Carolyn Baker

  • Les signaux d'alarme se multiplient et, pourtant, l'humanité continue de faire l'autruche: épuisement des ressources naturelles, pic pétrolier, changements climatiques, crises économiques, conflits endémiques... Devant les nombreux indices de l'effondrement de la civilisation industrielle, Carolyn Baker nous invite à nous préparer psychologiquement et spirituellement aux profonds bouleversements qui nous affecteront tôt ou tard.

    Pour surmonter la confusion et le désespoir que peut susciter cet effondrement, l'auteure, psychothérapeute de formation, nous propose de réfléchir tant avec notre corps qu'avec notre tête afin de nous libérer du système de valeurs au fondement de la civilisation industrielle (progrès, technicisme...). Loin d'être appréhendé comme une catastrophe, ce renversement de paradigme nous permettra de refonder nos sociétés sur des bases plus conviviales et plus respectueuses des limites écologiques de la planète.

    L'effondrement est un petit guide de survie psychologique en temps de crise. Une sorte de baume pour mieux affronter les turpitudes de notre époque et trouver la force de construire notre avenir.

  • Given the daunting, dire predicament in which we find ourselves on this planet, what is described by social critic James Howard Kunstler as a "Long Emergency" may in fact become a "Last Emergency" for humanity. Whether we encounter a "long" or a "last" emergency, Carolyn Baker seeks to offer inspiration and guidance for inhabiting our remaining days with passion, vitality, empathy, intimate contact with our emotions, kindness in our relationships with all species, gratitude, open-hearted receptivity, exquisite creations of beauty, and utilizing every occasion, even our demise, as an opportunity to invoke and "inflict" joy in our world. Love in the Age of Ecological Apolcalypse addresses an array of relationships in the Last Emergency and how one's relationship with oneself may enrich or impede interactions with all other beings.
    Drawing upon her deep experience as a life coach, Baker writes of the specific need to understand our key relationships in a society in collapse, and how to navigate through differing levels of acceptance of collapse, trauma, and grief. Key relationships include those with our partners, children, friends, neighbors, as well as relationships with our work, our bodies, our natural resources, food and eating, animals, future generations, Eros, and indeed, the powers of the universe.
    Baker's writing is engaging, inspiring, and often beautiful in its depth and candor. She introduces a variety of spiritual practices facilitate our developing a relationship with the deeper Self. With these practices and giving and receiving support from others who are walking a similar path, we begin to live more frequently from the deeper Self, or at least are able to access it more quickly when we find ourselves becoming embroiled in the ego.
    Table Of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Living, Loving, and Preparing With A Reluctant Partner Chapter 2: Children And Collapse Chapter 3: Friends, Neighbors, and The Community Chapter 4: Work and The Creative Soul Chapter 5: Our Relationship With Resources Chapter 6: Loving The Body As The World Falls Apart Chapter 7: Our Relationship With Food: Mindful Eating As A Spiritual Practice Chapter 8: Loving The Time Of Your Life Chapter 9: What An Animal You Are!
    Chapter 10: Darkness Matters Chapter 11: Ensconsed In Eros, Bathed In Beauty Chapter 12: Our Relationship With The Powers of The Universe Chapter 13: Near-Term Extinction And Waking Up To Death Chapter 14: Empire, I Wish I Knew How To Quit You Chapter 15: Grief And Love In A Culture Of Congestive Heart Failure Chapter 16: Our Relationship With Future Generations From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • A collection of probing essays and weekly meditations, this book addresses how to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the impending collapse of industrial civilization. Author Carolyn Baker offers wisdom, inspiration, and a sense of spiritual purpose for anyone who is concerned about the daunting future humankind has created.
    The author's introduction to Collapsing Consciously articulates our current predicament of economic collapse, environmental degradation, and global conflict and expresses the confusion, anxiety, grief, anger, and despair we all experience when we take a hard look at the present-day global crisis and the likely future of the planet. But rather than showing us ways to prevent the collapse, Baker argues that the demise of our consumerist, corporate culture is inevitable, and that it is crucial to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the certain changes to come.
    Part 1 is a collection of seventeen essays which argue that while the collapse of industrial society cannot be prevented, its meaning extends far beyond tragedy and loss. These essays ask the reader to delve inward and discover the limitless treasures of the soul, as well as the gratification and exhilaration to be discovered in joining with community in preparing for the future.
    In part 2, Baker offers fifty-two weekly meditations comprised of spiritual wisdom, inspiration, paradox, comfort, humor, irony, and a persistent challenge to create and savor beauty in the world, regardless of how bleak the future may appear.
    Collapsing Consciously is a refreshing take on the perilous present and the grim prospects for our future. Instead of quoting discouraging statistics about our predicament, Baker offers a deeper perspective that makes sense of a world that most of the time appears psychotic or even surreal. Through inspiration and perennial wisdom she has created a manual for making meaning and generating joy, especially in situations that feel hopelessly devoid of both.
    An ebook containing additional meditations is also available: Collapsing Consciously Meditations: Further Reflections for Turbulent Times, ISBN 978-1-58394-758-6.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.