• Suspense haletant, rythme tachycarde, spirale infernale. Un roman d´espionnage digne des plus grands maîtres du genre, de Ken Follett à John Le Carré.

    Chirurgien américain travaillant pour Médecins sans frontières, Jonathan Ransom est un habitué des zones de combats à hauts risques. Sur l´insistance de son épouse, Emma, il accepte de quitter le terrain pour un poste au siège de l´organisation à Genêve. Mais, à peine installés, Emma trouve la mort dans un tragique accident de ski...

    Sous le choc, Jonathan n´a pas le temps de faire son deuil qu´il est pris dans un engrenage infernal. En cause : de mystérieux sacs destinés à sa femme. Leur contenu : la clé d´une Mercedes, 100 000 francs suisses et une carte d´identité au nom d´Eva Kruger...

    Trompé par celle qu´il croyait connaître, traqué par des inconnus, Jonathan est prêt à tout pour découvrir la vérité. Une quête de tous les dangers, au coeur d´enjeux qui le dépassent, entre conflits internationaux, menace nucléaire et complots terroristes, dans un monde régi par la loi du mensonge et du crime...

  • The most riveting novel yet in Christopher Reich's New York Times bestselling series-featuring Dr. Jonathan Ransom and his undercover-agent wife Emma, a dangerous woman with a mysterious past who has gone rogue in the high-stakes, serpentine world of international spies.

    In 1980, a secret American B-52 crashes high in a remote mountain range on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Nearly thirty years later, and spanning locales from those peaks to New York City, a terrible truth will be revealed.

    Jonathan Ransom returns as the resourceful doctor thrown into a shadowy world of double and triple agents where absolutely no one can be trusted. To stay alive, Ransom must unravel the mystery surrounding his wife-an enigmatic and lethal spy who plays by her own rules-and discover where her loyalties truly lie.

    Rules of Betrayal is a masterfully plotted novel that cements Christopher Reich's reputation as one of the most admired espionage thriller writers today.

  • Thomas Bolden grew up on the streets, his childhood a blur of fragmented memories. But now he’s managed to put his past behind him, find the woman he wants to share his life with, and carve out a successful career on Wall Street. Until, in the blink of an eye, his world is turned upside down. A bizarre kidnapping sends him fleeing for his life, his face everywhere on the TV news, and a violent, shadowy organization is framing him for crimes he did not commit. Desperately trying to get back to where he was just a day before, Bolden must relearn the survival skills of his hardscrabble boyhood. But as Bolden–with just eleven dollars in his pocket and hunters all around him–survives one violent, harrowing hour after another, he makes a series of startling discoveries: about a mysterious woman wanted for murder…about an astounding secret rooted in history, among the country’s Founding Fathers and families…about a conspiracy lurking in the darkest corners of corporate America–and a deadly plan that only he can stop. And in the process, maybe Bolden will also find out who he really is....Furiously paced, filled with brilliantly drawn characters from politicians to patriots, from Wall Street players to battlehardened cops, The Patriots Club is vintage Reich: brilliant, breathtaking, and impossible to put down until the final unforgettable page is turned.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Doctor Jonathan Ransom thought he knew everything about his wife Emma until she was killed in a tragic skiing accident in the Swiss Alps. They had been married for eight years, eight blissful years in which they had travelled the world together. But the day after her death a mysterious letter addressed to her arrives at their hotel. When he opens it, his beliefs begin to unravel -- fast. .

    In the envelope is a railway baggage check to a suitcase that reveals an Emma far removed from the down-to-earth nurse who has been his constant and loyal companion all those years. In it he discovers the clues to a double life. Was she having an affair? When is your wife not your wife? And when she is not your wife, who is she?

    The answers begin right outside the train station where two policeman are waiting - to kill him. There are more answers as Jonathan escapes and the action sweeps him through Switzerland on a quest to discover the truth abut Emma. He is pursued by ruthless killers, entangled in an international conspiracy that touches all the world's Security Services and which will end in a denouement which is as breathtaking as it is totally unexpected.

  • A band of gunmen ambush a convoy carrying the US Secretary of State and the Saudi Arabian Oil Minister. Caught in the midst of the attack, Jonathan Ransom and Emma take matters into their own hands. Despite their actions, Jonathan and Emma fall under suspicion. Jonathan knows that his only path to freedom lies in tracking down his wife.

  • Christopher Reich dazzled readers and defied expectations with his New York Times bestseller, Numbered Account, a breathtaking classic of modern suspense. Now Reich returns to the world of international thrillers with a noholdsbarred powerhouse of a novel set against the seething backdrop of postyes'>#8212;World War II Germany....July 1945. U.S. attorney Devlin Judge has come to Europe as part of an international tribunal to try Nazi war criminals. But Judge has his own personal agenda: to find Erich Siegfried Seyss, the man responsible for his brotheryes'>#8217;s death.An SS officer and former Olympic sprinter, Seyss has just escaped from a POW camp, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. But he wonyes'>#8217;t escape Devlin Judge. Between the two men are miles of German countryside ... and the beautiful daughter of one of Nazi Germanyyes'>#8217;s most powerful families yes'>#8212; a woman loved by them both. But as Judge hunts his prey across a devastated nation, he finds himself caught up in a staggering conspiracy. Because Erich Seyss is no rogue SS killer. He is a man running a final race to make one last, unforgettable contribution to the Fatherland. And he is acting on orders from the last person anyone would ever suspect.

  • At the crossroads of high finance and international terrorism, a New York hedge-fund manager searches for the truth behind his father’s murder.
    The master of the financial thriller returns.
    “Christopher Reich is a superstar.”--Lee Child Bobby Astor is a fearless New York hedge-fund gunslinger on the verge of making his biggest killing ever. But everything changes when his father, the venerable chief executive of the New York Stock Exchange, is murdered along with the head of the Federal Reserve in a brazen, inexplicable attack on the South Lawn of the White House. In the moments before his death, Astor’s father sends Bobby a mystifying text message . . . a single word that Bobby soon realizes offers the only clue to the identity of his father’s killer and the terrifying motivation behind the attack.
    As Bobby unravels the mystery behind his father’s death, he crosses paths with his ex-wife, no-nonsense Special Agent Alex Forza of the FBI, who is hot on the trail of a band of elite international terrorists intent on infiltrating New York City. All the while, Bobby must fight to hold together his increasingly risky business deal. At stake is not only the survival of his company and a colossal fortune . . . but also a sophisticated foreign conspiracy that threatens the entire financial system of the United States.
    The Prince of Risk is Christopher Reich’s most prescient, suspenseful, and entertaining thriller, a novel that anticipates the headlines of the near future and shows, once again, why The New York Times calls Reich “the John Grisham of Wall Street.”
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Un thriller trépidant qui s´inscrit dans la grande tradition du roman d´espionnage, de Graham Greene à Ken Follett, tout en en revisitant les règles avec brio. Sur fond de complot terroriste international, une intrigue d´une efficacité redoutable, au rythme aussi haletant que Le Fugitif et la série des Jason Bourne.

    Le docteur Jonathan Ransom, membre de Médecins sans Frontières, quitte son coin perdu d´Afrique pour se rendre à Londres, à l´occasion d´un colloque. Ce même jour, des intermédiaires arrangent un rendez-vous avec sa femme en fuite, Emma, une espionne qui a trahi la Division, une agence de renseignements américaine secrète pour laquelle elle travaillait. Mais leurs retrouvailles sont interrompues par une explosion meurtrière visant la voiture du ministre de l´Intérieur russe à Westminster. Jonathan est certain qu´Emma est derrière l´attentat mais la police, menée par l´inspecteur en chef Kate Ford, pense que c´est Jonathan, qui avait suivi sa femme sur le lieu de l´embuscade, le responsable.

    Persuadé que le seul moyen de blanchir son nom est de retrouver son épouse et de découvrir, une fois pour toutes, qui elle est vraiment, Jonathan prend la fuite. Commence alors une course poursuite endiablée aux trousses du médecin, poursuivi par Scotland Yard, le MI5 et les services secrets russes, sans compter les agents de la Division, bien décidés à mettre la main sur Emma. Un jeu mortel et palpitant où les chats et les souris ne sont pas forcément ceux que l´on croit...

  • Hailed as yes'>#8220;the John Grisham of Wall Streetyes'>#8221; by the New York Times, Christopher Reich returns to the world he knows so wellthe dangerous, dazzling world of high finance and international intrigue. In this ingeniously crafted thriller, the bestselling author of Numbered Account and The First Billion introduces his most complex and engaging hero yet: forensic accountant Adam Chapeland paints a frightening scenario where terrorism is big business and money is the ultimate weapon of waryes'>#8230;The explosion that shatters the smart Parisian apartment reverberates around the globe. In an instant, a suspected terrorist is dead and half a million dollars has vanished. Within days, the CIA is certain it has found a connection between the dead man and a planned terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Determined to avert another 9/11, they have assembled an elite counterterrorist task force, code name: Blood Money. Its mission: to follow the money trail. Its secret weapon: forensic accountant Adam Chapel. A man who trusts numbers more than people, Chapel has his own reasons for wanting to get the job done four of his colleagues were killed in the Paris blast. Now Chapel is thrust back into the line of fire when he teams up with British intelligence agent Sarah Churchill. The two are assigned to hunt down a shadowy mastermind who is moving vast sums of money from country to country, from bank to bank, leaving no tracksas he prepares for an Amaggedon of his own devising. As Chapel follows a disappearing money trail from Paris to Munich to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Sarah uses her elite training to stalk the yes'>#8220;shadowyes'>#8221; and his elusive network. Meanwhile, their quarry is auditing their every move, laying a twisting trail of false clues and shocking surprises. With the clock ticking down, soon Chapel and Sarah have only days, hours, minutes to avert disaster as a master terrorist plots to unleash the first strike in a brilliantly orchestrated conspiracywith an almost unimaginable goal. Hurtling us from the winding alleys of Pakistan to the elite banking houses of Europe, The Devilyes'>#8217;s Banker creates an adrenalinefueled world where following the money has never been more dangerous, and evil has never been harder to unmask.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Christopher Reich electrified readers with Numbered Account and The Runner, his first two international thrillers. Now the New York Times bestselling author whose work has been called “gripping” (Chicago Tribune), “chilling” (The Denver Post), “wonderful” (The New York Times Book Review), ratchets up the stakes in an ingeniously plotted story of nervejangling intrigue and hotwired suspense. Using today’s cutthroat global economy as a backdrop, The First Billion explodes into a breakneck tale of betrayal, revenge, and redemption...John “Jett” Gavallan is a former fighter pilot, now the highflying CEO of Black Jet Securities, an investment firm that earned its first billion before the techno dream crashed and burned. Poised for an offering crucial to his company’s survival, Gavallan is banking on the riskiest gamble of his dazzling career. In exactly six days, he will take Mercury Broadband, Russia’s leading media company, public on the New York Stock Exchange. But rumors of fraud have suddenly surfaced that could send the deal south. Gavallan makes a preemptive strike by dispatching his numbertwo manfellow Desert Storm fighter pilot Grafton Byrnesto Moscow to penetrate the shadowy Russian multinational. When Byrnes fails to return, Gavallan fears the worst. But the truth is even more diabolical than he can imagine.Plunging into a desperate serch for his best friend, the renegade top gun is suddenly fighting a different kind of war, where there is no safe harbor and no one he can trust. Not Konstantin Kirov, the elusive head of Mercury Broadband who may not be what he seems. Not the bankers and traders Gavallan does business with every day. Not the exotic beauty who has told him all her deepest secretsexcept one. Suddenly Jett finds himself trapped in a conspiracy that could shatter the delicate balance between nationsand plunge the global economy into chaos. Hunted by the F.B.I. and a band of elite killers, Jett races from Palm Beach to Zurich to Moscow in a desperate search for answers. But for this brave excommando haunted by visions of war, the truth comes at a terrible price. With Mercury rising and the hours ticking down, he is moving closer to a place where murder and revenge are the currency of choice...and where the first billion is the ultimate insider secretand the deadliest obsession of all.With breakneck plotting, stunning realism, and a sense of danger that keeps the heart racing, The First Billion is a knockout of a novel that will linger long after the final shocking twist is revealed.

  • One woman's quest to discover the truth behind her husband's death will pit her against a new generation of cutting-edge surveillance technology and the most dangerous conspiracy in America--Invasion of Privacy is the riveting, new standalone suspense novel from New York Times bestselling author Christopher Reich. On a remote, dusty road forty miles outside of Austin, Texas, FBI agent Joe Grant and a confidential informant are killed in a deadly shootout. Left to pick up the pieces is Mary Grant, Joe's young wife and mother of their two daughters. The official report places blame for the deaths on Joe's shoulders . . . but the story just doesn't add up and Mary has too many troubling questions that need answers. How did Joe's final voice mail--containing a cryptic warning for Mary, recorded moments before the fatal shooting--disappear without a trace from her phone? Stonewalled by the FBI, Mary will be drawn into a deadly conspiracy that puts her in the crosshairs of the richest and most powerful men in America . . . and the newest and most terrifying surveillance system known to man. New York Times bestselling author Christopher Reich is the master of crafting thrillers of the highest caliber, with nonstop action and nail-biting suspense. Invasion of Privacy is his richest, most relevant novel to date and will have readers hooked from the first page to the last. Your privacy is for sale. From the Hardcover edition.

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