that isn't nearly as golden as what she had planned - or is it?