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    True happiness is happiness without a cause.
    This book is a key that has the power to take us to happiness, simply because its author has dedicated his entire life to understanding what it is, communicating it and teaching it in a lively and selfless way. Happy people will use it as a sounding board to seek to amplify their happiness. Those who are on the way will find markers, signposts and perhaps even a compass...
    `Happiness is like a ball: you keep kicking it and running after it, and just as you are about to catch it, you kick it again... and start running after it all over again. Yes, it is the chase that stimulates you. It is in the quest, in the pursuit of a goal that you find happiness.
    When you get something you want, of course, you are happy for a little while, but that satisfaction is soon followed by a feeling of emptiness, and you start to want something else. Your satisfaction never lasts. So what is the answer? The answer is to set out in pursuit of the farthest and most inaccessible goal: perfection, immensity and eternity. In pursuing this goal, you will find all the things you desire: knowledge, wealth, power and love. Yes, you will find these things without even asking for them.'
    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

    Table of contents

    1 - Happiness: A Gift to be Cultivated
    2 - Happiness is not Pleasure
    3 - Happiness is Found in Work
    4 - A Philosophy of Effort
    5 - Light Makes for Happiness
    6 - The Meaning of Life
    7 - Peace and Happiness
    8 - If You want to be Happy, Be Alive
    9 - Rise Above your Circumstances
    10 - Develop a Sensitivity to the Divine
    11 - The Land of Canaan
    12 - The Spirit is Above the Laws of Fate
    13 - Look for Happiness on a Higher Level
    14 - The Quest for Happiness is a Quest for God
    15 - No Happiness for Egoists
    16 - Give Without Expecting Anything in Return
    17 - Love Without Asking to be Loved in Return
    18 - Our Enemies are Good for Us
    19 - The Garden of Souls and Spirits
    20 - Fusion on the Higher Planes
    21 - We are the Artisans of Our Own Future

  • Un amour dangereux. Un secret mortel.
    Grace Divine, fille de pasteur, a toujours su que quelque chose d'effroyable s'était produit la nuit où Daniel Kalbi a disparu et où son frère, Jude, est rentré couvert de sang.
    Mais quand Daniel refait surface quelques années plus tard, toutes les vérités ne semblent pas bonnes à dire. Que s'est-il passé durant cette mystérieuse nuit? Que cache l'animosité de Jude envers son ancien meilleur ami? La réappartition de Daniel est-elle liée à la découverte, dans la petite ville, de cadavres d'animaux et d'humains atrocement déchiquetés?
    Ne pouvant résister au charme envoûtant de Daniel, Grace va très vite être confrontée à un choix impossible : ses sentiments pour lui ou sa loyauté envers son frère.
    Lorsqu'elle apprendra l'incroyable secret de Daniel, elle fera tout pour sauver les personnes qu'elle aime. Mais cela lui coûtera peut-être ce qu'elle chérit le plus au monde : son âme.