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  • « "Intense flames, high pressures, constant beating, is the method, the only method that works for attaining perfection. It's painful, I know. You are all looking at someone who's been through it and returned, but pain is simply the dying breath of weakness, you have to stick it out until you don't feel it anymore." He smiled ruefully at us, "But the important thing is to keep in mind what we can achieve, when we are willing to commit sacrifices." With that he finished and everyone clapped once more. No one cheered or whistled this time, but they were moved nonetheless. But for me his final words had been chilling, they simply seemed to invite disaster. » Dark adventure filled with elves, goblins, cannibal monsters, demons, but also charismatic heroes whose true powers are rooted in a kind of insane wisdom, this epic novel plays with archetypes and manages to refresh the genre, providing a fun plot cloaked in the unexpected. Driven by strong character development, it's all about conflict and how we can experience it.

  • ``I hear a distant noise, Here and there, And in the silence of despair I cry your name, I shout, I sweat. And people look at me and fret: They ask me what is wrong with me But your love has caught me, Can they not see it? I find no way and yet, I hope To be with you, My heart my goals has set.'' Caught in love was inspired by Eliane R, a young Columbian woman with whom Angel T. M. Martinez deeply fell in love. Depicting the permanent struggle of two Columbians exposed to the violence of their country, theses poems explore an impossible and unreachable love, true fantasy that will remain illusion forever.