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  • Avec la même veine narrative que Minuit au Pera Palace et le même talent pour embrasser la grande histoire à partir de destins singuliers, Charles King retrace l'histoire chaotique et fascinante d'Odessa, port russe conçu par l'impératrice Catherine II comme la perle de la mer Noire entre Orient et Occident. Une ville tour à tour géniale, berceau de Pouchkine, d'Isaac Babel et d'Eisenstein, et tragique, théâtre du massacre en 1941 de la quasi totalité de sa population juive.

  • The introductory chapter of this book presents the concepts of the bene?ts inherent in the study of comparative approach for an effective counterterrorism response on the local law enforcement level and overviews the inception of the project. Throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-?rst century, especially after the events of September 11, 2001, the legitimacy of law enforcement practices has been cited as a major concern for international criminal justice. As policing pr- titioners and scholars throughout the world shifted focus from a traditional reactive, crime control stance to the need for accountability mechanisms to ensure the s- port of citizenry in combating crime and terrorism, the democratization of policing was seen as the best mechanism for achieving long-term gains in public order at the same time as protecting human rights. While the need to maintain human rights remains an important issue, balancing these concerns with the important public safety interests of societies is paramount.