Bernardine Evaristo

  • Fille, femme, autre

    Bernardine Evaristo

    Amma, Dominique, Yazz, Shirley, Carole, Bummi, LaTisha, Megan devenue Morgan, Hattie, Penelope, Winsome, Grace.
    Il y a dans ce livre plus de femmes noires que Bernardine Evaristo n'en a vu à la télévision durant toute son enfance. La plus jeune a dix-neuf ans, la plus âgée, quatre-vingt-treize.
    Douze femmes puissantes, apôtres du féminisme et de la liberté, chacune à sa manière, d'un bout du siècle à l'autre, cherche un avenir, une maison, l'amour, un père perdu, une mère absente, une identité, un genre - il, elle, iel - une existence et, au passage le bonheur.
    Foisonnant, symphonique, écrit dans un style aussi libre et entraînant que le sont ses héroïnes, le roman de Bernardine Evaristo poursuit son titre : Fille, femme, autre...
    Douze récits s'entremêlent, se répondent, riment et raisonnent. Douze vies s'épaulent et s'opposent. Chacune des douze est en quête et en conquête, de place, de classe, de traces, d'elle-même, des autres, de cet autrui en elle qui a déjà traversé maintes frontières, et a le front de vouloir encore exploser celles qui restent.

  • The Emperor's Babe is Bernardine Evaristo's unique lyrical portrait of Roman London Meet Zuleika: sassy girl about town, hellraiser, bored ex-child-bride, black Roman in Londinium, AD 211. In the place (and time) to be . . .

    Through the bustling, hustling city, its slum tenements and sumptuous villas, we follow Zuleika, feisty and precocious daughter of Sudanese immigrants made good. Married to a fat, rich absent Roman, she is stranded in luxurious neglect, until, one day, Septimus Severus, the Emperor himself, comes to town, bringing with him not just love - but danger . . .

    Funky and funny, sexy and moving, this novel in verse is a triumph of imaginative writing - and of sheer lyrical and emotional vitality.

    'A heroine of ancient times for the modern age . . . a glittering fiction whose words leap off the page into life. Brilliant'The Times 'Funny, engaging and daring'Independent on Sunday 'Exhilarating . . . wildly entertaining then deeply affecting'Ali Smith 'Adventurous, compelling and utterly original. You won't read another book like it this year'The Times Bernardine Evaristo is the author of three critically acclaimed 'verse novels' - Lara, The Emperor's Babe (which won the Arts Council Award in 2000) and Soul Tourists - and two prose novels, Blonde Roots and Mr Loverman. Evaristo is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the Royal Society of Arts, and was awarded an MBE in 2009. She lives in London.

  • Bernardine Evaristo's Mr Loverman: 'Brokeback Mountain with ackee and saltfish and old people' Dawn French Barrington Jedidiah Walker is seventy-four and leads a double life. Born and bred in Antigua, he's lived in Hackney since the sixties. A flamboyant, wise-cracking local character with a dapper taste in retro suits and a fondness for quoting Shakespeare, Barrington is a husband, father and grandfather - but he is also secretly homosexual, lovers with his great childhood friend, Morris.

    His deeply religious and disappointed wife, Carmel, thinks he sleeps with other women. When their marriage goes into meltdown, Barrington wants to divorce Carmel and live with Morris, but after a lifetime of fear and deception, will he manage to break away?
    Mr Loverman is a ground-breaking exploration of Britain's older Caribbean community, which explodes cultural myths and fallacies and shows the extent of what can happen when people fear the consequences of being true to themselves.

    Praise for Bernardine Evaristo:

    'One of Britain's most innovative authors . . . Bernardine Evaristo always dares to be different' New Nation 'Evaristo remains an undeniably bold and energetic writer, whose world view is anything but one-dimensional' Sunday Times 'Audacious genre-bending, in-yer-face wit and masterly retellings of underwritten corners of history are the hallmarks of Evaristo's work' New Statesman Bernardine Evaristo is the author of three critically acclaimed 'verse novels' - Lara, The Emperor's Babe (which won the Arts Council Award in 2000) and Soul Tourists. Mr Loverman is her second prose novel, after 2008's Blonde Roots. Evaristo is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the Royal Society of Arts, and was awarded an MBE in 2009. She lives in London.


    As doze personagens centrais deste romance a várias vozes levam vidas muito diferentes: desde Amma, uma dramaturga cujo trabalho artístico frequentemente explora a sua identidade lésbica negra, à sua amiga de infância, Shirley, professora, exausta de décadas de trabalho nas escolas subfinanciadas de Londres; a Carole, uma das ex-alunas de Shirley, agora uma bem-sucedida gestora de fundos de investimento, ou a mãe desta, Bummi, uma empregada doméstica que se preocupa com o renegar das raízes africanas por parte da filha.
    Quase todas elas mulheres, negras e, de uma maneira ou de outra, resultado do legado do império colonial britânico. As suas histórias, a das suas famílias, amigos e amantes, compõem um retrato multifacetado e realista dos nossos dias, de uma sociedade multicultural que se confronta com a herança do seu passado e luta contra as contradições do presente.
    Um romance atual, brilhantemente escrito, que repensa as questões de identidade, género e classe com o pano de fundo do colonialismo, da emigração e da diáspora.
    «Rapariga, Mulher, Outra fervilha de vitalidade... Evaristo revela as experiências comuns que fazem de todos nós elementos da mesma família humana.» - FINANCIAL TIMES

    «Se ainda não conhece, devia conhecer a obra desta autora.» - THE GUARDIAN

  • It's a hot summer afternoon. Tension is in the air. A gang of youths on bikes gathers outside a chip shop. A teenage boy is stabbed and left bleeding on the street.

    The boy's mother wonders how this could have happened to her son. She is full of questions, but when the answers lie so close to home, are they really what she wants to hear?

  • The funny and fabulous tale of two twentieth-century misfits and their adventure into European history...

    It is 1988, and Jessie, artiste, motormouth, ducker and diver, meets Stanley, angst-ridden banker and boffin. Jessie arrives like a guardian angel and lifts Stanley out of his soul-less life. He ditches his job, and together they set off across Europe. Destination -- unknown. Duration -- indeterminate. So begins an odyssey which turns into an adventure on the stage of European history featuring Shakespeare's "dark lady of the sonnets", Pushkin's African great-grandfather, the composer Chevalier de St. Georges and other colourful characters from Europe's past.

  • The most provocative debut novel of the year, "a dizzying satire" (The New Yorker) that "boldly turns history on its head" (Elle).
    What if the history of the transatlantic slave trade had been reversed and Africans had enslaved Europeans? How would that have changed the ways that people justified their inhuman behavior? How would it inform our cultural attitudes and the insidious racism that still lingers today? We see this tragicomic world turned upside down through the eyes of Doris, an Englishwoman enslaved and taken to the New World, movingly recounting experiences of tremendous hardship and the dreams of the people she has left behind, all while journeying toward an escape into freedom.
    A poignant and dramatic story grounded in provocative ideas, Blonde Roots is a genuinely original, profoundly imaginative novel.