• Designing for the iPad

    Chris Stevens

    • Wiley
    • 4 Janvier 2011

    Get in the game of developing successful apps for the iPad Designing for the iPad presents unique challenges for developers and requires an entirely different mindset of elements to consider when creating apps. Written by a highly successful iPad software developer, this book teaches you how to think about the creation process differently when designing iPad apps and escorts you through the process of building applications that have the best chance for success. You'll learn how to take advantage of the iPad's exciting new features and tackle an array of new design challenges so that you can make your app look spectacular, work intuitively, and sell, sell, sell! Bestselling iPad app developer Chris Stevens shares insight and tips for creating a unique and sellable iPad app Walks you through sketching out an app, refining ideas, prototyping designs, organizing a collaborative project, and more Highlights new code frameworks and discusses interface design choices Offers insider advice on using the latest coding options to make your app a surefire success Details iPad design philosophies, the difference between industrial and retail apps, and ways to design for multiple screen orientations Designing for the iPad escorts you through the steps of developing apps for the iPad, from pencil sketch all the way through to the iPad App Store.

  • Appillionaires

    Chris Stevens

    • Wiley
    • 13 Septembre 2011

    Turn your app ideas into a money-making goldmine More than 10 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple's AppStore and with the right combination of original ideas, great features, solid coding, unique designs, and savvy marketing, your apps could be a part of that staggering number. This book shows you how to turn your ideas into profit-making success stories. Citing a fascinating array of real-world examples, this useful book invites you to meet the rich and famous of the app development world. You'll look behind the scenes of these successful visionaries to learn their secrets first hand and discover how these "bedroom coders" became overnight millionaires. Serves as a must-have introduction to the fascinating, cutting-edge world of app design, where innovation reaps reward Shows you how to structure your app development process based on the Appillionaires who made their fortune Explores what works and what doesn't with regards to getting your app featured and enticing buyers Looks at successful apps such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, and many others that have taken the app world by storm If you were unaware of the potential to make money from selling your apps, then app-arently, you really need this book!

  • Tout ce qu'il faut savoir pour transformer votre idée d'application pour iPad en un véritable succès.
    Chris Stevens, auteur de la fameuse application Alice pour iPad, livre tous ses secrets pour développer avec succès des applications les plus vendeuses possibles. Grâce à ce livre (qui n'est pas un pur livre de programmation), le futur créateur d'application iPad saura exactement comment concevoir une appli attractive, intuitive et comment la rendre absolument irrésistible auprès des millions d'utilisateurs de l'iPad.
    - Ergonomie : pourquoi l'iPad n'est pas un gros iPhone
    - Un peu de Xcode
    - Tester l'appli : les enfants sont les meilleurs testeurs d'applis pour iPad
    - Les 5 grands principes de la conception d'applis pour iPad
    - Concevoir en mode orientation multiple
    - Concevoir des jeux pour iPad
    - Concevoir des livres et des magazines
    - Concevoir des applications éducatives
    - Concevoir des applications destinées au monde du travail
    - Utiliser les frameworks 2D (Cocos2D, Chipmunk Physics)
    - Implémenter le son dans une appli iPad
    - Et partir au combat sur l'App Store...