• « Je me souviens d'avoir tenu chaque oeuf dans ma main avant de le briser dans le bol pour apprécier sa perfection. Je cuisinai lentement, John attendit patiemment et, assis face à face, en nous regardant au-dessus de nos assiettes et de nos verres, nous

  • "I absolutely loved Lillian on Life. It was a delight ... so fresh and clever..." -'Kate Atkinson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Life After Life Smart, poignant, funny, and totally original, Lillian on Life is as fresh and surprising as fiction gets.
    This is the story of Lillian, a single woman reflecting on her choices and imagining her future. Born in the Midwest in the 1930s; Lillian lives, loves, and works in Europe in the fifties and early sixties; she settles in New York and pursues the great love of her life in the sixties and seventies. Now it's the early nineties, and she's taking stock. Throughout her life, walking the unpaved road between traditional and modern choices for women, Lillian grapples with parental disappointment and societal expectations, wins and loses in love, and develops her own brand of wisdom. Lillian on Life lifts the skin off the beautiful, stylish product of an era to reveal the confused, hot-blooded woman underneath.