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  • In steel-tipped prose, Craig Davidson conjures a savage world populated by prizefighters, gamblers, sex addicts, and a disappearing magician. Dogs fight to the death, and in desperate arenas men with broken hands slug it out in bouts that have less to do with sport than with survival. Yet the hostility of Davidson's fictional universe is tempered by the humanity he invests in his characters, by his subtle awareness of their motivation, and by his eye for telling detail. Endorsed by Bret Easton Ellis and by Chuck Palahniuk, Rust and Bone explores violence, masculinity and life on the most extreme of margins. Craig Davidson is a young author who already displays the sure-footedness of a seasoned pro, and the best of these tightly balled, arrestingly visceral explorations of machismos dark recesses uncoil with concussive power The Times 'Davidson writes with precision and power that's hard to ignore . . . an excellent collection' Independent on Sunday Now, heres a writer who knows how to unsettle. This collection reaches in to the darkest places and is not afraid Herald 'This salty collection more than whets the appetite for Davidson's novel due ext year' Guardian

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    Fans of Palahniuk and Irvine Welsh will relish the graphic fight sequences and gritty social commentary.--Rocky Mountain News How to Allocate Your Free Time This Month[:] Devouring Craig Davidsons gruesome debut novel, The Fighter.--Esquire This is more than a stunning debut. It reminds me how vacuous, banal and insipid most highly-touted fiction is. Craig Davidson asks--and answers--some big, uncomfortable questions about the nature of our humanity. The Fighter is an essential novel, destined for cult status at the very least.--Irvine Welsh While the novels brutal fights will entice readers of other virile allegories like Chuck Palahniuks Fight Club, Davidsons story takes a more nuanced, realistic approach.--Kirkus Reviews Everything has been handed to Paul Harris, the son of a wealthy southern Ontario businessman. But after a vicious beating shakes his world, he descends into the realm of hardcore bodybuilders and boxing gyms, seeking to become a real man, reveling in suffering.
    Rob Tully, a working-class teenager from upstate New York, is a born boxer. He trains with his father and uncle, who believe a gift like his can change their lives, but he struggles under the weight of their expectations. Inevitably, these two young mens paths will cross.
    Craig Davidson was born in Toronto an now lives in Calgary, Alberta. He is the author of the acclaimed short story collection Rust and Bone, which was published by W.W. Norton in the United States, Penguin in Canada, Albin Michel in France, and Picador in the United Kingdom.
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