Oscar Torrès

  • Spain After the Indignados/15M Movement explores how the aftershocks of the 2007 Great Recession restructured Spain's political sphere and political imaginary. It brings together a representative sample of Spain's leading progressive voices, including two of the five founding members of the Podemos party. The essays herein explore the areas of economics, politics, ecology, social change, media, and cultural politics in order to present a broad, critical account of contemporary Spain, with a special emphasis on emerging forms of sociopolitical contestation, self-organizing, democratic participation, and radical politics. The edited volume argues that Spanish cultural studies-which originally gravitated toward celebratory accounts of capitalist modernization, the cultural Movida and the advent of a postmodern Spain-must continue to build a new cultural politics that not only challenges the accepted narrative of the Spanish Transition to democracy, but that is committed to confronting the civilizatory challenges currently faced.