• BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Amanda Kyle Williams's Stranger in the Room.
    In the sweltering heat of an Atlanta summer, a killer is pushing the city to its breaking point, preying on the unsuspecting, writing taunting letters to the media, promising more death. Desperate to stop the Wishbone Killer, A.P.D. lieutenant Aaron Rauser turns to the one person he knows can penetrate a deranged mind: Keye Street, an exFBI profiler and former addict who now picks up jobs where she can get them. But the last thing Keye wants is to be pulled into the firestorm of Atlantas worst nightmare. And then it suddenly becomes clear that the hunter has become the hunted--and the stranger she seeks is far closer than she ever dared imagine.

  • One of the most addictive new series heroines since Stephanie Plum.--The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Atlanta private investigator and exFBI profiler Keye Street wants nothing more than time alone with her boyfriend, Aaron--but, as usual, murder gets in the way. A.P.D. Lieutenant Aaron Rauser is called to the disturbing scene of the strangling death of a thirteen-year-old boy. Meanwhile, Keye, a recovering alcoholic, must deal with her emotionally fragile cousin, who has her own history of drug abuse and is now convinced that she is being stalked. But all hell breaks loose when another murder--the apparent hanging of an elderly man--hits disturbingly close to home for Keye. Though the two victims have almost nothing in common, there are bizarre similarities between this case and that of Aarons strangled teen. With the threat of more deaths to come, Keye works on pure instinct alone--and soon realizes that a killer is circling ever closer to the people she loves the most.
    BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Amanda Kyle Williams's Don't Talk to Strangers.
    Praise for Amanda Kyle Williams and Stranger in the Room Keye Street remains the most interesting, cynically funny and smart series detective today. . . . The tension buzzes like cicadas on a hot Georgia night and the pace is relentless.--Seattle Post-Intelligencer The best fictional female P.I. since Sue Graftons Kinsey Millhone.--The Plain Dealer Keye Street immediately puts herself in the top echelon of suspense heroes. Shes a mess of fascinating contradictions--effortlessly brilliant on a case, totally inept in managing her own life. She is brutally funny and powerfully human--one of the most realistic protagonists in crime fiction that Ive had the thrill to read.--Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author of Last to Die Theres a new voice in Atlanta, and her name is Amanda Kyle Williams--captivating, powerful and compelling.--Julia Spencer-Fleming, New York Times bestselling author of One Was a Soldier Readers of this fast-paced thriller will be eager for the next Street tale.--Publishers Weekly

  • Keye Street, ex-FBI profiler and private detective, always looks out for those closest to her. But sometimes looking after herself is quite enough to handle. She's teetering on the brink, not quite sure if she's winning or losing in her battle with herself. But when her cousin, Miki Ashton, sees a stranger inside her house, it's time for Keye to lend a hand. Meanwhile, Keye's mentor, Lieutenant Aaron Rauser, is embroiled in a disturbing case. When a dog returns alone from its walk, the hunt is on for the missing boy. As the mystery deepens and the bodies pile up, Rauser needs Keye's expert profiling skills to unravel the killer's bizarre signature - tears. Battling her demons takes up a lot of Keye's time. But on top of that she's battling the bad guys. If she can ignore the voice from her past, that is...

  • In Atlanta, Georgia, a vicious serial killer is at loose, luring victims with ease, killing them with a combination of precision and twisted brutality. Keye Street is not happy. Formally a rising FBI star, with two university degrees and a brilliant track record in criminal profiling, she's now working for herself as a bail recovery agent. It's not exciting work, but it keeps her agency afloat. So when her friend and mentor, Lieutenant Aaron Rauser, wants her on his case, Keye is reluctant to help him out. That way, obsession lies, and she knows her demons. But when he shows her a letter he's received from the killer, Keye feels a familiar excitement. They're being played with, the snare is set, and Keye just can't resist picking up the bait...

  • If you like Karin Slaughter you'll love Amanda Kyle Williams...

    Two girls tied in death.

    Found next to each other in shallow graves in the remote wilderness outside Whisper, Georgia.

    One has lain there for a decade. One for only sixty days.

    Now their bodies have been uncovered and there is only one person who can help the local law enforcement find their killer.

    Former FBI profiler, bond enforcement officer and private detective.

    Keye Street.

    Her experience lets her see clues others can't find and now she is going to have to use all her skills if she is to stop a killer in their tracks.

    Because if she can't find this killer, no-one can.

  • An explosive read . . . Amanda Kyle Williams sets the classic private eye novel on fire.--#1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child Hailed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of the most addictive new series heroines, Keye Street is the brilliant, brash heart of a sizzling thriller full of fear and temptation, judgments and secrets, infidelity and murder.
    He likes them smart.
    In the woods of Whisper, Georgia, two bodies are found: one recently dead, the other decayed from a decade of exposure to the elements. The sheriff is going to need help to track down an experienced predator--one who abducts girls and holds them for months before ending their lives. Enter exFBI profiler and private investigator Keye Street.
    He lives for the struggle.
    After a few weeks, Keye is finally used to sharing her downtown Atlanta loft with her boyfriend, A.P.D. Lieutenant Aaron Rauser. Along with their pets (his dog, her cat) they seem almost like a family. But when Rauser plunks a few ice cubes in a tumbler and pours a whiskey, Keye tenses. Her addiction recovery is tenuous at best.
    And loves the fear.
    Though reluctant to head out into the country, Keye agrees to assist Sheriff Ken Meltzer. Once in Whisper, where the locals have no love for outsiders, Keye starts to piece together a psychological profile: The killer is someone who stalks and plans and waits. But why does the sociopath hold the victims for so long, and what horrible things must they endure? When a third girl goes missing, Keye races against time to connect the scant bits of evidence. All the while, she cannot shake the chilling feeling: Something dark and disturbing lives in these woods--and it is watching her every move.
    Advance praise for Dont Talk to Strangers If you arent reading Amanda Kyle Williams, start--today. The Keye Street series is one of the best around. Dont Talk to Strangers is gripping and suspenseful, a trip to the deep, dark side of a small Southern town, told with wit and humanity. What are you waiting for?--Meg Gardiner, author of Phantom Instinct Praise for Amanda Kyle Williams and her Keye Street thrillers The best private eye debut since Dennis Lehanes A Drink Before the War.--The Plain Dealer, on The Stranger You Seek Street is a unique and worthy addition to the rich tradition of damaged and tough private detectives.--Associated Press An exceptionally smart and harrowing character-driven debut by a welcome new thriller writer.--Karin Slaughter, on The Stranger You Seek [Williams] keeps the suspense taut and the humor snarky.--The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Keye Street immediately puts herself in the top echelon of suspense heroes. She is brutally funny and powerfully human--one of the most realistic protagonists in crime fiction that Ive had the thrill to read.--Tess Gerritsen The tension buzzes like cicadas on a hot Georgia night and the pace is relentless.--Seattle Post-Intelligencer, on Stranger in the Room From the Hardcover edition.

  • Keye Street : un petit gabarit pour un maximum d'énergie. Cette ex-profileuse du FBI, alcoolique (repentie), cachetonne maintenant comme enquêtrice privée. Et si elle ne veut plus d'ennuis, elle n'a pas totalement perdu le goût du danger. Aussi, quand, dans la moiteur de l'été, un tueur en série sème la terreur à Atlanta, le chef de la police fait appel à la seule personne capable d'entrer dans la tête d'un psychopathe : elle.
    Face à un inconnu qui assassine et mutile sauvagement ses victimes avant d'annoncer ses crimes par lettre aux médias, Keye a une arme imparable : son Glock 10 mm... et son intelligence. Elle se lance dans une chasse à l'homme infernale, et très vite, de chasseur, elle devient gibier. Arrivera-t-elle à trouver le meurtrier avant qu'il ne la trouve ?
    Une sacrée dose d'adrénaline et un sens aigu de la psychologie : Amanda Kyle Williams fait une entrée explosive dans l'univers du suspense avec Keye Street, détective aussi futée que déjantée.