Michael MILLER

  • Les Avengers se font attaquer par l'un des leurs et tombent les uns après les autres. Captain America et ses coéquipiers ne savent pas qui est le traître mais ils sont frappés par quelqu'un qui connaît tous leurs secrets et points faibles... Serait-ce la fin des Avengers ? Découvrez ce récit renversant écrit par Brian M. Bendis (House of M) et illustré par David Finch (New Avengers) ainsi que de nombreux dessinateurs invités.

  • Dans le désert de lUtah, parmi les vestiges dune civilisation disparue, frère Francis de lordre albertien de Leibowitz a fait une miraculeuse découverte : dinestimables reliques du martyr Isaac Leibowitz lui-même, qui jadis avait organisé la sauvegarde des dernières miettes du savoir balayé par le Grand Déluge de Flammes.
    Cest une lueur despoir en cet âge de ténèbres et d'ignorance, le signe tant attendu dune nouvelle Renaissance. Mais lhumanité a-t-elle tiré les leçons dun cataclysme qui la laissée exsangue, défigurée par le feu nucléaire? Saura-t-elle enfin se préserver des apprentis sorciers? Car lHistoire, bientôt, menace de se répéter Entre Le nom de la rose dUmberto Eco et Docteur Folamour de Stanley Kubrick, une chronique rageuse et sarcastique de la folie humaine.

  • Il y a quelques mois, Zayne Carrick participait à la capture de Demagol, un scientifique Mandalorien fou. Ce dernier est sorti de son coma et s'apprête à être jugé pour ses crimes. Zayne et son partenaire, Gryph, sont appelés à témoigner. Mais des révélations se précipitent concernant leurs compagnons de route : la fière Jarael et le mystérieux déserteur Mandalorien Rohlan.

  • This collection contains some of the best new work being done on the subject of character in philosophy, theology, and psychology. From a virtual reality simulation of the Milgram shock experiments to an understanding of the virtue of modesty in Muslim societies, these 31 chapters significantly advance our understanding of character.

  • This collection contains some of the best new work being done on the subject of character from the perspectives of philosophy, theology, and psychology. From creating a virtual reality simulation of the Milgram shock experiments to understanding the virtue of modesty in Muslim societies to defending soldiers moral responsibility for committing war crimes, these 31 chapters break much new ground and significantly advance our understanding of character. The main topics covered fall under the heading of our beliefs about character, the existence and nature of character traits, character and ethical theory, virtue epistemology, the nature of particular virtues, character development, and challenges to character and virtue from neuroscience and situationism. These papers stem from the work of the Character Project (www.thecharacterproject.com) at Wake Forest University, generously supported by the John Templeton Foundation. This collection is truly unique in featuring the work of many young, up-and-coming voices in their fields with new perspectives to offer. Together their work will significantly shape discussions of character for years to come.

  • This comprehensive reference delves into the complex process of medical decision making-both the nuts-and-bolts access and insurance issues that guide choices and the cognitive and affective factors that can make patients decide against their best interests. Wide-ranging coverage offers a robust evidence base for understanding decision making across the lifespan, among family members, in the context of evolving healthcare systems, and in the face of life-changing diagnosis. The section on applied decision making reviews the effectiveness of decision-making tools in healthcare, featuring real-world examples and guidelines for tailored communications with patients. Throughout, contributors spotlight the practical importance of the field and the pressing need to strengthen health decision-making skills on both sides of the clinician/client dyad.Among the Handbook's topics: From laboratory to clinic and back: connecting neuroeconomic and clinical measures of decision-making dysfunctions. Strategies to promote the maintenance of behavior change: moving from theoretical principles to practices. Shared decision making and the patient-provider relationship. Overcoming the many pitfalls of communicating risk. Evidence-based medicine and decision-making policy. The internet, social media, and health decision making. The Handbook of Health Decision Science will interest a wide span of professionals, among them health and clinical psychologists, behavioral researchers, health policymakers, and sociologists.

  • This multidisciplinary book examines the diverse ways in which environmental disasters with compounding impacts are being governed as they traverse sovereign territories across rapidly urbanising societies in Asia and the Pacific. Combining theoretical advances with contextually rich studies, the book examines efforts to tackle the complexities of cross-border environmental governance. In an urban age in which disasters are not easily contained within neatly delineated jurisdictions, both in terms of their interconnected causalities and their cascading effects, governance structures and mechanisms are faced with major challenges related to cooperation, collaboration and information sharing. This book helps bridge the gap between theory and practice by offering fresh insights and contrasting explanations for variations in transboundary disaster governance regimes among urbanising populations in the Asia-Pacific.

  • Bulk metallic glasses are a new emerging field of materials with many desirable and unique properties, such as high strength, good hardness, good wear resistance, and high corrosion resistance that can be produced in near net shape components. These amorphous materials have many diverse applications from structural applications to biomedical implants.
    A complete overview of bulk metallic glasses is presented: the principles of alloy design, glass formation, processing, atomistic modeling, computer simulations, mechanical properties and microstructures.

  • Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management is a practical guide to modern financial risk management for both practitioners and academics. Now in its second edition with more topics, more sample problems and more real world examples, this popular guide to financial risk management introduces readers to practical quantitative techniques for analyzing and managing financial risk. In a concise and easy-to-read style, each chapter introduces a different topic in mathematics or statistics. As different techniques are introduced, sample problems and application sections demonstrate how these techniques can be applied to actual risk management problems. Exercises at the end of each chapter and the accompanying solutions at the end of the book allow readers to practice the techniques they are learning and monitor their progress. A companion Web site includes interactive Excel spreadsheet examples and templates. Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management is an indispensable reference for today's financial risk professional.

  • A mathematical guide to measuring and managing financial risk.      Our modern economy depends on financial markets. Yet financial markets continue to grow in size and complexity. As a result, the management of financial risk has never been more important.
    Quantitative Financial Risk Management introduces students and risk professionals to financial risk management with an emphasis on financial models and mathematical techniques. Each chapter provides numerous sample problems and end of chapter questions. The book provides clear examples of how these models are used in practice and encourages readers to think about the limits and appropriate use of financial models. Topics include: o    Value at risk
    o    Stress testing
    o    Credit risk
    o    Liquidity risk
    o    Factor analysis
    o    Expected shortfall
    o    Copulas
    o    Extreme value theory
    o    Risk model backtesting
    o    Bayesian analysis
    o     . . . and much more

  • Nanocharacterization by Atom Probe Tomography is a practical guide for researchers interested atomic level characterization of materials with atom probe tomography.Readers will find descriptions of the atom probe instrument and atom probe tomography technique, field ionization, field evaporation and field ion microscopy. The fundamental underlying physics principles are examined, in addition to data reconstruction and visualization, statistical data analysis methods and specimen preparation by electropolishing and FIB-based techniques. A full description of the local electrode atom probe - a new state-of-the-art instrument - is also provided, along with detailed descriptions and limitations of laser pulsing as a method to field evaporate atoms. Valuable coverage of the new ionization theory is also included, which underpins the overall technique.

  • The Volatility Smile The Black-Scholes-Merton option model was the greatest innovation of 20th century finance, and remains the most widely applied theory in all of finance. Despite this success, the model is fundamentally at odds with the observed behavior of option markets: a graph of implied volatilities against strike will typically display a curve or skew, which practitioners refer to as the smile, and which the model cannot explain. Option valuation is not a solved problem, and the past forty years have witnessed an abundance of new models that try to reconcile theory with markets. The Volatility Smile presents a unified treatment of the Black-Scholes-Merton model and the more advanced models that have replaced it. It is also a book about the principles of financial valuation and how to apply them. Celebrated author and quant Emanuel Derman and Michael B. Miller explain not just the mathematics but the ideas behind the models. By examining the foundations, the implementation, and the pros and cons of various models, and by carefully exploring their derivations and their assumptions, readers will learn not only how to handle the volatility smile but how to evaluate and build their own financial models. Topics covered include: The principles of valuation Static and dynamic replication The Black-Scholes-Merton model Hedging strategies Transaction costs The behavior of the volatility smile Implied distributions Local volatility models Stochastic volatility models Jump-diffusion models The first half of the book, Chapters 1 through 13, can serve as a standalone textbook for a course on option valuation and the Black-Scholes-Merton model, presenting the principles of financial modeling, several derivations of the model, and a detailed discussion of how it is used in practice. The second half focuses on the behavior of the volatility smile, and, in conjunction with the first half, can be used for as the basis for a more advanced course.

  • This book explores the principles, design, and image processing of multi-primary displays, and introduces the reader to the intricacies of the typical imaging pathways which influence display design and the perception of color within a display system.

    Early chapters introduce the concepts behind human perception, color science, and lighting, which are necessary to fully understand multi-primary displays.  The reader is also introduced to digital capture and transmission systems to better understand the ecosystem in which multi-primary displays exist.  Subsequent chapters introduce the reader to current display technologies, including LCD, OLED, and inorganic LED displays.  The working principles, performance, and upcoming advances are discussed for each of these technologies to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the tradeoffs which are necessary when considering multi-primary displays.  This discussion is followed by an in-depth discussion of the image processing technology necessary to implement multi-primary displays.  The book concludes with chapters that clearly discuss the advantages and limitations of multi-primary displays for direct view, virtual reality, and augmented reality displays. 

    The book provides a broad viewpoint across the entire display ecosystem, explaining the interactions among system components to provide a rationale for the further development of multi-primary displays. 

    Whether the reader is interested in broadening their understanding of display systems or the development of multi-primary displays, the text provides and understandable and practical summary of important display system concepts.

  • The evidence relating to the advances in obstetric practice and research over the past several decades have resulted in significant improvements in maternal and perinatal outcome. The obstetric care provider has the responsibility to be aware of these improvements and implement evidence-based practice when the situation requires. Clinical decisions should, as much as possible, be evidence based. This requires expertise in retrieving, interpreting, and applying the results of scientific studies and in communicating effectively the risks and benefits of different courses of action to patients.The highly-regarded authors have used easy-to-follow management algorithms presented in a highly visual format to assist rapid decision making; with sections covering:Preventative HealthMaternal DisordersInfectious ComplicationsAntenatal ComplicationsIntrapartum / Postpartum ComplicationsFeaturing best obstetric management guidance, based on graded published evidence and recommendations, this book will enable practicing and trainee obstetrician-gynecologists and nurse midwives to ensure that the primary goals of the delivery of a healthy mother and a healthy baby are met.

  • Discover how healthy buildings, culture, and people lead to high profits Organizations and employees now spend an average of $18,000 per year per employee for health costs, a 61% increase in 10 years. Every indicator projects these costs will double before 2030. This is an unsustainable path. These costs are the tip to an even bigger iceberg, the hidden costs of time out of the office, distraction, disengagement, and turnover. The Healthy Workplace Nudge explains the findings of research on 100 large organizations that have tackled the problems of employee health costs and disengagement in five fresh ways: Well-being leads to health and high performance Wake up to the fact that 95% of traditional wellness programs fail to improve health or lower costs Behavioral economics has become a new powerful tool to nudge healthy behavior Healthy buildings are now cost effective and produce your strongest ROI to improving health Leaders who develop healthy cultures achieve sustainable high performance and employee wellbeing In addition to proving highly effective, these approaches represent a fraction of the cost sunk into traditional wellness and engagement programs. The book explains how to create a workplace that is good for people, releases them to what they do best and enjoy most, and produces great and profitable work. o    Find actionable strategies and tactics you can put into use today o    Retain happy, productive talent o    Cut unnecessary spending and boost your bottom line o    Benefit from real-world research and proven practice If you're a leader who cares about the health and happiness of your employees, a human resource professional, or a professional who develops, designs, builds, or outfits workplace environments to improve employee health and wellbeing, this is one book you'll want to have on hand.

  • Zayne Carrick et ses amis sont confrontés à une nouvelle et terrible menace. Suite de cette série située près de 4000 ans avant les événements survenus dans Star Wars : Épisode IV Un nouvel espoir.

    Alors qu'ils sillonnent la galaxie en compagnie de ses amis Gryph, Jarael et Roblan, Zayne Carrick croise la route et les intérêts du « Creuset », la plus cruelle organisation criminelle qui soit. Pour sauver Jarael de son obscur passé esclavagiste, le jeune Jedi n'aura d'autres choix que d'infiltrer les rangs de cette impitoyable organisation...

  • 3 nouveaux romans de la Saga des CarradineIls sont destinés à régner. L´amour et le scandale vont-ils venir tout bouleverser ?La captive du palais, Julie MillerContraint de racheter les dettes contractées par son père, Cade Saint-John, duc de Raleigh, a accepté, bien malgré lui, de participer au kidnapping de Lucia, la petite-fille du roi Easton Carradine. Hélas, l´affaire tourne mal, et Cade se rend compte que celle qu´il détient prisonnière avec ses acolytes n´est pas Lucia mais la timide Ellie Standish, secrétaire du roi ! Une jeune femme ravissante dont la fragilité émeut Cade. Au point qu´il décide de ne pas révéler la méprise à ses complices et de protéger sa captive, au péril de sa propre vie...Un vrai prince charmant, Mindy NeffAprès une enfance et une adolescence difficiles où elle a été ballottée de foyers en familles d´accueil, Vickie est déterminée à réussir ses études. Pour pouvoir les financer, elle travaille dans un bar et ne s´autorise aucune distraction - encore moins une relation sentimentale. Mais lorsque Jace Carradine, prince du Korosol et client du bar où elle travaille, se dit amoureux d´elle et prétend vouloir l´épouser, Vickie ne sait plus que penser. Peut-elle croire au conte de fées ?Une princesse amoureuse, Kasey MichaelsDepuis qu´elle a été désignée comme héritière de la couronne du Korosol, Kelly est plongée dans le doute - pourra-t-elle assumer une telle charge, elle qui, élevée aux Etats-Unis, n´a jamais mis les pieds dans ce petit royaume ? Le doute, mais aussi la peur. Car un des cousins de Kelly, le prince Markus, semble prêt à tout pour lui ravir le trône. Heureusement, elle peut compter sur la protection de Devon Montcalm, le très séduisant capitaine de la Garde Royale. Un homme auprès duquel la future reine se sent femme avant tout...