Tourisme & Voyages

  • Accompanying a four-part TV series, presenter and Oxford geography don Nick Middleton visits the world's hottest, coldest, wettest and driest inhabited places on earth. He looks at how humans adapt physically and psychologically, how the flora and fauna adapt, and considers ecological aspects.

  • For the first time since Scott's ill-fated race to Antarctica against Amundsen in 1913, a handful of teams from around the world have been granted permission to race each other, on foot, across Antarctica -- starting on New Year's Day and dragging their food, their tents (and their rubbish) with them. This time, however, a hardnut Norwegian team and various trios of ex-special forces soldiers will be up against double-Olympic Gold medallist James Cracknell and TV presenter Ben Fogle. In 2005 James and Ben rowed the Atlantic together (16 hours a day at the oars, for 50 days). This time, they tackle a challenge that is hard-wired into the British psyche: the race for the pole. And in a last-minute twist, they will also be taking with them a member of the public as their third team member. This is classic boys' own, British adventure in the making for Father's Day -- published alongside six one-hour programmes to be broadcast on BBC 2 on Sunday nights (in the Long Way Down slot).