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  • Anglais At home : autumn-winter

    Hélène Darroze

    • Le cherche-midi
    • 7 Octobre 2021

    Hélène Darroze quite simplyFor the first time, Hélène Darroze, in this book, offers us recipes that she cooked, created and photographed, at her home, with her two daughters. You'll discover glimpses of this intimate setting through her grandmother's chequered tablecloth, her personal photos, her tips and secrets, as well as in the famous dishes of her native South-western France. It is a return to one's sources in which one cooks with good products, with tenderness and passion, for those one loves: the best ingredients to make spontaneous, generous, authentic and irresistible recipes!
    You'll find over 50 recipes among which: "Honey-glazed pumpkin soup,' "Potato and Béarnaise andouille cake,' "Tarte tatin with chicory heads and cumin,' "Risotto with ceps,' "Hake from Saint-Jean-de-Luz 'Ttoro' style,' "Milk-fed leg of lamb from the Pyrénées roasted with garlic,' "Blanquette of veal,' "Pork sausage with whole-grain mustard,' "Lemon loaf,' "'Grandmother's' apple tart,' "Melting chocolate cake,' etc.

  • Anglais At home : spring-summer

    Hélène Darroze

    • Le cherche-midi
    • 7 Octobre 2021

    After Chez moi Automne-Hiver [At My Home, Autumn-Winter], here is the second volume devoted to spring and summer recipes.After a first volume devoted to autumn and winter recipes, Hélène Darroze invites us here to celebrate warm sunny days with recipes prepared with her daughters and photographed in the privacy of her home. Simply and spontaneously, she shares her tips and advice with us for making delicious and authentic dishes to be savoured with friends or family when fine weather arrives. A genuine ode to sharing and gourmandise, in the sun of her native south-western France!
    You'll find, among others, in this book with over 50 recipes: "White asparagus from the Landes, egg and caper sauce,' "Tarte Tatin with new shallots, honey and rosemary,' "Risotto with cooked and raw green asparagus,' "Roasted langoustines in their shell with salted butter,' "Black bream roasted on a platter with fava beams and confit lemon,' "My grandmother Charlotte's stuffed tomatoes,' "Pure pork sausage in puff pastry with mustard and cumin,' "Fromage blanc tart rhubarb and strawberry compote with elder blossom syrup,' "Omelette with cherry preserves and fresh mint,' "All-chocolate cake with strawberries' and so many others...

  • Anglais Making the new


    • Le cherche-midi
    • 4 Octobre 2018

    From new apps on our cellphone to car-sharing, from the invasion of drones to the reorganization of production lines, from tweets to digital tablets and procreation methods, from genetic manipulations to nanotechnologies, innovation is everywhere.
    It has penetrated and turned upside-down all the economic, social, cultural and political sectors.
    Nothing escapes it. Nothing can survive without it. Permanent innovation, that headlong search for the new, is the originality of our period.
    What world are we living in?
    How can we find our way in a profusion like this?
    How can we evaluate the meaning and usefulness of this general and growing agitation of our societies?
    What universe is being prepared?
    For three years, at regular morning sessions, we invited the most diverse personalities: heads of major groups and startup creators, scientists and philosophers, elected officials and physicians, foreign and French experts in many fields. They tackled every subject: the energy and digital transitions, the biological revolution, green mobility, new towns, those consumers who have become actors.
    Everything moves! Montaigne was right: "Our world eternally turns around.'
    Here is a modest contribution to the portrait of our modernity.

  • There will be no energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies, but a clean break, a Big Bang!
    Clean, almost infinite, universally available energy from the sun, wind and water? And easy to transport over long distances and to store for months? And so cheap that it could match the price of an oil barrel as early as 2020?
    In barely a decade, 7 global energy battles have shaped up: shale oil and gas and the reversal of peak oil, super competitive solar and wind power, cheap batteries and the electrification of transport, the digitalization of power grids, the descent of energy companies into stranded assets, the geopolitical emergence of China and, most important of all, spiraling climate change.
    These battles are now converging into a historic convulsion, abruptly opening the gates of renewable hydrogen and sealing the inexorable decline of the world of fossil fuels. The time has come for a new, zero-carbon energy world order!

  • Anglais Energy 3.0

    Rudy Provoost

    • Le cherche-midi
    • 3 Octobre 2013

    Buildings that produce their own energy and respond to our everyday needs; simple management tools that improve the comfort of our homes making them more economical and connecting them to the world; safer, smarter and more sustainable towns and cities that provide greater mobility, improve communication and make life easier for everyone. These are just a few examples of the energy transformation that is underway. The energy world has entered a new chapter in its history, a digital age that will impact our lives as much as the advent of electricity did at the end of the 19th century, bringing with it a groundbreaking wave of innovations that blur the lines between the energy and the digital space. Across the urban and built environment, new technologies are already advancing the convergence of different economic models with the energy system and infrastructure. This will fundamentally change the energy landscape and give each one of us access to tailor-made energy solutions adapted to our needs and means. This book Energy 3.0 discusses how these changes will continue to evolve and stimulate growth. It also investi- gates the new tools and services that will be made available to everyone and how the entire energy sector, as we know it, is going to reinvent itself, spurring job creation and the emergence of new energy professions.