• In Chiquito, capital of Palombia, the old Marsupilami in the
    municipal zoo feels his end coming, and would like to die free, in
    the legendary Marsupilami graveyard. Warned by an escaped parrot, our
    Marsu sets off towards the city, along with Bip and Sarah, the two
    jungle orphans, to free his elder. There's a problem, though:
    Chiquito is in the middle of a revolution against its latest
    dictator, Baby Prinz. And in Palombia, revolution is a national

  • Off the coast of Palombia, a freighter is at anchor, immobilised by mysterious engine trouble. It is transporting the Zabaglione Circus and its main attraction: a black Marsupilami! When the animal escapes thanks to a kind clown, he finds himself in the middle of a jungle he has never known. And as if helping out this clumsy newcomer wasn't enough for the local Marsupilami family, they also have to face the march of progress, as a highway is built through their home!

  • A plane carrying two Chinese government envoys goes down in the Palombian jungle. A crate is parachuted out just before the crash. It contains a baby panda, official gift of China to a neighbouring country. The young survivor is found and taken in by the Marsupilami's family, but they soon face a serious problem: their new charge only eats bamboo - the only local source of which lies inside the nearby native village...

  • Deep inside the Palombian jungle lies Monte Urticando, an ancient,
    nigh inaccessible volcano where millennia old cactuses grow. Every 15
    years they flower, and the pollen temporarily drives away most of the
    dangerous predators. For the Marsupilamis, though, it's also the
    signal for a strange and cruel tradition: it's time for the young
    Marsus to learn how to fend for themselves, away from the protection
    of their parents. Will they learn to work together to survive?

  • Deep inside the Palombian jungle, a rickety old boat sails up a sluggish river. On board is one of the world's most famous hunters, and he's vowed to be the first to capture a Marsupilami. But that's no easy prey. The long-tailed creature is smart - much smarter than any human believes. And an alliance with the local natives isn't going to be much help: they hate the Marsupilami who keeps outwitting them, and they're desperate to find out what he tastes like...