• Un premier roman d'enquête passionnant dans le monde du sport, avec Kylian Mbappé en invité surprise !
    Rencontre la team junior, un groupe d'enfants journalistes en stage au sein du magazine
    L'Équipe ! Dans ce premier tome, les enfants se lancent dans une enquête sur le monde du foot ! Quels secrets dévoileront-ils ? Arriveront-ils à interroger Kylian Mbappé ?
    Une aventure qui annonce bien des surprises !

  • April a perdu le goût de vivre ses rêves suite à un accident pendant un match de football. Petit à petit, elle sort la tête de l'eau pour remettre de l'ordre dans sa vie.

    Son frère étant capitaine d'une équipe de Street Soccer, c'est compliqué pour elle de quitter complètement sa bulle sportive. Puis, il lui propose un contrat, il lui est alors difficile de replonger dans ce milieu après le choc intense qu'elle a vécu.
    Par chance, Axel, membre des Bues Soccer, et aussi meilleur ami de son frère, est là pour l'aider à retrouver confiance en elle afin de pouvoir retourner sur le terrain. S'il pouvait garder son charme pour lui, tout se passerait différemment.

  • La première saison de soccer des Rebelles semble compromise. Il manque des garçons pour former une équipe de catégorie U12. Le coach décide d'y intégrer des fi lles. Mais la plupart des garçons sont convaincus que ce n'est pas une bonne idée. Malgré leurs préjugés, les Rebelles devront devenir une équipe mixte et surmonter leurs rivalités.

  • Si le système sportif, qui est né en Angleterre au xixe siècle, a constitué une rupture radicale avec les pratiques athlétiques antérieures, sa diffusion aux quatre coins de la planète par l'intermédiaire de l'impérialisme anglo-saxon a fortement contribué à façonner le monde dans lequel nous vivons. Quelle est cette chose dont l'impérialisme anglo-saxon faisait tant de cas ? De quelles valeurs de « civilisation », de quels codes moraux était-elle porteuse ? Quel accueil a-t-elle reçu dans les pays qui subissaient la présence coloniale ? C'est à cet examen essentiel que nous invite le présent ouvrage pour apprécier les raisons des éventuels rejets, des réappropriations plus ou moins radicales, et plus généralement des engouements extraordinaires auxquels a donné lieu l'apparition du phénomène sportif dans des milieux culturels très différents de celui d'origine. Dans cette perspective, les apports respectifs de l'histoire événementielle et de l'anthropologie sont confrontés et discutés.

  • Pour de vrai, il n'y a pas que les garçons qui savent jouer au foot, les filles se défendent bien aussi. Il n'y a qu'à regarder Capucine pour en être convaincu. En ce qui concerne Lola, c'est un peu plus compliqué, mais elle est prête à tous les efforts pour marquer un but !

  • Izzy and Julia have been on the same team for years. Izzy is frustrated that Julia spends too much time cherry-picking and getting all the credit when they score. But when someone starts threatening the team and their home field is sabotaged, the friends must work together to find the answers. Why would someone threaten their star player? And what is the connection to a century-old train robbery and the rumor of buried treasure? Trying to solve the mystery and keep the team in the playoff race, Izzy and Julia find themselves in deeper than they thought, and in more danger than they imagined.

  • When Kurt is hurt in a soccer game and ends up in the hospital Tina tries to help him, but nobody will tell her what is wrong, and Kurt's parents don't want her around. Tina learns that Kurt needs a donor with a rare blood type, and she finds a match in Kurt's soccer rival Jason. Jason agrees to donate his blood to Kurt, but when Kurt disappears from the hospital, the situation becomes desperate. Then Kurt's rival is in a tragic accident that may change everything.

  • Frello, a young lynx, is a kind animal. He was born with an orange patch on his back. Because of it, his classmate Smuggy makes fun of him. There's no doubt Frello will react. Will the sensitive lynx manage to accept his difference? We sure hope so.

  • Le lynx, Frélo, est un animal gentil. Il naît avec une tache orange sur le dos. Un élève, Finfinaud, qui est à la même école, lui fait de la peine avec cela. Frélo va probablement réagir. Le lynx sensible va-t-il accepter sa différence? On lui souhaite beaucoup.

  • Del plays striker on his high school soccer team, the Cardinals, and they've gone almost three seasons undefeated. To Del, it's just a game, but some of the players think winning is all that matters. When an ugly tackle results in a major loss for the Cardinals against their main rival, the Rebels, things get heated between the teams. That night, one of Del's teammates has his ankle broken by an unknown assailant, leaving him unable to take part in the playoffs.
    As Del tries to figure out which of the Rebels' players is responsible for the attack, his coach brings in a substitute player, and he's actually really good. Is it just a coincidence, or did someone finally take the above all else mentality too far?

  • The disappearance of his soccer team's leading scorer during the championship finals leads sixteen-year-old Matt to investigate and entangles him in a possible kidnapping. If the Mavericks win just a few more games, they'll make it to the national soccer championship. There's only one catch. Their star player, Caleb Riggins, has disappeared. Matt Carr is determined to find his teammate and solve the mystery. He just didn't realize it would involve attack dogs, a mysterious golden bridge and a family who may not be who they seem. And the big game is only days away.

  • DeRo

    Dwayne De Rosario

    Dwayne De Rosario is one of MLS's 25 Greatest Players
    The autobiography of one of the best male soccer player to ever come out of Canada. Before Beckham, Kaká, Rooney, and Zlatan, DeRo was the godfather of Major League Soccer.
    DeRo is the life story of one of the greatest athletes Canada has ever produced. Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Dwayne De Rosario wasn't expected to make it out of high school, let alone to the top of soccer world. As part of a family of five, growing up in a one-bedroom apartment, he had to work for everything he had and sometimes that meant doing things he realized he didn't want to do. It was soccer that saved him from a life on the street.
    For the first time, Dwayne shares many heartbreaking, life-altering stories from his mischievous childhood, an upbringing that made him the hungry, successful, superstar athlete he became. His strong Caribbean heritage shaped the person and the player the world knows as a four-time MLS Cup champion, seven-time MLS All-Star, Canadian national team captain, and record goal-scorer. He helped put Canadian soccer on the map, and it's clear that pursuit of greatness didn't come without struggle, both on and off the field. Now, DeRo hopes to inspire, and train, the next great Canadian soccer star.

  • Murphy's mother has just moved him and their cat, Mousetrap, back to the reserve in Port Alberni. Although he belongs to the Nuu-chah-nulth Nation, Murphy is sure that he won't fit in, and he worries about Mousetrap, who has always been an indoor cat. When a bunch of local boys drag him to their soccer practice, put him in goal and pelt him with balls, he believes that his worst fear has come true. However, he seems to be discovering a new talent at the same time. And perhaps he has misjudged. Being a light-skinned city boy thrust onto a reserve far from the city is not easy, but maybe Murphy has what it takes.

  • Eager to try a summer sport, Lucy and her friends meet at the soccer field for their first game of three-on-three! Thanks to Coach Nick, Lucy and the rest of Team Blue learn a few basic skills as they prepare to face Team Red.
    This is the third book in the Lucy Tries Sports series, designed to encourage children to get active and participate in sports. In Lucy Tries Soccer, Lucy discovers how much fun it is to play on a team and learns why soccer is the world's most popular game. For more information or to find out what Lucy will try next, visit www.lucytriessports.com.

  • Juggling soccer, school, friends and family leaves John with little time for anything else. But one day at the local community center, following the sound of drums, he stumbles into an Indigenous dance class. Before he knows what's happening, John finds himself stumbling through beginner classes with a bunch of little girls, skipping soccer practice and letting his other responsibilities slide. When he attends a pow wow and witnesses a powerful performance, he realizes that he wants to be a dancer more than anything. But the nearest class for boys is at the Native Cultural Center in the city, and he still hasn't told his family or friends about his new passion. If he wants to dance, he will have to stop hiding. Between the mocking of his teammates and the hostility of the boys in his dance class, John must find a way to balance and embrace both the Irish and Cree sides of his heritage.

  • Nadia is playing for her local soccer team, and they have made it all the way to the national tournament—against some very determined opposition. Unfortunately, Nadia's challenges don't just come from her opponents but from her teammates as well. After their coach is injured in a suspicious accident and the threats against the team mount, it is up to Nadia and her younger brother Devin to pull the team together and take a run at the championship. Another wild ride!

  • Béa - La brebis frisée

    Andree Thibeault

    • Éditiö
    • 16 Décembre 2014

    Béa est une brebis qui n'aime pas du tout être frisée. Grâce, entre autres, à l'amitié de Penny, elle apprend à s'accepter.

  • Bea - Curly Sheep

    Andree Thibeault

    • Éditiö
    • 16 Décembre 2014

    Bea is a lamb who hates her curly hair. But thanks to her friend Penny, she learns to accept the way she looks.

  • Béa, la brebis frisée


    • Éditiö
    • 18 Décembre 2013

    Avant même d'ouvrir les yeux, le bruit de la pluie m'annonce un jour difficile et désastreux. Ploc ploc ploc.Chaque goutte de pluie sur le toit m'anéantit.Ploc ploc ploc. J'entends papa remuer dans la cuisine. Dans sa chambre, maman bêle joyeusement en se préparant.Ploc ploc ploc.Rien à faire, je dois sortir du lit pour affronter une autre journée humide. Comble de malheur, dans le cours d'éducation physique, on joue au soccer à l'extérieur.Je serai mouillée de la tête aux pattes. Je serai ridicule. Je serai frisée.

  • Anglais Bea - Curly Sheep


    • Éditiö
    • 18 Décembre 2013

    I haven't even opened my eyes yet, but the sound of rain tells me today will be difficult and disastrous.
    Drip-drop, drip-drop.
    Every raindrop on the roof wears me out.
    Drip-drop, drip-drop.
    I can hear Dad moving around in the kitchen. In her room, Mom

  • À leur deuxième saison, Les Rebelles participent au premier tournoi de soccer mixte de l'histoire : la Coupe des Aigles ! Maintenant que les garçons et les fi lles s'apprécient mutuellement et forment un groupe soudé, l'équipe est très motivée. Mais la compétition s'annonce rude et les embûches de toutes sortes s'accumulent. Des douze équipes de U12, une seule remportera la Coupe.

  • La saison s'annonce intense pour Les Rebelles. Une rivalité s'installe entre les membres de l'équipe. Certains sont prêts à tout pour obtenir les ballons d'or décernés aux meilleurs joueurs, filles et garçons. Les gagnants rejoindront l'équipe élite mixte pour une compétition provinciale.

  • Le Mondial America se tiendra au cours de l'été. Cette compétition regroupant des équipes U12 mixtes des trois Amériques s'annonce exaltante pour Les Rebelles. Mais les blessures, les départs et les problèmes familiaux qui surviennent risquent de ternir les rêves de gloire de l'équipe.